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A huge underground maze Los Tayos

In 1965, Ecuador anthropologist Juan Moritz with local Indians discovered a huge underground maze Los Tayos and ancient library, which includes thousands of books from the thin metal plates covered with strange symbols. Moritz said: "On these plates, probably with the history of lost civilizations, of which at present we have not the slightest idea." Moritz invited Swiss researcher Erich von Däniken, author of the famous film "Memories of the Future", so that he could personally inspect the remains. According to Däniken, the library has been left as a gift to earthlings Read more [...]
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Artifacts of the past. Mysteries of History

In Bashkortostan, was found the so-called "Card Creator", in Bulgaria — an alien skull, in the Tula region — stone with strange creatures. That hide the mysterious artifacts from the past?
Category: Mystery stories
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Androids: new — is well forgotten old

The word "robot" entered our lexicon relatively recently - only in the last century. But it seems that with the robotic creatures familiar humanity for much longer, since the dawn of civilization, people were able to create (or create them) amazing mechanical machines and intelligent action which still raises doubts: could you androids were described in ancient times strange creatures? As you know, android - a humanoid robot that can execute orders and sometimes make their own decisions. Mention of such creatures exist in many old books, and they are often covered with images of myths Read more [...]
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Weekdays elefanterii

Long gone spearmen and cavalry - the opponents ancient elephants and elephants remained in service in the last year. The term "elefanteriya", recently introduced in the Russian language, as a means elephants corps. It is essentially a carbon copy of the English word elephantry. Elefanteriya originated in ancient India, where elephants were used for military purposes about three thousand years ago. According to an unwritten code of honor Aryan, the highest aristocracy first fought in chariots, and later moved to the elephants. Princes were taught methods of training the elephants so Read more [...]
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On the trail of mystery. The underground labyrinth of Ecuador

In 1965, Ecuador anthropologist Juan Moritz with local Indians discovered a huge underground maze Los Tayos and ancient library, which includes thousands of books from the thin metal plates covered with strange symbols. Moritz said: "On these plates, probably with the history of lost civilizations, of which at present we have not the slightest idea." Moritz invited Swiss researcher Erich von Däniken, author of the famous film "Memories of the Future", so that he could personally inspect the remains. According to Däniken, the library has been left as a gift to earthlings Read more [...]
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Photographers uncovered the mystery of ancient evil photo with faceless women

Imagine that you live in the 19th century, and on each of your children's photo mother disguised as a chair. It looks pretty scary, but what is the explanation. Contemporary photographers found out why their colleagues once fugitive mothers.In fact, women draped under the chairs, curtains or wraps in carpets for one simple reason - my mother served as the background on which pictures of children. Shutter speed at that time was very low, so that the photographers had no choice but to give kids their mothers, so they just kept them. Otherwise, if the children twitch rather clear picture would Read more [...]
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Ireland acknowledged that slavery 10,000 women that the nuns were forced to work in the laundry

The Irish government officially acknowledged slavery in the last century more than 10 000 women: they fell to the monasteries, and then were forced to work for free in the so-called Magdalene Laundries. Victims unhappy apology authorities and require compensation. Ireland opened the curtain on one of the crimes of the church, revealing the activities of so-called Magdalene Laundries - a network of shelters and workers' homes, which for 70 years had been incarcerated for more than 10 thousand women. Guilt by the Government of the country, officially recognized slavery. On Tuesday night, the Read more [...]
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This documentary series is about the lives of people who were considered holy. Leading transmission - known journalist Ilya Mikhailov, Sobolewski and historian Arkady Tarasov to investigate a detailed biography of Russian saints and are willing to share this information with you. You will learn how these people began their journey in holiness, what the circumstances of life have dramatically changed their lives, hear the stories of those who witnessed the miracles created by them and, of course, along with leading software, visit the holy places. You will learn about the life and deeds of Read more [...]
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Secrets of ancient civilizations

Who, when and why built the pyramids all over the earth? Why did the ancient civilizations and the weapons destroyed the ancient city?Category: Mystery stories Read more [...]
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Shambala — Heartland

Legends of the peoples of Asia to keep the secret of the sacred land of Shambhala, which, according to tradition in the heart of Tibet. Live in this country, only enlightened people: religious leaders and their students, whose mission is to remain invisible for the impregnable walls of holiness, to help people find spiritual purity and harmony.Some believe that this mystical country just fiction, but, nevertheless, there is much evidence to the contrary. Many enthusiasts have tried to reach the boundaries of a mysterious Shambhala, but this way a force of only selected, for "the heart of Read more [...]
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The Egyptian Book of the Dead

The civilization of ancient Egypt lasted for over 3000 years. During this time the Egyptians were so sophisticated in esoteric practice that scientists are still "scratching their heads", which means a particular message. But most researchers concerned Egyptian Book of the Dead, the meaning of which, for many decades trying to unravel the most famous professor. We wanted to give the ancient Egyptians with this book, why they buried their pharaohs for her, why firmly believed in its hymns, prayers and incantations - the answer to all these questions is still no. These, as well as many Read more [...]
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Door locks — guardians of space

Now the door is so ordinary everyday thing that people just do not think about the fact that this necessarily "everyday objects" has a very interesting history of occurrence. Initially, the prototype of the door were stone boulders that people hewing caves long enough, before you install it in the opening. Stone boulders helped our ancestors to flee from predators, intruders and bad weather conditions. Later replaced the stones processed animal skins and straw mats. Approximately 3000 BC in ancient Egypt, there was the concept of the "doors", which meant "the division Read more [...]
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Pyramids near Samara natural or man-made?

