The Away Soothsayer: On Your Scrape…Get Set…Smasher A Beat

Exterior cartridge, January 1996The Away Forecaster: On Your Scratch...Get Set...Ten-strike A AffectednessAlways observance how many out-of-door athletes are spiking their pilus, keen their noses, acquiring mad, acquiring capricious, or differently trademarking a "singular" position? Downstairs, a taster of gimmicks that ferment, circa 1996. Because thither moldiness be something to be gained by all this.Jock: Girl "The Projectile" Giove--perennial Read more [...]
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The rains flooded several towns and villages in the North of England

on June 23. Due to heavy rains floods that submerged a number of villages in the North of England, evacuated about 450 people, writes in the Saturday newspaper Telegraph. Basically the floods affected the English County of Cumbria and the neighbouring territory of Scotland. Because of the dangerous flood of the river were evacuated villagers Croston, Darwen in Lancashire. In the town of Wigan water flooded the streets, some local residents had to be evacuated by boat. After a 24-hour downpour in 151 settlement of England and Scotland Saturday morning it was announced on the probability of flooding. Read more [...]
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Russia sent to the coast of Syria landing ship

Russia sent to the eastern Mediterranean large landing ship (LST) Russian Black Sea Fleet "San Francisco." He is heading for the item logistics of the Russian Navy, located in the Syrian port of Tartus, "Interfax" referring to the military-diplomatic source. "On Monday," San Francisco "took on board several military vehicles and special forces units. On Wednesday, the ship safely crossed the Bosporus and the Dardanelles and today went to the operating room in the Aegean Sea, "- said the source agency. Currently, in the Mediterranean Sea is a detachment Read more [...]
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Americans do not mind torture

The notorious American prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba celebrates its 11th anniversary in spite of the fact that four years ago, President Obama promised to close it. While human rights groups call to release the innocent and to a fair trial on the remaining, polls show that the U.S. population has changed dramatically in recent years. Reporter has learned RT Gayane Chichakyan, public opinion in the United States relies more on fiction than fact. Human rights groups are calling on the U.S. president to meet this four years ago promise to close the infamous prison at Guantanamo Bay, which Read more [...]
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American police learn to shoot at children and pregnant women

American police will be trained in the shooting of the new targets - images of pregnant women, children and elderly people with weapons in their hands. The new practice is designed to remove the psychological barrier of the cops in an extraordinary situation. Only 99 cents police can order a poster with a picture of an armed child. It will be American ministers police practice shooting. This unexpected approach to training should help the police first to pull the trigger in a critical situation, when in front of him is a pregnant woman or an old man with a gun with a shotgun. As a rule, police Read more [...]
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The earthquake in China, two were killed, hundreds injured

on June 24. Two people died and 100 were injured in the earthquake of a magnitude of 5.7, which occurred on Sunday in the South-West of China, according to Xinhua news Agency. Previously, the Xinhua news Agency reported one killed and ten injured. According to the state seismological management, quake a magnitude of 5.7 was recorded on the border between the provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan in 15:59 local time (12:59 p.m. MSK). The message of the authorities of the dead and injured came from the region of Ninlan the province of Hunganan. The County Ninlan belongs to the urban district of Lijiang, Read more [...]
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The Remote Soothsayer: Psychical Swein: Yes! I See It!

Exterior cartridge, January 1996The Exterior Predictor: Psychical Swein: Yes! I See It!Prognostications '96Conclusion yr was a potpourri for Swein Macdonald, Scotland's about illustrious psychical. Therein place, he accurately predicted that Florida would be hit by a June hurricane and that wolves "leave live" in Yellowstone. Alas, he likewise foresaw an American victor in the Spell de France--on his way to wrenching up, by our counting, a half-hearted Read more [...]
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About Drug money in British bank HSBC and its contacts with the U.S. Justice Ministry

If you have ever been arrested on charges of violations of drug, even if you spent days in jail for possession of marijuana in a pinch your pocket, or "accessory addict" in the gym bag, then deputy attorney general and a longtime friend of Bill Clinton (Bill Clinton) Lanny Breuer (Lanny Breuer) has a message for you: "Bite me."Breuer this week signed an agreement with the British banking giant - HSBC. This is - an insult to anyone who once accused in cases related to drugs. Despite the recognition of the bank in money laundering for the Colombian and Mexican drug cartels, Read more [...]
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Exterior On-line Archives

Exterior Cartridge, Grand 1999INNS & LODGESThe Recourse at OcklawahaEcocorrectness and alligator tailcoat in the ticker of FloridaDespite its cloy of sunniness, dicker airfares, and chinchy car rentals, exchange Florida has farsighted been a overpass district for travelers quest purdah and encounters with barbaric critters of the nonanimatronic diversity. Until this June, that is, when the Sanctuary at Ocklawaha open its ecofriendly doors Read more [...]
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Thailand: the inhabitants of the city shocked the 10-meter failure

on 20 June. After heavy rains, which lasted for several days in a row, in the front yard of the local school formed the failure of a depth of 5 meters and a diameter of about 10. Authorities were forced to close transport links for security reasons, to conduct a geophysical survey of the soils to determine the cause of the collapse of the soil. Students will continue to learn in normal mode.According to the materials: Source: Final News Read more [...]
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Obama changes course the key agencies

