Overweight people are dying more often people with a normal constitution

A new study found that overweight people do not die more often people with a normal constitution. In the U.S., it caused a storm, because this can not be, because there can never be!

The honor of the first cause of health debate in 2013 fell to a study which questioned the relationship of obesity with a relatively short life.

Scientists from the National Center for Health Statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S. said Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the people who, according to the body mass index (BMI), is there a weight and live an average of 6% longer than people of normal weight. However, the study also found that people with obesity (BMI on the notorious) live on 18% less slender.

Tom Cruise on the set of a movie about another impossible task. BMI does not distinguish between fat and muscle, but because the actor believes thick. (Photo unnamed paparazzi.)

Obesity is clear, but the data on obesity are bound to surprise. And although the article was published in a peer-reviewed journal and its claims to scientific nature not, some experts question the methods chosen colleagues, and therefore conclusions. "This is not a study, and a bunch of garbage — categorical Walter Willett of the Harvard School of Public Health. — We have a huge amount of literature that shows that people who are overweight have an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, many cancers, etc. "

At the same time, there are those experts who supported the work of the authors and said that society treats overweight dogmatically. So, Paul Campos, author of "The Myth of obesity," wrote in the "New York Times" that the American obsession with this problem has an economic reason, because this make billions of dollars sellers of weight loss. It is easy to see that Mr. Campos does not notice the existence of at least as powerful food industry with its sweets and fats.

Both ignore, first, the fact that the authors have taken into account a variety of causes of death, and secondly, the corresponding results on mortality of obese people, with the findings of other studies.

Let's try it in a hurry to find out what is what, taking an assistant epidemiologist Dana Murch of Columbia University (USA).

BMI, in spite of his international recognition — a very controversial figure. The index is calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by height in meters squared, and the result is not always adequate. For example, Tom Cruise (170 cm, 75 kg), according to BMI, overweight. Beyonce Knowles (167 cm, 59 kg) looks normal, and Angelina Jolie (172 cm, 52 kg) — anoreksichka. But with all their imperfections, BMI, as shown by a recent study, also good at predicting many diseases, as well as other systems. Just an ordinary person does not need to dwell on it, if it is satisfied that it sees in the bathroom mirror.

The authors of the new study did not come up, but brought together data from numerous epidemiological literature. Prior to that, the supporters and opponents of anti-obesity cite only one or two studies, emphasizes lead author Katherine Flegal.

Different studies often have different definitions of the concept of obesity, weight loss, etc., use different measurement methods, and all of this systematic review should take into account clear criteria to a meta-analysis can be reproduced.

The review included 97 longitudinal data from observational studies (prospective cohort study), conducted primarily in the U.S., Canada and Europe and will cover a total of nearly 3 million people and more than 270 thousand deaths.

In short, nothing special about this procedure is no work. Claims relate primarily that BMI may indicate the cause of death. But in 2008, for example, Miguel Hernan, of Harvard School of Public Health and his colleagues showed that the index is in fact the result of effects on the various factors which in their own way have an impact on life expectancy. This, of course, talking about diet, exercise, smoking, genetic susceptibility and disease.

In general, Ms. March inclined to accept the results of a new study noteworthy. They do not dispute the fact that obesity is associated with unpleasant things that can drive a person to the grave (remember the 18%). On the other hand, they suggest that the paranoia about weight loss — it's too much.

And indeed, if we look into what they write, health professionals, we can decide that there is a total war: the war against obesity, drugs and smoking. Planned military campaign and prepared propaganda leaflets, and only one goal — the complete and final victory. For example, when it comes to smoking, medical categorical: not a cigarette! Nowhere! Never! And no one will say, well, savor every month for the company a good tube clean, fragrant potions — this is normal.

Here you have a secret, why measly 6% caused such a storm of emotions. Perhaps this is a feature of our psychology (or mass psychology), which does not accept the tone. Mrs. March and recalls related to hormone replacement therapy: first to have hit the shaft of studies that have shown that it is harmful, and it now appears that all is well (truth, as always, is somewhere in between.) And in this case it turned out that being overweight is not deadly, and wrestlers obese afraid that public opinion will turn to face the tummy …

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