After the massive earthquake in Japan evacuated over 25,000 people

12/08/2012 More than 25,000 people have been evacuated in Japan after the earthquake happened yesterday to the east of the island nation. 7.3 magnitude earthquake recorded on Friday at 17:18 local time (12:18 Moscow time) to 240 miles from the Miyagi prefecture. Hearth lies at a depth of 10 kilometers. Greater number of evacuees were in northeastern Iwate Prefecture and Miyagi, which hit meter tsunami wave. Were forced to temporarily leave their homes residents of coastal areas in the prefectures of Fukushima, Aomori and Ibaraki. The data on the victims of the wave have been received. However, Read more [...]
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After a series of snow storms in northern China hit a 40-degree frosts

Snowy famously collapsed in north-eastern China at the beginning of this week. Snow with blizzards raged more than a day, resulting in some areas rainfall has reached historic highs. At stations Chavannes and Ulanusu respectively fell 47.5 and 42.5 mm of snow, nearly two and even three times the absolute record for this period.Monday due to snow storm power Liaoning Province announced "red" danger level. Were closed airports and motorways.A day snowy elements abated, but it replaced by Siberian winter. Temperature was found to7.10 degrees below normal.In Harbin Read more [...]
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Why Does Run Pee-pee My Arm Benumbed?

    Pic: Aroused HarrisA:Beginning, let’s reference the arm spiritlessness. If your arm sole numbs up piece you’re operative, thither are two belike causes: pitiful position, and the way you hold your equipment. Hither's why, and what to do.Fix Your Shape“Thither are footling bantam line vessels that attend the muscles in your blazon,” says Dr. Bob Adams, chairman of USA Racetrack and Battleground’s Sports Music and Skill Commission. “When the muscles in your cervix, amphetamine backbone, and blazonry are in a strain post, they clinch fine-tune Read more [...]
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After the earthquake in Japan tsunami threat

12/07/2012 About a meter high tsunami moving towards the Japanese prefecture of Miyagi / north-east of the main island of Honshu / after a powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake that occurred today in the east. National Directorate of Meteorology of the country called on all citizens to urgently leave the coastal zone. The Office emphasized that the wave height may increase. The epicenter was located a few hundred kilometers to the east of the Miyagi prefecture, the focus lies at a depth of 10 km. In representation of the ITAR-TASS news agency in Tokyo strongly staggered walls and furniture.ITAR-TASS Read more [...]
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In the Atlantic detected tropical zombie storm

on June 21. New Atlantic storm Chris, found in the North of the ocean in the evening of 19 June, behaves like a real zombie. As expressed by forecasters, he is alive, even if such ought not to be, because that was formed in that part of the world, where tropical storm systems do not exist in principle, due to the low temperature of the water slightly more than +20°C.The ideal temperature of the sea for the origin of the storm is +26°C and above. The only way they receive sustenance in the form of moisture and increasing the power, because the main task of tropical systems and hurricanes Read more [...]
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Serving students design their own stake

Workweek of February 6-12, 1997 Tenting on the crummy on Kauai Working the gruelling Badwater 146 Hike Climb Robson's Iceberg Lake Chase Portion students design their own escapade Easy-access dive from Belize beachesPortion students program their own chanceEnquiry: Equitable looking your ideas on an grant that I am handsome to my out-of-door jeopardize students (a path taught at the highschool that instructs on everything from wintertime bivouacking and Read more [...]
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Off the coast of Sakhalin storm aground ship Melody

During the storm, the captain of the ship "Melody", while trying to avoid running aground, gave both anchors, but the ship was still thrown out on the coastline. In the Transport Ministry clarified that the wind turned the ship broadside to the trough, resulting in a power plant has not coped with the elements and the boat washed up on the sand bar near the southernmost tip of Sakhalin - Cape Crillon. The accident crew - nine Russians - was injured, there was no oil spill, but did not quite get hold of water. To remove the people from the ship to them drove two cars with rescuers from Read more [...]
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In Turkey, under the weight of snow fell through the pavement

In the north of Turkey in a town not far from Ankara failed pavement. The way land is literally out from under the feet of passers-by recorded video surveillance cameras. In the middle of the day on a busy city street asphalt not stand the weight of snow. One of the residents fell into the pit and was injured. He was taken to the hospital. The witnesses to the accident have not been able to understand how this could happen, and blame the utilities. The authorities, in turn, promised a thorough investigation. Assure that repairs are under way, and will restore the pavement soon.Category: Read more [...]
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The snow storm was a disaster for Sweden

Stockholm turns into a huge snowdrift - buried roads and runway of the main airport in Sweden. Sweden's main airport has stopped working. Air harbor of Stockholm stopped sending and receiving aircraft. The reason - a snow storm that hit the capital. In the coming days, according to weather forecasts, the city will drop about half a meter of precipitation. Airport services are trying to clear the runways, but so far without success. Because of the strong wind on the concrete formed crust of ice, which is not much even for special chemicals. Due to the cancellation of flights to hundreds Read more [...]
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Sakhalin is preparing for the impending cyclone

