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Two district of Sverdlovsk region are preparing to declare a vote of no confidence in the governor and leave the jurisdiction of the Tyumen.

Bomb, planted in the base of the Sverdlovsk region crisis of the 90's, followed by a redistribution of influence, spending on "Innoprom" fad of the ambitious projects in Yekaterinburg, the World Cup and the EXPO 2020, is ready to explode. As it became known, eastern Middle Urals initiate the procedure to withdraw from the area and asked the Tyumen Governor Vladimir Yakushev accept them. Initiative supports the majority of the inhabitants of the border area. They're too tired of the chaos reigning around and the inability of the local authorities as well as regional cope.

"We have a desire to be asked in the Tyumen region. Already written the governor — the answer, though, is not there a draft appeal to the people. In the spring, I think, will begin "- voiced in the past, a member of the" United Russia "(until 2011), and now Secretary Tavdinsky cell" Fair Russia "and the local Duma deputy Viktor Nikulin information swayed all the plans and immediately go to Tavda. Such in the Sverdlovsk region, at least in my memory, not yet exist — to a number of area of 41 thousand people and an area of 6.5 thousand square kilometers, said the desire to withdraw from the region.

Travel far — about 400 kilometers. It is the east of Sverdlovsk region. From its history remembers something about capturing a representative OPS "Uralmash" Alexander Kukovyakin local timber processing complex and hydrolytic plant. A few years later the company was bankrupt. Projects, even when voiced by Eduard Rossel, the development of local oil and gas fields. About them until recently recalled Eugene Kuyvashev in negotiations with the leadership of "Rosneft". Yes December decision of the arbitration court for bankruptcy Tavda mechanical plant, once only for the whole of the USSR churned out trailers for trucks. About all this — the revolutionary sentiments were not known.

The truth of life was much more interesting and, as often happens, I am. Viktor Nikulin confirmed — on the phone, I heard it right, they really are going to initiate withdrawal from the Sverdlovsk region. And the "grab" with them and they want more Taborinsky neighboring district. This is more than 11 thousand square kilometers of area and 3.5 thousand. "There's our main timber base" — frankly admits MP.

Please note that by complaining: "We, the workers TMZ, with the February 1, 2012 can not get to work, because we are not allowed to enter the factory …"

This former dairy. Now dairy products prefer to be brought from the Tyumen region. Everything else — too

The reason is simple demarche. Economy Tavda area is completely destroyed, there is no work, the local government can not cope with the situation, the regional "do not notice."

"In the heyday, we worked nine farms, now barely exist only two. Had its own dairy. Now we carry dairy products from Lower Tavda (Tyumen region). He worked as a shop Uralmashzavod — made structures for drilling. Closed. Hydrolysis and worked timber, five thousand men worked. Kukovyakin in the year 2000, I have personally witnessed, with the gunmen arrived in a car with flashing lights and all took. And in 2005, they went bankrupt. Engineering plant — that are generally three times bankrupt. In December last year again, "- lists Nikulin.

Such a pattern — only the threat of arrival of high ranking officials. Rest of the time, "all is calm"

Chief Providence tavdintsev now — watch in the oil and gas industry in the North of Tyumen. For the hard work they pay "nuclear" by local standards 40-60 thousand rubles a month. Those who are not able to get there, go to Tyumen. They pay only 15-20 thousand, but it's better than nothing at home. Many go to the same treatment — up to 400 kilometers, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen to 130 kilometers. Carry out everything else necessary for life — food, clothing, household appliances, automotive fuel.

The legacy of Alexander Kukovyakin. CHP before now "messenger of the apocalypse"

Another strong argument "for" — the situation in the neighboring Nizhnetavdinskom area. "Five years ago, the village was lower Tavda village. Now all villages supplied with gas, fields are plowed. They even start to climb up to us. The village Vaskovo (on the border with the Tyumen region) buy housing, there began to cultivate the field, "- says the source.

