How planets affect the weather

One of the oldest areas of astrology — astrometeorology. It is a system of knowledge that are used to predict the weather, with the position of the planets, their interactions and the strength of their influence in different geographical areas. Now astrological weather forecasting methods are not popular. Normal weather without the "astro" inspires people more confidence.

After all, it is based on observations of objects let capricious and not always predictable, such as the movement of atmospheric fronts, but still quite tangible and more reachable. In contrast to many questionable impact on the Earth's weather planets located far away in space.

And yet everyone, even the most distant, the planet as far as possible makes the weather on Earth.


The sun gives warmth. By itself, without any influence from other planets, which is rare, it is clear, hot, dry weather with moderate dry wind. But with a strong interaction with another planet Sun shows more quality on this planet, and so the result may turn out the weather was not sunny. Duration of steady weather depends on the speed of the planets and their relative position. If the planets are in conflict, the weather can be unstable, even stormy.

Changes in the weather during the day most likely to occur around noon, when the sun is at its zenith. During the year, the strongest factor influencing the weather, are the equinoxes and solstices, they can program the weather for three months. Inharmonious effect on energy hostile planets closest to the equinoxes and solstices days can cause a storm.


"The moon gives moisture. Her influence affects the amount of rainfall during the month. Moon Weather — wet, cool and rainy. But the moon, like the sun, the weather does not make one, but mostly in a" company "somehow arranged for her planets and, of course, the Sun. affecting weather and signs of the zodiac in which the moon passes. Many people take related to weather prediction, based on the observation of the night star. However, they often contradict each other, which is not surprising. Moon is very changeable and sign, confirmed in practice once or twice, and can work the other way around. lunar velocity is high, and therefore its impact on the weather is changing by leaps and bounds. Sometimes you can not even notice. As for weather prediction the phases of the moon, it is quite possible, though not as easy as it might seem. At the beginning of each quarter of the moon is a "reboot" — set the weather for the duration of the lunar phase. But not necessarily the weather should change at this time


Mercury provides wind. Depending on the order in any "relationship" he and other terrestrial planets and the various localities, it can cause a light and pleasant breeze, and break all the storm. By itself, it does not create heat or cold, does not form precipitation. But are actively involved in the distribution of all this on the earth's surface. "Favorite" weather Mercury — changeable, windy, and the wind changes its direction, the clouds disperse, then bring it back. Under such conditions, the weather can not be too warm, as the wind blows warm or too wet, because it causes the evaporation of moisture and rain clouds does not leak completely.


Venus gives moderation. In the manifestation of all the elements is nothing excessive in violation of the harmony in nature. Venus weather is warm, quiet, moderately moist, although someone might even seem cool and moist. Planet fertility indifferent to the rain, revitalizes and nourishes the plants, and it is a great enemy of withering heat and wind. Even with a very inharmonious interactions with other planets Venus can cause dryness, but rain, storm and rain and even flooding — completely. Usually it manifests itself in rosah and fogs, white clouds in the clear sky, warm summer and winter rain, gentle snow falling in large flakes.


Mars gives dryness. He raises the temperature and causes often scorching heat and strong, dry, hot wind. It is the fault of Mars may occur long periods of drought, dust occur and ice storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes, and other such extreme. Along with other harsh planets Mars can cause hail and severe thunderstorms, often deafening thunder and blinding lightning go without escort rain. Moderation is not peculiar to Mars, and if he is involved in the formation of the weather, then any element of his influence can become destructive.


Jupiter gives clarity. Jupiter's weather is generally warm, clear and dry, without excessive use of these qualities. Jupiter — the planet of abundance, and its weather is favorable for agriculture, as well as for traveling, especially shipping. Jupiter creates long periods of stable weather. But there are also the costs of this stability and inclinations of Jupiter to a larger scale. Inharmonious Jupiter may cause a long period of strong thunderstorms daily or permanent, always blowing in the same direction the wind. Prolonged dry weather often makes for a fire, which can be spread over large areas. Particularly high risk, when Jupiter is in Aries — fire, ruled by Mars sign. The last time was in 2010 and the first half of 2011. In Russia at the time the fires were raging everywhere, and in other places, too, there was a natural disaster.


"Saturn gives cold. His cold weather regardless of the season. Saturn tends to dry more than the moisture, but it turned into a cold dry ice water and fragile snow crystals. In hot climates, there is nowhere to turn around Saturn

Higher planets

So called Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Despite its distance from the Earth, they are also influenced by the weather. Cycles of these planets are big, in a sign they are in many years, so their impact is long and often perceived as climate change.

Uranium gives sharp deviations from the norm, often in the direction of cooling. The sudden snowfall in summer precipitation strange, unusual and unexplained force hurricanes atmospheric phenomena, strange flashes, lightning, lights.

Neptune gives vagueness, cloudiness, fog. This can be a wet mist, rain clouds covered the sky, of which no end is sown a fine rain or solid curtain of heavy rain. If the moon determines the amount of rain in the month, Neptune indicates a period of a few rainy or dry years.

Pluto gives a lengthy weather anomalies, mainly in the direction of warming, such as the unusually warm winter, when the ground is not a mild climate for several years in a row in January, there is no snow and green grass everywhere. People are surprised at first, and then get used.

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