Flying from Tyumen to Salekhard plane returned to the airport of departure due to a cracked glass

Boeing airline "Yamal" executed Thursday flight Tyumen - Salekhard, had to return to the departure airport due to technical director of airline nepoladok.Kommerchesky Andrew Dubrov informed agency "Interfax" that in the cockpit windshield was cracked, so it was decided to return."Landing done safely. Injured" - said Dubrov.Po him, sent from Salekhard reserve board (A320-200), which will take the passengers to their destination.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Severodvinsk again plunged into darkness

For the second time in November part Severodvinsk sit without light. The townspeople had to cover the candles home about 6 hours. A preliminary version of the accident - an accident at a substation equipment "Severodvinsk". This equipment is maintained to a private company of JSC "IDGC of North-West" Arkhenergo ". As the press-service of the City Hall of Severodvinsk, full details of the incident will announce its leadership after a full investigation into the causes of emergency.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Dolphins call each other by name

Dolphins are able to mimic the typical individual whistle of their relatives and to use it as a unique name for the individual animal, biologists found. As noted by "", reports the ability to imitate the sounds of dolphins relatives appeared before. so, it was known that delfinyata and learn a mimic the sounds of his mother. In the new work scientists were able to study the behavior at a record level, examined 250 animals. It is learned that most of the studied dolphins were caught in a research program conducted over the past 30 years in Florida. Animals are isolated for a Read more [...]
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Retrieval: Knead’s Unscientific Enigma

International Mag, February 1995Recuperation: Knead's Unscientific EnigmaBy Dana SullivanSix-time world-champion hatful biker Bathroom Tomac deeds knead therapy into a breeding regime that besides includes equitation 20 hours a hebdomad in Durango's mound state. "Knead seems to lessening my convalescence metre," he says, "which way that I'm wagerer off at the first of my adjacent subspecies."Testimonials from athletes similar Tomac burst, Read more [...]
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In Odintsovo disrupted power supply

Energy supply more than 20 houses in a district of Odintsovo, where seven thousand people were left without electricity and running a temporary scheme, "Interfax" in the regional head office of MOE. "At 12.41 on Moscow in the neighborhood Trekhgorka Odintsovo city district of Moscow region was a power failure. Fell off in zone 21 house with a population of about seven thousand, two socially significant object", - said the representative of management. As of 13.00 energy restored by the time the scheme, he added. According to him, the completion of remediation activities planned Read more [...]
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Renown: Up Future…Naomi’s Arctic Pursuance?

Word from the Study, January 1997Fame: Up Succeeding...Naomi's Frigid Pursuance?By Popsicle MerrellSay you're a gangling, 32-year-old womanhood who has it all: greco-roman handsomeness, legions of fond fans, and a job at which you're gainful top buck to visit alien locales and grin. Why would you deprivation to put it all on the contrast, laying yourself--not to reference your picture-perfect complexion--open to the vagaries of the gamey seas? For Elle Read more [...]
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3.5 thousand people were left without electricity in the Kaliningrad region

Around 3500 people in two areas of the Kaliningrad region on Wednesday evening left without light, told RIA Novosti source in the power structures of the region. "In the 11 settlements violated electricity. Without light remained about 3.5 thousand people," — he said. Also turn off the source did not elaborate.

The source added that the rescue and restoration work began.

Category: Factors and accident
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On the border of Turkey and Syria exploded car: there are victims

On the border of Turkey and Syria car exploded, reports Reuters. The victims of the explosion were twelve men, about 40 were injured. Previously reported seven dead. The explosion near the Turkish city Reyhanlı. According to preliminary data, the car exploded with Syrian numbers. The representative of the Turkish authorities said that the car did not explode as a result of air strikes, says RBCCategory: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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The Arctic in 20 years will be completely free of ice in summer

on 2 April. Perennial Arctic sea ice will completely disappear in the next 20 years, and polar waters can be crossed without icebreakers, but in winter, the Arctic ocean will freeze for many hundreds of years, believes Professor, University of Cambridge Peter Adams (Peter Wadhams), quoted by the newspaper Mail Online. «A large part of the multiyear ice melt in the next decade, and in 20 years the Arctic will be completely open in the summer... however, annual ice will cover the Arctic ocean every winter for many hundreds of years», — said Adams, whose words are reported. According Read more [...]
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The major conference about the enormous Arctic change

on April 19. 2000 scientists are expected at the conference on the Arctic circle in Montreal It took hundreds of scientists from dozens of countries with millions of budgets to make one simple conclusion.Living in the Arctic people and the government, who are in control, have not kept pace with changes proishodyathimi there under the influence of climatic shifts. «I work in the Arctic for 30 years and I am amazed by the speed with which everything in the Arctic is changing», — said David Barber, an expert on glaciers from the University of Manitoba, which will compete Read more [...]
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China is ready to change the Earth’s climate for the betterment of their GDP

