The authorities of New South Wales, where registered more than 100 fires, describe the situation as catastrophic and recommend citizens to immediately leave dangerous areas.

The fire also spread quickly through the island state of Tasmania and Victoria.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who on the eve of visit Tasmania today warned residents about the possibility of new fires.

"I came to Tasmania with the sole purpose — to speak to the people of the island, that the whole country with them in a very, very difficult time — said Gillard. — It is very important that people are safe, listened to the recommendations and warnings to local authorities. This is a dangerous day. "

Over the last weekend in Tasmania burned about 100 homes, but no injuries were reported.

Beginning in 2013 broke all records on the temperature level, the thermometer at this time of year often get so high. The first week of January has entered the twenty hottest days in the history of the country.

For five days the average temperature does not fall below 39 ° C. plus