In the U.S., private plane crashed on a house

In the U.S. state of Florida light plane crashed on a private dwelling house. According to local authorities, killing three people - a pilot and two passengers on board. The incident occurred in the coastal town of Palm Coast. The pilot, flying to Tennessee, told dispatchers about technical fault on board and changed course in Palm Coast for emergency landing, but the flight to the runway the aircraft failed, ITAR-TASS reported. He fell in a residential area about a mile from the airport. According to witnesses of the tragedy, the aircraft crashed into the roof of the one-story house, broke Read more [...]
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Triathlon: The Fugitives

Exterior mag, September 1994Triathlon: The FugitivesBy Todd Balf (with Martin Dugard and Trick Alderman)In unfeigned hardball stylus, the External Triathlon Unification flexed its musculus death May, and the termination was a season-long hanging of the athletics's top stars, Americans Crisscross Allen, Scott Tinley, and Microphone Pigg. Problems for the athletes began in January when the ITU proclaimed that a ban would be leveled at any jock who competed Read more [...]
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In Australia, burned sacred ghost gums

Unknown set fire to two of eucalyptus that the Australian Aborigines were worshiped as deities. This was announced today broadcaster BBC. So-called "ghost gums" on Aboriginal beliefs were living beings. The trees were near the town of Alice Springs in the center of the country. They are famous throughout the world of the artist Albert Namatzhira, often depicting eucalyptus on his watercolors. Authorities planned to introduce them to the list of national cultural heritage of Australia. Most recently, the works on their watering and protection from fire. The incident occurred on December Read more [...]
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Poor diet causes disorder in the brain

Greasy and sweet food actually is harmful not only to the waist, but also for the brain, say Canadian researchers. Improper diet alters brain chemistry and leads to disruption in the production of stress hormones and pleasure. One has only to eliminate harmful foods from your diet, as immediately appears unwarranted anxiety and depression begins.A team of scientists from the University of Montreal came to this conclusion on the basis of studies of the behavior of two groups of mice that were fed in a special mode for six weeks. The diet of rodents in the first group consisted of fat only Read more [...]
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Israel: Thousands of dead fish floated in the sea of Galilee

On Friday, June 1, the Israelites, who came by the sea of Galilee, could see thousands of dead fish floating on the surface of the water. Witnesses report that the coast cannot be because of the unpleasant smell. The Israelis planned to spend the weekend surrounded by nature, running from the lake. Biologist Moshe Gophen in an interview with portal Walla News suggests that we are not talking about «environmental disaster» the fish kill was due to lack of oxygen. According to him, a strong West wind that blew yesterday, around the sea of Galilee, was the reason «storm» Read more [...]
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In eastern Australia a huge number of jellyfish, including the deadly poison

In the coastal waters of eastern Australia recently reported the appearance of a huge number of jellyfish. Most species of invertebrate marine animals are harmless. However, the coast of Australia and home to several species of deadly jellyfish, including the tiny Irukandji.Named in honor of one of the aboriginal tribes it's a tiny creature resembling transparent white bell diameter of about 2 cm, with four long thin tentacles up to 1 m, covered with poisonous cells. Irukandji jellyfish is the most venomous creatures in the world. When you touch the tentacles of its people experiencing Read more [...]
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Exterior mag, October 1995


Traveling Essentials
Utilitarian paraphernalia for the apprehensive floater

Car Racks
Who says you can’t takings it with you?

Duffels and Packs
The scoop in no-sweat cramming

A small plane crashed in south-eastern France, five people were killed

A small plane crashed on Saturday in the French city of Grenoble airport, all five people on board were killed, reports AFP citing local police.A small plane crashed on Saturday in the French city of Grenoble airport, all five people on board were killed, reports AFP citing local police. "(The board) had five passengers. Five people were killed," - leads the agency source said. As reported by Associated Press, citing local authorities, all five of those killed in the plane crash were members of the same family and flew to Morocco. A small twin-engine plane, a brand which is not specified, Read more [...]
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Chelyabinsk over after the explosion of a meteorite formed the ozone hole — evaporates Miass River!

According to local residents, after the explosion of a certain object (presumably a meteorite) over Chelyabinsk, increased output power of the sun resulting in a glow from the river and began to evaporate Miass. Astrophysics confirm fears residents - the explosion of the region formed the ozone hole. Residents complain that the sun is shining and there is a noticeably brighter sunlight coming from the heat. Presumably a meteorite explosion occurred today vybivshy glass in buildings within a radius of more than 20 kilometers, the ozone hole has formed ... According to official data, the background Read more [...]
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Another heavenly warning — we were powerless over strikes from space

Pulled over Chelyabinsk Region in the air an iron meteorite, whose mass is estimated to be about one ton. Unexpectedly. Just as happened with the Tunguska comet in 1908 and with the explosion of the 70-ton iron meteorite over deserted Sikhote-Alin (Primorye) February 12, 1947. Or the same as it did in the Irkutsk region (Vitim bolide) September 25, 2002, where an object exploded in the air about 10 times smaller than the Tunguska. If, for example, the Sikhote-Alin meteorite would have pulled over the mountains and forests, and over Vladivostok, few would have thought. He left 106 craters with Read more [...]
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Inns & Lodges: Nereledge Inn, New Hampshire