If you are planning to shoot a new epic battle of Stalingrad, do not hesitate — Go to Tavda. Think about the decorations do not have to

In an effort to initiate the separation, he is not alone. There is an initiative group of 10 people, including representatives of all opposition parties and social strata — besides spravorossov in the people of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Communist Party, pensioners, businessmen and public figures. First, some naive attempt they made back in 2011 — with an email sent to email Yakushev Nikulin, "On behalf of the residents of the district of Sverdlovsk region Tavda … I ask you to assess the aspirations of becoming a part of the Tyumen region." No reply was.

Refused to give up and go to the case thoroughly. Having studied the federal and regional legislation, a plan of action. "You have to register an initiative group — we have it. Then collect the signatures of 5% of the inhabitants of the district. Move to the City Duma, then Legislative Assembly (deputy district — Deputy Speaker of AP Victor Shepty) if support — referendum "- lists the MP. Himself admits, everything is so complicated that it is "unlikely": "The local [authorities] will try to crush still here. Duma — 24 people. Not in the "United Russia", only six (three spravoross, two Communists, one member of the Liberal Democratic Party and non-party). They have a majority. How to say and vote. "

Anatoly Dyakov — MP and one of the initiators of the separation from the Sverdlovsk region.

His colleague on the initiative group and Duma Anatoly Dyakov support: "They're all normal people alone. But how will gather together … The eyes looked down and just raise your hand [when they say]. "

And as proof of his innocence leads rather tough proposition, "We the residents are divided into those who were sitting (in the still many institutions FSIN), and those who guard. According to official statistics, 10% of this antisocial elements — former campers. I have said many times that (local administration) that we, the ones who are trying to do something and take a guarantor of their security. If we do not have those [who sat], they will not go to vote. They take up knives and arrange such that had never happened. After all, they are still living at the camp principle — Die Tryin you today, and tomorrow I will, but that day I shall live through you to the fullest. "

Who and where a heat brought kilometers, do not know any people or authorities

These words can be treated differently, but they sounded during his visit to Tavda "undress" route. Stasis Tavdinsky Mechanical Plant — stage pass a long time nobody was cleaning the snow. Dozens of his laid-off workers have not been paid since February 2012. Escaping authorities have forgotten to give even a reduced nine documents, and now they can not get sotspomosch, not like to get a different job. However, in his letter to the members of their problems, these are only written in nine of the last lines at the top of the other: "We, the workers TMZ. from February 1, 2012 can not get to work, because we are not allowed to enter the factory. From the administration of the plant no written instructions. " "Iron," people live in the Urals.

This is not Yekaterinburg! Apartments in Tavda cheaper on the eyes.

On the route — the case of the former dairy. On the other side Tavda — captured and ruined Kukovyakin Tavdinsky hydrolysis. "This is a factory CHP. The idea is that the object of special significance. If a sudden problem with the gas from it was to do heating residents. Equipment still in OPS for scrap sawed, now take away the last "- says Dyakov, pointing to the brick edifice. Without windows, with gaping holes in the wall, fragments of stairs and sticking pieces have not cut reinforcement — it towers over the neighborhood as the herald of the apocalypse.

Local "Essentuki" 

For it opens even more epic picture. In reviewing it, my partner — photographer Vadim Akhmetov — gives one, but the exact word: "Stalingrad". The first striking once five-story office building, from which there is only a fragment of masonry. "We could not make out, is made on the conscience" — gloats my guide. Hydrolysis shop next door and the building housing timber for steam power plants — broken roof, no windows, doors, holes in the walls. What can take away for building materials. Somewhere in the middle of the plant number 9 — Forestry Division, which published the elite export.

The most beautiful building Tavda. This is the local Pioneer Palace remembers the visit "Marshal Victory" Georgy Zhukov

The road is cut off in front of a marsh overgrown with reeds and bristling half-rotted logs. It turns out that "forest Exchange" — here were brought before a million cubic meters of timber annually processes Tavdinsky TIC. Spending compared with Lobvinskim timber where we were just a few weeks ago: "But there is no such devastation." "We probably have been even larger," — not to the point answers Dyakov — his working life has started here, and now look at the remains of former greatness was obviously difficult.


