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The second wave of alcohol poisonings began in the Czech Republic on Christmas Eve

On the eve of the Christmas holidays the number of victims of alcohol poisoning in the Czech Republic increased to 38 people, the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague, died 61-year-old, the Czech news agency CTK reported with reference to the press-secretary of the Czech Police Stepanka Zatloukalovu.Local experts say that on the eve of the Christmas holidays in the Czech Republic the second wave of methyl alcohol poisoning, RIA "Novosti". "The man was hospitalized with severe poisoning in a hospital in Benesov. But then, his condition improved and the patient Read more [...]
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At the National Airport Minsk emergency landing Air France Airbus with 90 passengers on board

At the National Airport "Minsk" day Dec. 9 crash landed aircraft. This information was confirmed TUT.BY the press center of the airport. As reported TUT.BY head of the press service of the airport Julia Fedotova, to 9.12 at the National Airport "Minsk" aircraft made an emergency landing by Air France, carrying out flight "Paris - Moscow-Sheremetyevo". On board the Airbus A-319 were 90 passengers.The reason was the depressurization of the cabin. The crew decided to emergency landing. Currently, the aircraft is parked in the airport, all passengers on board. The Read more [...]
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In Tver and Moscow seek missing private helicopter

In Tver and Moscow seek missing private helicopter carrying three people. From the emergency department of the Moscow region of Russia, ITAR-TASS reported that the previous day, at 23:40 MSK was informed of the loss of communication with the crew of the helicopter "Robinson" P-44 taking off from the village Ploski Konakovo district of Tver. He belongs to a private person, and on board were three."According to preliminary information, the helicopter took off at 17:30 MSK and had to land in the village Ozeretskoe Dmitrov district, Moscow region," - said in a suburban MOE, adding Read more [...]
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Collision of aircraft in Germany: the list of victims grows

Eight people, including four children, were killed in a collision between two light aircraft in Germany. Message received on Saturday, December 8, from law enforcement agencies. "The aircraft collided in the sky, and then collapsed to the ground, however, which led to the accident, we do not know" - said a police spokesman Joerg Raynemer. According to him, the accident occurred in good visibility. The incident occurred in the municipality of Velferskhaym (Hessen), 30 kilometers north of Frankfurt-am-Main, reminds ITAR-TASS. At the site of the crash of aircraft operating police, Read more [...]
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Boeing emergency landing in Krasnoyarsk

In Krasnoyarsk airport at 10:35 in Moscow successfully made an emergency landing Boeing passenger airline "North Wind," ITAR-TASS. Airliner with 279 passengers and 11 crew members on board flew to Phuket at 05:40 Moscow time. Pilots had to return to the airport because of problems with Emelyanovo flaps. Boeing few hours circling over the airport, generating fuel. The commander decided to return to the departure airport after the alarm board reported that it removed the flaps.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Booster Briz-M was not able to complete the formation of the target orbit communication satellite Yamal-402

Period in orbit on Saturday launched from Baikonur telecommunications satellite "Yamal-402" can be slightly reduced because of the fuel on board will need to use to generate the desired orbit, "Interfax-AVN" in the space industry."Upper stage" Briz-M "in the fourth turn instead spent about nine minutes five. As a result he was unable to finish form the target orbit satellite" Yamal-402 ". This problem should be solved by the use of fuel that is on board the spacecraft, "- said agentstva.On recalled that after the third turn the main engine booster" Read more [...]
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Medvedev has decided to follow the example of Australia and told the prime minister about the aliens

Premier Medvedev decided to follow the Prime Minister of Australia, and the question of the presence of aliens on Earth, said: "How many of us - I will not tell, because it can cause a panic." As well, Mr. Medvedev said about the secret book of presidents, and that the film "Men in Black" is - "documentaries." Most interesting is that laughing at this point only the Ren-TV journalist, and the Prime Minister had behaved very seriously. Can of prime ministers began, some epidemic of stupid jokes? Or? In my opinion, the prime ministers of all countries, and especially Read more [...]
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Two light aircraft collided in Germany, there are victims

Two light aircraft collided Saturday near the German town Velferskhaym 30 kilometers north of Frankfurt am Main, there are victims.

The exact number of victims, as well as under what circumstances the incident occurred, not reported. What kind of aircraft in question is still unknown.

Category: Factors and accident
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Budapest Airport is closed for a day because of a failure of electrical equipment

Budapest International Airport on Friday closed at least for a day due to a failure in the electrical control tower, reports the Associated Press.

Airport spokesman Mihály Hardy (Mihaly Hardy) reported that, from 10.50 GMT (14.50 MSK), flights with a stopover in Budapest transferred to Vienna, Bratislava and other cities.

It is planned that the airport Franz Liszt will resume on Saturday afternoon.