Sahgidrometeotsentr warns cyclone approaching the southern and central part of the Sakhalin region on Friday 7 December. Meteorologists reported that the cyclone, which emerged in the Yellow Sea, Friday is already in Sakhalin. Wind speed will reach 27 meters per second. In the midst of the cyclone will Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. EMERCOM for safety advises all residents to limit travel outside populated areas, temporarily leave their homes and stock up in advance and medicines. A few days ago on the island has dropped more than 100% of normal rainfall, and therefore in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport were Read more [...]
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Thermal shock on the East coast of the U.S.

on June 21. Climatic indicators in the North-Eastern part of the United States officially began the summer. However, its beginning was marked by extremely high temperatures and unbearable heat in the zone of high pressure. Over the Great Lakes and the U.S. cities of Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Louisville temperature remained within 33-38°C.Although in 2012, this heat has already occurred in this part of the country. In Detroit, the thermometer showed more +33 degrees about six times since the beginning of this year. In the first official day of summer in Chicago this temperature Read more [...]
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Easy-access dive off Belize beaches

Hebdomad of February 6-12, 1997 Tenting on the crummy on Kauai Linear the hard Badwater 146 Hike Mountain Robson's Iceberg Lake Train Serving students design their own hazard Easy-access dive off Belize beachesEasy-access dive off Belize beachesEnquiry: I'm looking info on car-accessible, somewhat secure beach tenting floater in the Caribbean where we could honkytonk/schnorkel from the beach. We're especially concerned in Belize and Bonaire, although Read more [...]
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Exploring the wilds of Iceland

Workweek of February 20-26, 1997Touring Alaska without reservationsSkiing Colorado on the chinchy in BorderlandGuided trips done the SmokiesChoosing where to ski in Vermont Exploring the wilds of IcelandExploring the wilds of IcelandDoubtfulness: I was scarce inquisitive what you would evoke roughly hike in Iceland. I get gobs of relatives thither but pauperization roughly brainwave on preparation a stumble thither that is away. Can you assistant?Shawn Read more [...]
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Heavy snow fell on China

Five days of heavy snow caused serious damage to local agriculture in the north-western province of China — Xinjiang. About 500 police officers have helped to save more than 10,000 head of cattle, trapped, and overtake to safety.
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Statistics: natural disasters of 2011 and evacuation

on June 21. Due to floods, storms, earthquakes and tsunamis in the past year around the world was evacuated to safe zones 14.9 million people. 89% of this number lived in Asia, there have been ten major natural disasters, if measured by the number of evacuated people, mostly belonging to China, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Japan. From all natural invasions stands out prolonged floods in China and Thailand, which resulted in the total number evacuated within its amounted to more than 5 million people. General statistics on the number of returnees to their homes and the remaining refugee status Read more [...]
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Icebreaker Neva Outpost Neva rescued from the mash

The rescue operation is completed across the city - St. Petersburg flooding is not threatened, at least not yet. Icebreaker "Neva Outpost" Two days was making a huge ice dam in Finland bridge. And then, finally, coped with so-called hanging ice dams. Recall that this year is freezing in a difficult environment. Because of the sharp drop in temperature crushed ice on the river was caught by frost and ice jam formed for 5 kilometers. This is a common phenomenon in our latitudes, but dangerous - in fact because of a tube, water can come out of its banks. Near the waterfront and October Read more [...]
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Yellow Sea cyclone brought down tons of snow on the Riviera

Vladivostok is not only tons of snow, but also half the town and several villages around left without light. During the night fell once monthly rainfall - wires snapped. Some areas had to cancel classes at schools. Many trails are closed. During the last days of the edge, mainly its southern and central parts, took over as the experts say, the monthly rainfall. All night the rain fell, the morning sprinkled snow. That's what we were told experts "Primgidrometa." "Today's the day the intensity of rainfall will decrease in the second half of the day they are expected Read more [...]
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International On-line Archives

Extraneous Cartridge, Venerable 1999INNS & LODGES3 Entire InnRandolph, VermontBy Katie ArnoldIt's no surprisal that Randolph is flying decorous the Moab of New England. The white-steepled crossroads, encircled by 360 land of K Deal Subject Timber and 265 mapped miles of logging roadstead and meandering singletrack, boasts the Nor'-east's largest meshwork of mountain-bike trails. The hub for local fat-tire fanatics is the ThreeStallion Inn, Read more [...]
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In northern China due to snowstorms announced top-level emergency

In north-east China's Liaoning Province, has been declared the highest "red" level of risk due to the snowstorms. In the provincial capital of Shenyang City closed the international airport.According to the media, also blocked motorways cities and over 20 major routes across the province.Snowstorms will not affect the high-speed railway Harbin - Dalian. Bad weather will be a test for this route, which is the world's first high-speed backbone, capable of operating at extremely low temperatures - down to -40 degrees Celsius.Note that in the south of China is also complicated Read more [...]
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Central Russia covered the ice storm

In the area of Balkan cyclone that swept the Capital Region, there were also many regions of Central Russia. Snow falls in the Kursk, Voronezh, Tver, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Kaluga regions. Tula was taken to the roads of all the snow plow. Community services promise to keep the morning rush hour collapse on the roads. In the next few hours, according to weather forecasts, in the thaw begins. Expected wet snow on wires and trees, ice, snow drifts in some places. In Moscow snowfall started last night and will continue until the morning. During this time, could fall more than 10 centimeters Read more [...]
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