Pulling John Brennan and Chuck Hagel at the head of two major law enforcement agencies - the CIA and the Pentagon, President Barack Obama appears to be preparing for a new dispute with Congress. Withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Iran to support - these are the key slogans of potential colleagues president. Meanwhile, the White House and the Capitol on the national debt and illegal immigration differ. However, it appears, based on the shoulders of their comrades, Obama will be able to loudly declare its position on these issues. John Brennan worked at the CIA for 25 years. Previously, Read more [...]
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Mnemba Island

Exterior Clip, February 1999INNS & LODGESMnemba IslandIf e'er you incur yourself in Zanzibar, chances are you'll be impression a discrete dissociation from your prudent, unremarkable ego. Peradventure it's the way the E African island's byname zings exotically terminated the knife. Or the antediluvian mysticism so tangible in the labyrinthian alleyways of Lapidate Township. Anyway, if you're in theneighborhood and experiencing an unruly shiver Read more [...]
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100 fighters work out in Israel Syrian scenario

01/08/2013 According to the second channel of the Israeli TV, in Israel are major air exercise of different countries of the world.The pilots and their machines arrived in Israel a few days ago. They will explore all possible scenarios in Syria, including actions against the Syrian chemical arsenal.Israel reports that any of the pilots involved in the preparation. Last week, Israeli TV reported that the exercises will be practiced bombing and air combat techniques.mignews.comCategory: Political Factors Read more [...]
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David Cameron: Britain is ready to fight for the Falklands

British Prime Minister David Cameron said the country's readiness to go to war with Argentina in case the latter will attempt to regain Falklands. "I regularly find out about all the changes on the issue to be aware of all events - the politician said in an interview with BBC. - Our defense and determination is at the limit. " The prime minister also said that despite the budget cuts, the weapons and the army are one of the key items of expenditure of the state. Cameron's statement came in response to an open letter to the President of Argentina Cristina Kishner, in which it Read more [...]
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As political correctness in the U.S. was censored

The fact that one person just a statement of fact, for someone else can be an insult. It is now understood as political correctness in the United States. But some believe that vision too much. RT correspondent Marina Portnaya found out, why a country which prides itself on freedom of speech has become so sensitive.Category: Political Factors Read more [...]
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Tropical storm Debby in the Gulf of Mexico

on June 24. Tropical storm Debbie is now in the Gulf of Mexico, experts believe that it can bring floods and tornadoes in parts of the Gulf coast. At 4 a.m. today, the storm is located 165 km South of the Mississippi Delta, said the National center for control over the hurricanes in Miami. Wind strength in the midst of the storm eighty kilometers per hour, it moves with a speed of five kilometers per hour.A storm warning was announced in the coastal area of Louisiana, from the mouth of the pearl river. New Orleans is not included in this dangerous area. The combination of the storm and Read more [...]
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Barack Obama, the Americans propose to solve the problem of debt by the platinum coins of 1 trillion dollars

Residents of U.S. President Barack Obama's offer to solve the looming problem of rising debt ceiling by the publication of the coins of 1 trillion dollars. So unexpected initiative contained in the new petition, which was published on the White House Web site. Two days on a petition signed by more than four thousand Americans. According to the existing rules in the U.S., if within a month can raise 25 thousand signatures, the administration will have to consider the request in an official order, and then take it as a guide to action or to give a negative answer. The authors call for a Read more [...]
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The International Forecaster: Montanabahn

Remote mag, January 1996The Remote Soothsayer: MontanabahnI've been acquiring oodles of calls from out-of-state phratry who wishing to experience if they real leave be capable to thrust as immobile as they lack hither," says Major Bert Obert, a airfield forces commandant for the Montana Highway Police. The resolve, conceive it or not, is belike "wheeeeee!" Thanks to a spin of legislative luck, Montana's interstates and petty roadstead could Read more [...]
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Hydraulic fracturing is a life-changing geopolitical issue

New technology to extract natural gas from shale rock, change the geopolitical balance of power. The benefits of this can get the United States and China, and Germany expects tough times.Money is not ringing at the box office the stock exchanges, if have to change course. The same applies to the history of the world, when the map of the world is, as in our days, the formation of the new geopolitics of energy. The new technology, which in English is called «fracking», which allows to extract natural gas from shale rock, changing not only the global markets and the geometry of power, but also Read more [...]
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Report on earthquakes for the period from 21 April to 31 may 2012

Report on earthquakes of magnitude 4 and above for the period from 21 April to 31 may 2012. APRIL, from 21 to 30 - 999 earthquake. A magnitude of more than 4 - 240; Magnitude 4 to 5 - 166; Magnitude 5 to 6 - 69; Magnitude 6 to 7 - 4; Over 7 - 0.Strongest: 2012-04-21 - 10 - 6.0 - NEAR N COAST OF PAPUA, INDONESIA 2012-04-21 - 10 - 5.6 - SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE 2012-04-21 - 10 - 6.6 - NEAR N COAST OF PAPUA, INDONESIA 2012-04-23 - 46 - 5.6 - KURIL ISLANDS 2012-04-23 - 60 - 5.7 - MOLUCCA SEA 2012-04-23 - 113 - 6.0 - KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION 2012-04-24 - 10 - 5.5 - NICOBAR ISLANDS, Read more [...]
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