The head of the district administration Tavda Konstantin Baranov


Now all over this vast area bald spots scattered small desk. Most of them — scrap metal items. Define them simply — by dumped near Pruning iron structures and various equipment. Here you can find everything — from office printers to the cores of river boats and ATVs. There are still some small sawmills. Willing to buy their products businessmen from Kazakhstan. True, prefer to buy round timber rather than timber.

Go back along the departmental pool, bought out along with hostels municipal authorities for 6 million rubles, but also irrevocably ruined. Who will get the deal had fallen apart and why the property acquired by the municipality, the police find out and could not. They gave up on another story. From the plant to the village a few miles a row of concrete pillars, colossi. Earlier on top of them lay heating main, now only a modest gas pipe. The main pipeline cut down and taken to an unknown destination. Who and where — the prosecutors and the police just shrug.



Construction Fock Tavda — a good stimulator of the local economy?

Catches the eye building with frosted windows. It is a local school — now simply abandoned. In general Tavda many abandoned buildings: industrial, residential — not important. Somewhere boarded up windows separate apartments, the place is empty the whole house. "We started in 2011, the exodus. Before that was leaving for 300, 600 people. In 2011, the population declined Tavda, according to official data, in 2200 people. In villages, even for 1500, "- says Nikulin.

As a result, prices for apartments in the same year fell by more than 50%. If 2-3 years ago, two-bedroom apartment in the heart of the order was worth 1.5 million rubles, now for $ 900 thousand will be given without bargaining. Owners of private housing were more fortunate. A hut with the site is unchanged until 600 thousand rubles. But the explanation of the phenomenon of the market sounds awful. "There is no work, nothing to pay for communal. Many prefer to do throw up and head. In a private house for the heating of charge. There's only one land tax is paid once a year. So people are trying to change there, "- he pronounces Diacov.




Only one of the companies to stay afloat — a local plywood factory (TFA). But it periodically changes its name and owners. Meager salary, so staff turnover colossal — operate on the principle: "Do not want this money to work? Next! "

On the role and effectiveness of the local authority to speak another example — near the source of mineral water. "It's even better than Essentuki. There used to be a clinic, people from across the country came — treated diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gastro-intestinal tract. It is bottled, took them to the sale. Then they all went bankrupt. [Chapter Tavda District Viktor] Lachimov took the bottling plant, now does not work "- says the background Nikulin.


In 2007, the hospital tried to revive Edward Rossel with a trusted businessman Nicholas Kretova. Threatened access to the European markets. Did not happen. Now all that remains of the complex, gave local businessman Eliseev. He also got a business to service the urban grid. Municipal authorities considered it unprofitable for themselves, Elisha manages to earn an income. The more so because of the budget for this purpose on municipal contracts give money.

"You want to, to voice their opinion? They turn Tavda to the colony, where the infrastructure for 5% of the wealthy, that they make it easier to manage us. And the rest — they are like slaves to serve them, "- gives Diacov. As a "colonial-slave", "seek" area after bandits Raiders, directly call the chapter Tavda — speaker of the local Duma Lachimova and his rubber-stamp City Manager Konstantin Baranov.


They say that in Tavda Lachimova 20 stores, including a network of "Tavda-alcohol", the same land. True, all "rewrote the ex-wife and current wife's mother" — otherwise you'll have to shine all their possessions in the annual income statement. Aliens in the district is not allowed. "In one case, an entrepreneur came here — he is building across the country ostrich farm. Here, too, would like to open. Land we have cheap. I went to talk to the mayor. Came out, said, "put forward conditions," waved his hand and did not appear "- recalls Nikulin.

However, the predecessor of the current two-headed leaders, the sole head of the District Alexander Soloviev was no better. For the eyes of the people he was called the "50 to 50". 50 — the percentage in any business project, which he allegedly demanded in exchange for guarantees of non-interference. To do with him not dare even businessmen from Tyumen. So was standing ruined brick plant construction project, although the local clay and listed building material could get screwed.


