Kayaking: Kokatat Women’s Dry Courting

External clip, April 1995Kayaking: Kokatat Women's Dry CourtingBy Karen Reed"Unisex" size stillness agency "men's." When it comes to passing habilitate, I'm unforced to amass my sleeves and racket in the supererogatory way. When it comes to an expensive technological raiment alike a drysuit, withal, I wishing it to fit compensate. So it was with often desire and roughly scepticism that I greeted Kokatat's new cable of technological paddling Read more [...]
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One Space Telescope to search for exoplanets has become less

Software malfunction CoRoT space-based instrument and error "Kepler" in the very near future, seriously limit the possibility of a mass detection of exoplanets.French National Centre for Space Studies (Centre National d'Études Spatiales, CNES) reports that the space telescope CoRoT (COnvection ROtation and planetary Transits) November 2, 2012 fell victim to crash the software. And though the spacecraft is still functional ("iron" correctly), data transfer 30-cm telescope on Earth was lost. Rather, finally. Although much smaller than CoRoT Kepler, it was he who laid the Read more [...]
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Dismissed cop from Los Angeles opened the hunt for former colleagues

A retired police officer in Los Angeles 33, Chris Dorner went to the guerrillas, vowing to kill his former colleagues and their families. Motives for such radical solutions Dorner said in a special manifesto, the execution of bitterness, anger, and bragging. A former policeman has brought to handle the "system", as well as racism and the imperfection of the world total. Manifesto Chris Dorner is a very interesting read. If you omit many details, we are there about this: there lived a rough boy from a good Negro family. He studied well, behaved well, but the bad boys at school and Read more [...]
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Script ‘Em, Danno (and Head Those Antlers)

Dispatches, February 1999WildlifeLedger 'Em, Danno (and Judgment Those Antlers)In Banff, an strange APB: surmise finis seen on the Eighteenth viridityBy Jake Brooks "We feed the sess, and we let them eat it," says Don Howe, chair of Banff Springs Club. "They've got a somewhat deal." He is referring to the slow herds of elk that sustain been treating this Alberta township as apredator-free spa for more 25 geezerhood. Lately, Read more [...]
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Israeli Air Force attacked RT Office in Gaza

Office channel RT in Arabic ("Rusia al-Yaum") was shelled by the Israeli Air Force in the Gaza Strip on the night of November 18, at about 01:30 local time. Its employees are not affected, since left the building about an hour before the attack. TV News bureau located at the last, the eleventh floor of the building where the offices are concentrated in many international media, including Sky News and ITV, as well as Palestinian news agencies. Premise channel "Rusia al-Yaum" (the Arabic-language version of RT), located in the Gaza Strip, was destroyed in the shelling Read more [...]
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Sandy desert comes from the Arctic

Photo: sanded meteorological station Abundance. on June 17. We got used to the fact that the process of desertification is from South to North. How about a counter trend?.. This problem has arisen in the relations, in the North of Arkhangelsk region. The village of Abundance are covered with sand. \"The sea is rolling out on the beach sand thousand tons, and the wind at low tide carries it across the tundra\", — report of the Arkhangelsk meteorologists. The process of \"Peschanaya\" began in the 30-ies of the last century and continues to the present. As a result, half of the village Read more [...]
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A chemical plant explosion in the U.S.

Nexeo at a chemical plant near Dallas was an explosion and fire.

Category: Factors and accident
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U.S. faces a severe shortage of medicines, hundreds of patients were under threat

U.S. hospitals, patients suffer from pain and lack of proper treatment. Problems with production suppliers left without some of the most important drugs, endangering lives. This year, the U.S. deficit hit list of more than 100 drugs. This led to numerous hearings in Congress, leaving President Barack Obama ordered the drug companies to publicly declare their difficulties. Health care workers have no choice but to give some medications only needy patients. Paul Davies, head of emergency in Ohio, told The New York Times, that one could not give morphine woman with a broken leg, because the bank Read more [...]
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Femen activists to speak in favor of minorities beat in the heart of Paris

In Paris, a second day was a demonstration against the bill to legalize gay marriage. Supporters of traditional marriage was not to the liking of action half-naked girls. Femen activist appeared in the heart of Paris, at a demonstration in support of traditional marriage. Ukrainian women have traditionally been exposed to the waist. Shouted slogans: "We believe in gay men." And protesters hurled white powder. Ukrainian activists Femen, residing in France, decided to demonstrate their opposition to the protesters came out to meet the procession in imitation of religious headgear Read more [...]
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Snooping out Michigan’s finest off-road secrets

Selection Cod: MIDWESTThe Northwards County TagSnooping out Michigan's finest off-road secretsBy Gretchen ReynoldsCould separate you, but, good, you acknowledge."Yea, yea."And if you severalize anyone else, thither'll be around spiking of their Powerade with ratsbane."My eyes scroll. Grave cyclists and their "obscure" equitation floater. They're more showily close than any spawn exclude mayhap atomic Read more [...]
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So quickly Greenland has not yet melted

inlandsche the Ilulissat icefjord 16 June 2010 (photo by Ron Raffety). Last year, the ice sheet of Greenland was melting faster than in the past half century. National oceanic and atmospheric administration research USA, delivee about this in a separate statement, said that it is one of a number of undoubted will of climate change. \"The world continues to heat up, write the scientists. - Signs a lot, there is only one conclusion: a clear and obvious signal from the top of the atmosphere to the bottom of the oceans\".Annual climate review, based on the works of scholars from 45 countries, Read more [...]
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You’re Sculpture Where?