Category: Factors and accident
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MiG-27 crashes in India

The MiG-27 Indian Air Force crashed on Tuesday in the northwestern state of Rajasthan, the pilot ejected safely. The fighter took off from an airbase Uttarlai and performed a training flight. The reasons for the crash are being investigated. MiG-27 - Soviet supersonic fighter-bomber with variable sweep wing, in operation since 1975. Designed to attack ground and air targets. These airplanes are manufactured under license in India, the Indian Air Force, they were called "Bahadur".Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Seven settlements in Sakhalin remained without electricity

Seven settlements remain without electricity in Sakhalin after two cyclones passing through the region this week, according to the Far Eastern Regional Center (DVRTS) Russian Emergencies Ministry. First cyclone came to Sakhalin on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday night there was off-line power Kholmsk Gornozavodsk. The accident led to the disconnection of power supply to 11 villages Nevel urban district without electricity were almost 20,000 people and 18 social objects. Repair work very difficult, because there were cliffs in a remote mountainous area. Second cyclone came to the island on Thursday Read more [...]
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U.S. led an experimental non-nuclear underground explosion

According to the report, carried out by an explosion, called Pollux, was the 27th in a row subcritical nuclear experiment. Previous - Barolo B - was launched in February 2011. Experts in the United States conducted a subcritical non-nuclear explosion in the underground experimental test site in Nevada, reports AFP, citing the Ministry of Energy. According to the report, carried out by an explosion, called Pollux, was the 27th in a row subcritical nuclear experiment. Previous - Barolo B - was launched in February 2011. Representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy said that the aim of Read more [...]
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Chinese pork is full of antibiotics

Livestock industry in developing countries faced a wave of indiscriminate "hobbies" antibiotics. Disturbing findings were made during a large-scale public-private study conducted including U.S. Department of Agriculture, the United Nations and a number of non-profit organizations such as the Pew Charitable Trusts. Now it is obvious that the observed growth of the livestock in emerging economies goes along with increased consumption of antibiotics. In countries such as India and China, as well as in the U.S., the use of antibiotics in animal virtually unregulated. As a result, animals Read more [...]
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Paris no longer light up at night

Minister of Ecology, Development of Industry and Energy of France Delphine Batho proposed in July 2013 to disable the internal and external lighting of the city from morning till seven o'clock in the morning. Without light, are likely to remain shops, offices and other public buildings, including the flagship store Louis Vuitton, and even cabaret Lido Champs Elysees. Thus the French authorities expect to save energy and money. The Minister's proposal, however, has caused protests from businessmen who claim that the government did not care about the status of tourism in France, writes The Read more [...]
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A cloud of poisonous smoke covered Buenos Aires

From exploding in the Argentinean capital container with chemicals spreading a huge cloud of smoke. Residents are asked to stay home from the area of the explosion is a mass evacuation, local media reported. Pesticide containers ignited by a chemical reaction between the contents. The flame was extinguished quickly, but the trail of container saw thick yellow smoke. City officials believe that the container could carry garbage. "Pesticides are a small risk and affect only the respiratory tract" - quoted channel C5N National Security Minister Sergio Bernie. The incident occurred Read more [...]
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In GMO products discovered the secret of virus gene

Another disturbing reason appeared to abandon destructive health of genetically modified organisms, writes naturalsociety. We know that due to the use of GMOs many serious diseases, but we were not convinced of this, as now, when they learned about the recent discovery of the gene "hidden viruses" deep inside of genetically modified crops.Over the years, GM knowingly and unknowingly consumed worldwide. Monsanto and the Government of the United States argue that modified crops are safe, despite the very limited (or virtually absent in some cases) initial testing, the researchers also Read more [...]
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At the end of 2012 is expected technological problems, said the head of SRI

Head of the Russian Space Research Institute (IKI) RAS Leo Green said that due to the increasing activity of the Sun at the end of 2012 to humanity should expect most of these man-made problems.This version is confirmed by the data obtained previously in Canada after solar flares (they show the breakdown of several transformers in this moment). This means, says Green Academy, the consequences of outbreaks can be unpredictable.As noted scientist, speaking at a round table on space activities in the next year earthlings should expect a very large man-made problems, as researchers predict a very Read more [...]
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UN approved Internet wiretapping

12/07/2012 At the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT 2012) was approved standard for the use of technology DPI ("deep packet inspection" - Deep Packet Inspection). If this tool will really be implemented, privacy, many users may be at risk.WCIT opened on December 3 in Dubai. The conference will last until December 14. The Summit by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which since 1947 has been part of the UN.The main theme of the intergovernmental meetings is government regulation of the Internet. Some countries (Russia, China, Iran and others) Read more [...]
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In Kharkiv, the sky lit up blue and green light flashes

In Kharkiv, the sky lit up blue-green flash of light and it is unusual actively discussed residents. The authorities did not comment on the situation. Abnormal events occurred last December 6, 2012. Kharkiv discuss versions of icing wires arcing trolleybuses, trams and trains due to weather, storm, power lines broken wires. Electrotransport really sparks, but other than that there were flashes in the sky, that baffled even the most inveterate skeptics. Eyewitness: "in general, with an interval of 10-20 minutes, the sky lit up blue-green flash is more powerful than the fireworks, traliki Read more [...]
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Apple rejects Chinese assembly

12/07/2012 On Apple computers may come back marked "made in USA". The company decided to move production of one of the lines of Mac from China. A statement made by the head of Tim Cook. In an interview with Bloomberg, he said that the transfer of production to Apple in 2013, is ready to spend $ 100 million.In this case, according to Cook, it's about working together. From this we can conclude that the "apple company" plans to assemble its computers in the U.S. together with one of its Taiwanese partners - Foxconn or Quanta Computer, reports Associated Press. These companies Read more [...]
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