Super-cell in Texas

On may 21-22. A strong hurricane in Texas.

see also: Super-cell, which you’ve never seen her

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In Chinese desert found mysterious space objects

New mysterious objects found on the territory of China. They found a former CIA agent, intently studying the world using Google Earth. American officials fear that the mysterious finding may interfere with the plans for the U.S. space research, reports Wired. Allen Thompson long been studying the planet using Google Earth: before, not leaving the house, he found the secret rocket center in Iran and a few odd structures in the Gobi Desert, the purpose of which is still unknown. At this time the attention of the former intelligence agent drew desert region near the Chinese city of Kashgar. Known Read more [...]
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MOE: Shards of a celestial body in the Urals — not found

Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov said that while experts are studying the possible location of a meteorite, but the fragments of the celestial body has not been found. He also demanded from his subordinates to complete a survey of all dangerous objects to the end of the day. Information received from the emergency services, will help in assessing the damage caused by a meteorite in the Chelyabinsk region. According to the Governor Mikhail Yurevich, this amount will exceed $ 1 billion. Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov he denied reports that in Chelyabinsk were Read more [...]
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Cycling: Volition the Adjacent Go de France Title-holder Delight Rebel?

Out-of-door mag, July 1996Cycling: Bequeath the Following Circuit de France Title-holder Delight Rear?Indurian goes for his one-sixth, but it won't be a gimme. A wagerer's guidebook to the Big OneDrowsy observers importune the 1996 Enlistment de France is no airstream at all, the sapience being--can you speculation?--that five-time success Miguel Indurain already has his 6th chickenhearted t-shirt in the bag. Indisputable, the 31-year-old could wreck, capitulation Read more [...]
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Africa covers Europe lithospheric plate

on April 13. Over millions of years the African and European continents converge with each other in mind the movement of lithospheric plates. The North side of the African lithospheric plate sinks slowly beneath the Eurasian plate. According to the latest information from the scientific community, this process has stopped and is in a stage of activity change. Evidence that the situation has changed and now Europe in the truest sense of the word goes under Africa, were presented at the conference of the European Union of Geosciences by Rinus Portela (Rinus Wortel) from the University of Utrecht Read more [...]
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Thousands of dead fish found in Angrignon Park, Canada

Yesterday, February 15 in Canada was disturbing and frightening sight. Thousands of dead fish were found in the shallow part of the lake Angrignon Park. Why fish died - remains a mystery and the locals are deeply concerned by this incident. Dead fish of different sizes floating belly up in the lake or lying in the snow on the coastal line. Local resident Shelley Vince was very surprised when I saw this scene, - "It is strange and scary," she says, "is not a good feeling it causes. I've lived here for twenty years and have never seen anything like it."Category: Read more [...]
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The Stippled Yellowness Cable to Felicity

Remote clip, July 1996The Dashed Lily-livered Cable to FelicityThe scoop of the big-group ridesBy Stephanie PearsonThe happy-go-lucky years of summertime are imminent, and thither's no bettor way to fete than pickings a devil-may-care rag on America's scenic byways. July's illustrious RAGBRAI rag in Iowa has been engaged for months, but if you revel share-out the scene with capable 2,000 like-minded riders, you can hush cross-file for any one of these multiday Read more [...]
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U.S. Infrastructure at Risk

Crumbling roads and bridges, as well as unserviceable Energy System - deteriorated infrastructure of America is a growing threat to the public. However, the government is prepared to spend billions on wars around the world, not caring about the safety of the people in their native streets. Over the last decade, America has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in the name of national security: fighting, military intervention, terrorism, the hunt for hackers on the Internet ... Meanwhile, almost no attention is the internal threat that can overtake every home in the country. We are talking Read more [...]
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The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.7 near Almaty

on may 31. The power of the aftershocks of the earthquake in Almaty was about 4-5 points. At the epicenter of the earthquake magnitude was 5.7 points, according to the European-Mediterranean seismic center. The coordinates of the epicenter 43.388°N, 78.773°E (148 km from Almaty, 183 km from Taldykorgan, 1028 km from Astana, the depth of the epicenter — 25 kilometers. According to the same center, exactly one year ago, on the night of 31 may 2011 on the border of Kazakhstan with China earthquake — magnitude 4.2 in 22.37 Astana time. The epicenter was located 190 km North-East Read more [...]
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Abnormal cold in December 2012 could damage the winter wheat harvest

Abnormal cold in December 2012 created a number of regions of unfavorable conditions for winter crops, vegetation, told the director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand. According to him, in particular, in Saratov, Samara and Orenburg regions, in the south of the Rostov region, Kalmykia, where the snow depth was no more than 2-3 inches, or the land has been completely freed from the snow, the temperature at the depth of the tillering node (the place where the branch stems) up to minus 13-15 degrees, sometimes minus 17-18 degrees, which creates a risk of freezing winter. "Regions Read more [...]
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Costa Concordia: a year later, passengers can not get over it