Remote cartridge, September 1994Inns & Lodges: Nereledge Inn, New HampshireBy Michael LanzaAfterward a foresighted day of notion the combust on the Definitive Sway of New Hampshire's Duomo Shelf, sometimes the death matter you're in the modality for is quiescency on the background. Luckily, good kill the route at the Nereledge Inn you can bask a well-situated way, a brobdingnagian state breakfast, and the Whitecap Pub, a favorable spot to switch tales Read more [...]
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FBI concealed from mortal threat to Americans

FBI knew about the plot to assassinate the movement participants Occupy Wall Street, but did not warn them of the potential danger. This message is followed by the publication of revelatory material that security forces monitored activists and even announced their "domestic terrorists." RT correspondent Marina Portnaya has the details. FBI knew about the plot to kill members of the movement "Occupy Wall Street", but did not warn them of the potential danger. This message is followed by the publication of revelatory material that security forces monitored activists and Read more [...]
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Land subsidence in southern China

on 2 June. Preliminary expert analysis showed that land subsidence in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region in Southern China could be caused by pumping water in the karst landscape. In the conditions of the karst landscape of the increase in groundwater wells for water supply can lead to the collapse of Barstow and thus increase the likelihood of subsidence of the soil, said chief engineer electric Power design Institute of Guangxi MA Junguan. The investigation is ongoing.see also: geological subsidence of the earth destroyed houses in Liuzhou, China Reports on casualties have been reported, Read more [...]
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Guranteed to Death

Away clip, Lordly 1999THE PRESERVATIONISTGuranteed to FinishThe grand prof of raddled boots is sin bended for leatherThe doc is in: shoemaker Dave PaginateDescribing the allegiance of Dave Varlet's clients is alike root a put-on: a man in chamonix buys his boots six blocks from his abode so sends them to Seattle for orthopedical inserts. A brace of Vasque Sundowners is pecked to end by a Rib Rican parrot, and the possessor turns to Foliate. In Read more [...]
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The diameter of the crater at the crash site of a meteorite is 8 meters

Gathered around a small hole in the ice fragments of black solidand resembling fragments of rock the size of 0.5 - 1 cm, to be submitted for examination. Unauthorized access to the scene is limited."First appeared in the sky shining point, which rapidly increased in size. Then there was an explosion and flew in different directions about seven fragments. One fell on the opposite shore of the city, up vzmetnuv pillar of ice, water and steam. The result was a huge polynya, with a diameter of about 8 meters, round, "- said in a statement GUMVD.Around open water collected small pieces of Read more [...]
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About three dozen localities Arkhangelsk region were without electricity

In the Arkhangelsk region caused by broken power lines limited number of settlements in the power supply. This was reported in the press center EMERCOM the Arkhangelsk region.Today, January 2, in the Onega district outage occurs VL-10 124.10 PS "Mudyug." Remained without electricity Glazaniha town. Total 254 houses with a population of 495 people.Today, at 6:25 MSK outage occurs at the substation "fine landscapes." Villages remained without power curves of the Lake, and Taiga Kulogory. They currently live up to 700 people (100 of them - children), 240 houses, a kindergarten, Read more [...]
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Fantastic pillars of light. Photo

Unusual pillars of light was discovered by the people of the state of Nebraska. The phenomenon has surprised scientists because it meets rarely and surprises with its beauty.During one of the cold nights Mike Hollingshead, a resident of the town of Blair, Nebraska, saw amazing pillars of light in strange shapes. The light source were the lights that illuminate the area of the mill. And over the lamps have any posts, branched in upper part. The phenomenon has surprised even physicists atmosphere, after all, found it not very often. Cause it was the bitter cold and the presence in the air Read more [...]
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Northwesterly Exposure

Out-of-door mag, September 1994Northwest PicIn Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and B.C., our favourite flavour arrives upright as the throngs brain domicile. What a compassion.By Byron RicksIn the Peaceable Northwesterly, September brings easement. For ternary months now you've been duking it out with powerboaters, jerkwater RVs, and packs of selection schoolhouse students, but when drop settles into this small-arm of the celibate, the commonwealth quiets. The Read more [...]
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Satellite Kosmos-1484 may fall to Earth in the beginning of the second decade of January

Unburned in the dense atmosphere of the Soviet wreckage remote sensing satellite "Kosmos-1484" may fall to Earth on January 12, reported at U.S. Strategic Command.By constantly refined American data, satellite, having linear dimensions of the order of six meters, can enter the atmosphere in the area on January 11. According to the previous forecast, the event was initially expected on December 19 last year, then 7 January and 11 yanvarya.Soglasno open sources, "Kosmos-1484" was launched in 1983 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome as' satellite to study the Earth's natural Read more [...]
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LiveJournal — died

Bloggers for three days can not get the service LiveJournal. One of the most popular blog platforms crippled "malicious traffic", with which the company can not cope. Twitter users are outraged at the head of LiveJournal Russia Ilya Dronov. The oldest blog platform LiveJournal still can not recover from the failure, which began in late December. Service is canceled on December 31 and is now available only to users of the U.S., for most Russians, the entrance to the "Live Journal" remains closed. The manual of blame "malicious traffic", which attacked the LiveJournal Read more [...]
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