This position was a very unpleasant surprise to environmentalists and experts, who hoped that the biggest polluter of the atmosphere on the planet agrees on the need to reduce CO2 emissions ahead of a summit on climate change, which will be held this month in Doha, Qatar. China's interests at the summit will be Xie Zhenhua.In an interview with Xinhua News Agency, he said that it would be unreasonable to expect a significant reduction in emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the country, with GDP per capita is only $ 5 thousand Note that in Russia this figure is closer to around Read more [...]
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Elephants Demonstrate Empathy

We’ve invariably known that elephants are healthy creatures, but a new field to be promulgated in the open-access diary PeerJ ground that Asian elephants display empathy in multiplication of tension. When one elephant in the ruck appears to be unhappy, they cabinet apiece otc physically and vocally, reports.The cogitation, which followed 26 intent Asian elephants at an elephant pack in northerly Thailand, is the offset empiric manifest of empathy in elephants, says Joshua Plotnik, the cogitation's tether source. Antecedently, this rather deportment had been scientifically Read more [...]
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North Korean fishermen from the storm battered boat spent several days on a deserted island in Primorye

Six North Korean fishermen because of the storm spent several days on a deserted island in the Far Eastern Marine Nature Reserve. "Barkas illegal fishermen storm broke in mid-November. After that, they took refuge in the island Matveeva," - said the agency "Interfax-Far East" state inspector of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve Igor Katin. The inspector noticed fishermen reported them border guards. "In my experience, they spent 4-5 days on the island," - said I.Katin. Because of the raging storm, the boat a few days could not come to the island. "On the island Read more [...]
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Naiant: She’s No Clout

Away Cartridge, February 1995Swim: She's No LickBy Todd Balf (with Martin Dugard)Fetching reward of remarkably hunky-dory weather, conclusion November Karen Burton of Repository, Colorado, bust both the men's and women's records for the 22-mile Catalina Transfer cross, American open-water naiant's near desired pillage. "It was consummate -- matt as a hotcake," she says. The 32-year-old leftfield Fix's Cove at 12:05 A.M. on the one-tenth and arrived Read more [...]
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The military is not involved in the disappearance of the An-2

The investigation was not confirmed information that the disappearance of the An-2 in the Sverdlovsk region, who disappeared in June, may be involved in the military. Press service of the investigation department of the Ural transport TFR reports that verify the information asked for relatives of the missing passengers of An-2."As a result of verification by the military prosecutor's office of the Central Military District, found that 11 June 2012 antiaircraft weapons within 250 km. From aviation area of Serov was not applied. Information about the involvement of the military in the Read more [...]
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Passengers, emergency sat down in the Indian Ocean, rescued by fishermen

Comorian passenger plane crash sat down in the Indian Ocean were rescued by local fishermen, reports BBC BBC. Representatives of Aviation Comoros reported that all passengers and crew members survived. Aboard a small commercial aircraft was 29. The aircraft began experiencing trouble shortly after takeoff in Moroni - the capital of the Comoros. Once the aircraft has poured fuel tanks, the pilot decided on an emergency landing on water. Recall Comoros are an archipelago of volcanic origin in the Indian Ocean, in the northern part of the Mozambique Channel between Madagascar and Africa.Category: Read more [...]
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Catastrophic melting of the Arctic ice 1980-2012

In Venezuela, during a military parade ground attack aircraft crashed Chinese K-8

Venezuela during a military parade on the 92 th anniversary of the Air Force of the Republic, light attack aircraft crashed Chinese K-8. As reported by official sources, the plane crashed to the ground, but both pilots managed to eject and landed safely. French-made helicopter "Cougar" / Cougar /, taking off to search for the pilots, also crashed and fell to the ground. According to preliminary data, the helicopter crew survived. Venezuela has purchased 18 aircraft from China K-8. The first batch of these vehicles entered the South American country in 2010. This is not the first incident Read more [...]
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Glasgow authorities promised a warm welcome aliens

Glasgow authorities expressed their willingness to warm and friendly welcome to the strangers in the event that they meet land in the largest city in Scotland. According to The Scotsman, so officials have responded to the request of one of the local residents who wanted to know what are the plans of a possible visit by aliens.In response to a request by representatives of people of Scotland Glasgow Information Department said that it was an alien arriving in the city, most likely, will not take place in the next five years, but if it does happen, any non-hostile-minded representatives of extraterrestrial Read more [...]
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Regimens: Dungeon It Fun, But Living ‘Em Moving

External mag, February 1994Regimens: Living It Fun, But Dungeon 'Em MovingCharacter clock that's effective for both gistBy Kit CodyTossing a orchis with your kids is as American as Cub Scouts and breeding wheels, but it plausibly won't get their hearts pumping immobile adequate to do lots cardiovascular effective. On the former deal, it's not promiscuous convincing the Nintendo multiplication to enter in full-body aerophilous workouts unless the activities Read more [...]
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