First found the aurora is the solar system

Astrophysics from the University of Leicester was first discovered aurora beyond the solar system. Article scientists published in The Astrophysical Journal, and its summary can be found at TGDaily.

Aurora – the result of a collision of charged particles from interstellar space with atoms in the atmosphere of a celestial body. This kind of radiance observed not only on Earth, for example, recently such phenomena have been found in the atmosphere of Venus. Also aurora observed on Mars, where they are, despite the name, and there are on the equator. This is due to the fact that the field of the planet is a residue of the once full field.

As part of the team used a model of currents in the atmosphere (which results in the lights) on the example of gas giant Jupiter. Researchers have extended it to the case of brown dwarfs – celestial bodies that represent an intermediate class between the gas giants and stars. On one side of the body weight is sufficient to ensure that at some stage of their development in their place fusion reactions, on the other – this mass is not enough to maintain the "burning" hydrogen process that feeds the energy of ordinary stars.

Model allowed the scientists to explain the features of the electromagnetic radiation dwarfs. As a consequence of the model of researchers around the failed stars should appear powerful lights. Recently, this kind of electromagnetic tracking was recorded for a terrestrial aurora and even turned into sounds. According to scientists, this is the first results of this kind for objects outside the solar system.

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