Mysterious structures found near the village of Smolkin in Syzran area. These pyramids built 5,000 years ago, the ancient Russia-Aryan civilization, said Samara writer and local historian Yevgeny Bazhanov. Civilization existed thousands of years in what is now the Samara region.- Pyramid of the ancient peoples has always been a cult symbol. This means a ray of the sun, the ancient symbol of the god Horos. It is possible that under the influence of the Egyptians built the pyramids Samara its grand buildings - says the writer. Amateur archaeologist continuously searching for ancient artifacts Read more [...]
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In many traditions, there is mention of a certain elder race that once inhabited the Earth

Most Western nations have called them elves, Scandinavians - Alva, Celts - tribes of the goddess Danu and sidami, Bretons - Corrigan, Slavs - divimi people, Indians - Gandharvas and Apsaras. Remained about this mysterious people and material evidence. So who are they - the older inhabitants of the earth?The strange discoveryAbout ten years ago in the Alpine mountains, permafrost scientists found the frozen body of a man. Due to the fact that the body was constantly in sub-zero temperatures, it is perfectly preserved. Scientists believe it was a man, aged about 40 years, which was cold on the Read more [...]
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Tiwanaku and the Moon

The ruins of the city are at an altitude of almost 4,000 meters off the coast of Lake Titicaca in the north of Bolivia, on the plain of the Altiplano, surrounded by snow-capped mountain ranges of the Cordillera. The name of Tiwanaku was after the residents ever left him.Who were these people and how they called the city, historians do not know. They say that the Supreme Inca Maite Capac, stopped to rest in the ruins of the ancient city, a messenger came running with the news from the capital of the empire - Cusco. The governor praised diligence messenger, comparing it to a swift-guanaco - a Read more [...]
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Vajra — the weapon of the ancient gods

Recently the theory paleocontacts declares itself louder and louder, there is increasing evidence that there is no time on the planet already existed high technology. Scientists have come to the conclusion that the objects depicted in ancient cave paintings or frescoes, in fact, are space ships, planes ...One of these mysterious objects of the past are vajra - strange items that have survived in its original form, in contrast to many of the missing evidence paleocontacts millennium.Astravidya-divine scienceIt is interesting that in the last century theme super-weapons past been widely reported Read more [...]
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Amazons of America: a legend or historical fact

The earliest mention of the South American tribe of warriors can be found in the letters of the officials who took part in the campaign conquistador Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada. Despite the lack of obvious historical connection with these tuzemok ancient Amazons way society indigenous Americans strongly resembled an ancient Greek myth.Like the ancient people, a woman in Colombia is almost completely excluded men from their society - the fathers of their children become citizens of other tribes or slaves. Boys gave back, while the girl remained in the tribe.For many historians, tales of the South Read more [...]
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Aviation ancient

Balazs Ismailov - last pilot, retired lieutenant colonel. Almost all his life, he served in the Far East. But it is his explicit side of life, and there is also a secret: he is interested in history, but in the broad sense of the word, and in the narrow. Ismailov interest aircraft antiquity, he examines them, collects all available information and, if possible, and travels to see for those in museums exhibits that attract his attention as a professional pilot. - How did the your hobby?- While serving in the Air, I could not help but think about what people did in the last century, when they Read more [...]
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UFO: raids in Washington

Radar-visual sightings that occurred over Washington from 19 to 20 and from 26 to 27 July 1952, included not only in the history of ufology. U.S. Air Force, fighting off attacks by the press, have been forced to convene the most large-scale news conference since the Second World War!Barnes and his team track the UFO (photo: NICAP) July 19, 1952 at 23.40 Nyudzhent Edward, an air traffic controller at Washington National Airport, said the radar screen in the corner of a group of seven levels. They moved with a speed of 100 miles per hour is 15 miles south-southwest of the capital. No planes Read more [...]
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Myths and legends of Buryatia

Whether the story, whether true story. Who will wave a hand, they say, nonsense! And someone had seen. Of sound mind and memory, as they say. In this land where Buddhism and shamanism are intertwined, the spirits are revered and worshiped gods, anything may happen. The real mystery of nature, or a joke? No one knows, but that's what people said ..."Ghost" against the traffic police postThis story took place in the mid 90's in the village of Bar Mukhorshibirskiy district. Police decided to put the local road traffic police post. Took the initiative as it were, in the home Read more [...]
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