Russian scientists have reprogrammed human DNA using words and frequencies

Discovery made by Russian scientists who have ventured to set foot on the territory of the other DNA, which was not able to study Western researchers. Western scientists have limited their study 10% of our DNA, the part that is responsible for the construction of proteins. They thought the other 90% of the DNA genetic "junk."

A group of Russian scientists, led by biophysicist and molecular biologist Peter Garyaev, however, agreed that such a huge part of the DNA simply can not contain sensitive information. To learn the secrets of the unknown continent, they joined forces linguists and geneticists for unusual research, designed to test the effects of vibrations and words in the human DNA.

They found a surprising thing is — the data stored in our DNA just as they are stored in memory. In addition, it appears that our genetic code uses the rules of grammar and syntax of a way that is very close to the human language!

They also found that even the structure of alkaline pairs of DNA follow the rules of grammar and syntax. It seems that all our human languages — it's just a verbalization of our DNA.

DNA changes spoken words and phrases

The most startling discovery of all that has made the group of scientists, is that living human DNA can be modified and rebuilt by spoken words and phrases.

The key to changing the DNA words and phrases is to use the correct frequency. Using modulated radio and light frequencies Russian could affect cellular metabolism, and even to correct genetic defects.

Using the frequency and language group received just incredible results. They, for example, successfully transferred information from one set of images of DNA to another. Eventually, they were even able to reprogram cells to another genome, without a scalpel, without making a single cut, they transformed frog embryos into embryos salamanders.

Russian work provides a scientific explanation for why the suggestion and hypnosis have such a strong impact on people. Our DNA is programmed by nature of the fact that the "answer" to the word. Esoteric and spiritual leaders have always known about it. All forms of suggestion and the "mental energy" is based largely on this phenomenon.

Russian research also helps to explain why these secret techniques are not equally successful for everyone who uses them. As a good "communication" with the DNA requires proper frequency, people with developed internal processes more able to consciously create a channel "connection" with the DNA.

People with well-developed consciousness will be less need for any devices (for use of radio frequencies or light). Scientists believe that the development of consciousness, people can achieve the results using only their own words and thoughts.

DNA and intuition: how intuition works and why people will now be able to be able to use it

Russian scientists have also discovered the genetic basis of intuition — or, as it is called, — "giperkommunikatsii." Giperkommunikatsiya — is the term used to describe a situation when a person suddenly gets information from an external source, not from the base of his or her personal knowledge. In our times, this phenomenon has become more and more rare. Most likely it is because the three main factors that hinder giperkommunikatsii (stress, anxiety, and hyperactivity of the brain) have become extremely common.

For some creatures, such as ants, giperkommunikatsiya tightly "woven" in their daily lives. Did you know that when the ant "queen" physically removed from the colony, its "citizens" continue to work and build according to plan? However, if she is killed, all work stops immediately. Obviously, while formic "queen" is alive, she has access to the consciousness of the members of the colony through giperkommunikatsii.

Now, when the Russian revealed the biological underpinnings giperkommunikatsii, people might be able to restore the lost ability to be able to re-learn how to use it. Scientists have discovered that our DNA can create so-called "magnetized wormholes." These "wormhole" — a miniature version of the bridge, which form almost dead star (called Einstein-Rosen bridges).

Einstein-Rosen bridges connect different areas of the universe and allow information to be transmitted outside of space and time. If we can consciously activate and manage these relationships, we could use our DNA to transmit and receive information from the data network of the universe. We might also contact other members of the network.

The results obtained by Russian scientists and researchers, so revolutionary, that they just can not believe it. At present, we already have some examples of when people use certain methods, at least on some level. For example, those who have succeeded in hilerstve or telepathy.

According to many scientists, an active interest in Russian studies of DNA, the results of these studies reflect the significant changes occurring to our Earth, the sun and the galaxy. These changes affect human DNA and the development of human consciousness in ways that we can fully understand only in the distant future.

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