Confidence in the regional authorities not more. Rossel was Tavda once Misharin once. Came only Premier Anatoly Gredin. Solved the issue of building a gas boiler block. With the population took the money for the construction of intra-networks, and now require a connection to them.

From the last — building schools Azanke (village 25 kilometers from Tavda). "She planned to surrender in 2011. As always, thwarted time. But March 1, 2012 officially adopted. Education Minister Yuri came Biktuganov. In the summer of State Construction inspection revealed — the school is not finished and is not ready to accept children. Everything had to be rushed to finish. Only really started to fall, "- said Nikulin. As it took Biktuganov spring — the question unanswered. Contacted by Denis Pasleru premiere was given a formal answer: now, the school is working.

Sad reflection on what he heard and what he saw aggravated visit to the local town hall. "Once you behave guerrilla methods. Turn off the tape recorder. You think you can come here so without warning? "- Attacked almost at the door on us City Manager Konstantin Baranov (Lachimova in place does not have). After hearing about the district office, "made an exception" and by changing the tone, spoke with us about 30 minutes.

It turned out that the local authorities are doing their best, but investors are simply not "go" in Tavda: "We have identified five areas for the construction of apartment buildings. Unfortunately, no construction company does not wish to. " Now the main project — the construction of Fock with co-financing from the regional budget. The site was reserved for him right in front of the town hall.

As for the other private business projects, the main hope in the processing of lignin suitable for "pharmacy" waste hydrolysis production (Baranova opponents claim that this project he has his own commercial interest). "We have to 300 thousand cubic meters of forest buried. Well even though in Ivdel off. He's combustion emits toxic substances plaguing the local population, "- says Rams. The project to develop gas deposits meaning he does not see "the largest deposits of no." "Today, we are working on the issue, which would link our region with the Khanty-Mansiysk region. This is the road to Karabashku. Approval of the governor is "- again turned the conversation to the projects financed from the regional budget official.


Initiative of the separation, it appears, knows (I wonder — up report?): "She's a 97-year exist." As an official idea, naturally, he does not, unless it is "as a means of dialogue with the region." And frankly admits that the neighbors really are better things: "It is necessary, first of all, to see through what they have better and by what means we may be better then." But in what Tyumentsev help raise even local agriculture, believes: "They have more land — fertile. You look at the map, there is a watershed. We have it never will be. "


As a reason for the current reincarnation idea of secession Rams sees the struggle for the post. His term will expire on April 7 and 22 January council announced a contest for the vacant position. However, neither Nikulin nor Dyakov does not hide — the initiative and the appointment of City Manager — is unrelated things. They are confident that Rams continues, and that means the current conservation status for another 5 years. Consequently, the opposition needs radical measures.

All this might have been taken for the dispute between the two political factions. If not for a short poll, which we Vadim Akhmetov staged in the streets Tavda. Each of the ten surveyed people of different sex, age, and judging by their clothes, wealth, said that, after reaching the matter to a referendum, would vote to secede from the district of Sverdlovsk region.

"The city is dying, and the regional authorities just forgot about us, including the new — with Kuyvashev Paslerom. Maximum salary in 5300 rubles. People go in all directions, just to here. Youth in general, no more (of 41 thousand 14 thousand residents are pensioners). Another five years — and we die out. And there [in the Tyumen region] people, of course, live better "- almost word for word repeated pensioner and a young woman with a child. The only one who thought for a few minutes, was a man of about 50, but he said he would have voted "yes". "I'm disabled. I need a kidney transplant. Such operations do in Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, no ", — explained the reason behind thinking.

February 6 Tavda, and throughout the Eastern District of Management, are prepared to meet Eugene Kuyvasheva. That it will come to them, of course, they do not. But just in case skinned accumulated over the winter ice cover with asphalt and clean piled snow stops. So much technology and janitors are never seen. If anything, the "in the parade." City "asset" for the exemplary meeting of the regional head is also ready — really want budget "pill" for the "better growth"

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