Extrasolar planet moves around its star in the opposite direction

Scientists have tried to figure out why one of the planetary systems of the planet moves in the opposite direction of its orbit its star.

Recently, researchers have studied quite bizarre planetary system in which the exoplanet HAT-P-7b is moving in the opposite direction of its orbit around its star. The central star of this planetary system is located at a distance of 1.040 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus.

Planet HAT-P-7 was found March 6, 2008. The orbit of the planet is close to the star HAT-P-7, the major axis of the orbit is slightly more than 5 million miles, and its orbital period is two days. The planet belongs to a rare class of short hot Jupiters. The planet's mass is 1.776 Jupiter masses, diameter — 1.363 diameter of Jupiter. This planet is extremely hot with daytime temperatures of about 2500 ° C, it is 45% of the surface temperature of the Sun, and therefore this exoplanet can be considered one of the hottest currently known exoplanets. The parent star of the planet has a spectral class F8. With the naked eye, this star is not visible. Declination star = 47 degrees, and the right ascension = 19 h 28 min.

Density of the planet is quite large: it is 930 kg/m3.

Now the study of the planetary system, Japanese scientists discovered another planet and called it the HAT-P-7c. Helped them in the Subaru telescope in Hawaii. Scientists suggest that this planet can be blamed for the strange orbit exoplanets HAT-P-7b.

At the time when all the planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun in the same direction, in the planetary system HAT-P-7, all is not so. Most likely, the newly confirmed planet HAT-P-7c makes the planet HAT-P-7b move in a retrograde orbit.

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