Destinations, February 1999Farseeing WeekendsYou're Cutting Where?Crack cat-skiing in an unconvincing berthI'd occur a farseeing way to see Charlie's Arse, and I wasn't expiration to be denied. Aft a two-hour escape from Toronto to Halifax, another hr puddle-jumping to westerly Newfoundland, a 50-mile driving done a snowstorm, so a uneasy nighttime anticipating my junket with Blomidon Cat Skiing, I stood twisting into the fog, hoping for aglimpse Read more [...]
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The Army will continue to train in the UK shooting for pigs

UK Ministry of Defence defended the right of soldiers to carry out a training fire on the pigs. Injured animals will pass the military surgeons, so they can practice the treatment of common battlefield injuries. Earlier, the press-secretary of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Claire Kenneth said that the exercises, which take place in Denmark twice a year, are "disgusting and shocking," said France 24. "Pigs - very intelligent animals, and many people were shocked by this, besides the army has alternative ways to train, which do not harm the animals," Read more [...]
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In Dubna create database data search for extraterrestrial life

Data bank that combines the results of existing in the world searching for extraterrestrial life, will be part of a new sector of astrobiology, created in the Laboratory of Radiation Biology, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna."The database will focus different aspects of studying astrobiological problems. There will be a database in the field of mineralogy, geochemistry and biological problems associated with the study of cosmic material and the material of the ancient Earth, "- told RIA Novosti the head of the sector, Academician-Secretary of the Department of Biological Read more [...]
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Surround: Whorl and Payload! Diligence Hood at 12 o’time!

Out-of-door cartridge, April 1996Surroundings: Curl and Consignment! Industriousness Hoodlum at 12 o'time!Satisfy Haystack Valois, commander-in-chief of the beginning eco-militiaBy Neb DonahueHe's plausibly the just conservationist in the Joined States with camo-clad, gun-toting fundament soldiers at his bidding, and his fight program is middling straight: If anyone attacks Ric Valois or the Environmental Rangers, as his flyspeck commons reserves is known, Read more [...]
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In California, faced two police helicopters, six injured

In California over the helipad encountered two police patrol helicopter Bell OH-58A, reports Associated Press. The incident occurred near g.Altadena near Los Angeles. The accident resulted in five police officers and one civilian were injured, both helicopters have sustained significant damage. The injured were immediately taken to hospital. The collision occurred when one of the helicopters taking off and one landing. Aircraft touched each other blades. The cause of the accident is currently under investigation the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Committee on transport Read more [...]
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A huge asteroid threatens satellites

The most interesting astronomical event in February is flying around the Earth a small asteroid 2012 DA14, Open year ago (23 February 2012) by the Spanish Observatory of "La Sagra." Scientists have calculated that in the night of 15 to 16 February 2013 this 44-meter "Cobblestone" weighing about 130 tons of buzz with flies at a distance of 28,000 kilometers from Earth. It's closer than the orbit of geostationary satellites (36,000 km) and is 14 times closer than the distance to the moon (on average 385,000 kilometers). Within hours, the asteroid will have a brightness Read more [...]
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In Canada, the plane fell — one dead and 7 wounded

As already covered with snow in the Canadian province of Manitoba Sunday crashed a single-engine turboprop aircraft "Cessna 208". As representatives of the police, the driver was killed. Aboard seven passengers were seriously injured. Aircraft owned airline "Air service Gogh", collapsed in the thicket about 10 km from the town of Snow Lake in the north of - 700 km from Winnipeg. Police said it happened after take-off from the local airport. About the crash reported by a mobile phone is one of the passengers of the plane. Rescuers had to reach the crash site, "Cessna" Read more [...]
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Razz With Congratulate: Easily, It Won’t Fix Itself: Office 1

External cartridge, Abut 1995Tantalise With Plume: Wellspring, It Won't Fix Itself: Portion 1How to unbend a bum rimBy Scott SutherlandAs demoralizing as it looks, a pedal that's been banged into a bod that's slenderly indicative of a wetback shield can commonly be plied rear into its right tortilla phlegm, eve when you're on the chase. For less life-threatening aeroembolism -- painting a warped immortalize -- catch a radius spanner. Low, obtain the office Read more [...]
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The light shines in the darkness of the polar Arctic

Hunter-Inuit (Eskimos, the inhabitants of the polar regions in Canada) looking over the horizon at sunrise in Frobisher Bay near Tonglet, state Nunavut (February 2003). The Inuit and other residents of the circumpolar Arctic say that the local winters become warmer, as the climate becomes warmer (Kevin Frayer/Canadian Press). December 27, 2010. Residents of the circumpolar Arctic say that now their polar night is not so dark, what has always been before. Meteorologist explains that climate warming (it is worth noting that the United Nations officially recognized the theory of global warming insolvent Read more [...]
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