The usual safety procedures when the threat of radiation contamination (eg, protective clothing) allow only reduce the risk of overdose of gamma rays. But it does not protect the body from harmful changes on the cellular level.

The principal difference between medical innovation is that the active substance is not a tablet allows cells to mutate DNA and self-destruct. In addition, it restores the already affected areas of exposure.

Prove the theory, in practice it is impossible — this would need to put a man in extremely dangerous conditions for life. But the tablet has passed clinical trials on mice.

Laboratory rodents exposed to radiation in 8 Gy, which is enough to kill 95% of the living cells in the area of the radiation. Survival in those mice that were given a piece of Ex-RAD was 88%.

Some experts believe that the big drawback miracle pill will be its very high cost. However, in the future, if it goes on sale in bulk, price level may be reduced.