In Italy - remember the victims of the collapse of the liner Costa Concordia. January 13, 2012 the cruise ship hit a rock off the coast of Tuscany. Killed 30 people, two are still listed as missing. Liner itself is still lying at the entrance to the port. For seven months he was trying to put on the keel and drag away from the coast. Almost a year is the trial of the alleged perpetrators of the accident - Captain Francesco Skettino. Recall, he left one of the first vessel. In this case, the captain has denied his guilt, requires to restore it to work and even wrote a book about the accident. Read more [...]
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Bodywork: Seaworthiness for the Exterior Jock

Exterior mag, July 1996Bodywork: Fittingness for the Remote Jock Sidestepping Summertime's IllsAlive antidotes to livelihood an injured soundbox in gesture.By Gretchen ReynoldsMedicate: Pills for Pain--Not ExecutionBy Gretchen ReynoldsIngestion: Living the Drive-ThruBy Lisa Twyman BessoneRoutines: Equitation Less to Attain MoreBy Alan CotéCalculationsSports by CaloriesBy Katie ArnoldSubscribe Away Clip | Extraneous Cartridge Stave Read more [...]
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In Nakhodka about 8,000 people were left without heat because of the accident

A gust of heating residents left without heat for about 40 houses, a school and a kindergarten in the city of Nakhodka, said on Saturday EMERCOM Primorye. Information about the accident came on Saturday afternoon. A gust of heating occurred on the street. Michurina around the house 12. MOE later clarified: without heat were 38 houses (22 five-storey house, nine-16), home to 7749 people. Also remained without heat school and kindergarten, but they do not work on Saturday, said, "Interfax". "No one was injured. Temperature in accommodation maintained in the normal range", Read more [...]
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Morakniv Steak Knives

Morakinv has been crafting ice drills and study knives for more a hundred in the Swedish townsfolk of Mora—a 400-year-old knife-making mecca.

So it should cum as no storm that the family-owned fellowship produces particular steak knives. Morakniv’s Curly Birchen Steak Knives are made from cold-rolled, heat-treated stainless. The resultant? A warm, acute steel that holds its boundary first-rate, and a unparalleled curly Masur birken address. The knives leave be usable in Marchland.


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The U.S. teenager opened fire at a school classmates

In the U.S. state of California this morning, the 16-year-old opened fire during a break between classes in a school in Taft. According to the latest reports, the two students were injured seniors. One of them is in critical condition. It is reported that the offender has surrendered to police.The incident occurred during the beginning of the course, the name of the shooter, as well as other details of the incident are not announced. According to RBC TV, we only know that this is one of the former students of the school, which last year was dismissed for having made and distributed the hit Read more [...]
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EU suspects Google of manipulating search terms

Official Brussels wants to change the display of the results of Google searches. If an American company refuses to obey the requirements of Brussels, it could be accused of violating antitrust laws, according to Reuters. European Commissioner for Competition Joaquin Almunia believes that Google redirects users to its own services, which distorts the user queries and reduces competition. According to the commissioner, the company monetizing your search and use a dominant position in the market for super-profits. The European Union is investigating the activities of Google for two years. In Read more [...]
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UK: the Rock of Skype destroyed by erosion

Falling into the sea almost all the way along the coast in Skype disappeared and bungalows closer to the edge. on may 24. Huge chunks of the cliff by the sea crashed into the water near Skipsea (Skype (Skipsea, Gmap- place on the East coast of England, in East Yorkshire, — note. translator), and local residents only and remains that «to watch and wait» how many houses will disappear. Erosion along the East coast - the problem of the last few years, and the recent tides with the rain and wind «contributed» more rapid disappearance of the earth than ever, because Read more [...]
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China has executed a serial killer cannibal

In the Chinese province of Yunnan on Thursday, January 10, was executed serial killer Yunmin Zhang, who for four years, took the life of 11 people, reports The China Daily. The declaration of a local court, which is quoted by the newspaper, said that the sentenced to death in July 2012 Yunmin committed his crime "especially cruel, and their circumstances and consequences are disproportionately severe." It is known that from 1979 to 1997 Yunmin spent in prison, having been convicted of murder. About his life after release have not been announced, but in the period from March 2008 to Read more [...]
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Winging It

External mag, Grand 1999BOOKSWinging ItBuy this playscript!Livelihood on the Flatus: Crossways the Hemisphere with Migrant Birds, by Scott Weidensaul (N Detail Crush, $26).What Rachel Carson did for the seaùscuttle the populace's eyes to the thin profuseness of unit ecosystemsùScott Weidensaul has now washed-up hoot migration, a phenomenon he calls "the near compelling play altogether of innate account." A nature Read more [...]
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In the area of the Strait of Hormuz U.S. nuclear submarine collided with the ship

Nuclear submarine Navy on Thursday faced, presumably with fishing boat in the Strait of Hormuz. According to the press service of the U.S. Fifth Fleet, based in Bahrain. The incident resulted in no injuries. On a submarine, "Jacksonville" class "Los Angeles" damaged periscope. "Reactor safety is not threatened, the system is not damaged, the fears of / possible leaks / no", - stated in the information of the Fifth Fleet. Command believes that members of the crew of a fishing vessel may not even notice the collision. "The ship continued its movement with the Read more [...]
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