Addressing the participants of the summit G20, which was held in Moscow, Jim Yong Kim urged them "to respond to the serious challenges of climate change." According to him, the finance ministers and central bank pay insufficient attention to this problem, which is a big "mistake" on their part.

"This is not just a risk. They represent the real impact — said Jim Yong Kim, serious implications for future economic growth. "

According to the head of the World Bank, "the damage and loss caused by natural disasters has tripled over the last 30 years." As an example, he cited the loss of $ 45 billion, caused by flooding in 2011 in Thailand, reports AFP. And the consequences of this disaster felt by many countries in the world to have been violated "international supply chain."

Jim Yong Kim is not the first time makes such statements. In the January edition of The Washington Post published his article on the relationship of the world economy and climate change. Later, this material appeared on the World Bank, including the Russian language.

According to the president of the organization, "one of the main items on our agenda should be the problem of climate change as global warming threatens all that has been achieved in the area of development over the past decade."

The head of the World Bank draws neraduzhnye prospects: "Warming of the global climate will raise sea levels by 45-90 cm, threatening hundreds of millions of people in cities around the world. As a result of this warming, hurricanes, formerly known as "hurricane of the century" will be common, occurring perhaps every year. "

Jim Yong Kim has a few ways to combat global warming, the implementation of which should go together. The most urgent task, in his view, should be measures to ensure that the inflow of funds and the establishment of correct energy prices. In second place — the abolition of state subsidies for production of environmentally harmful fossil fuels. Thanks to emissions in 2020 could decline by 5%.