Shale revolution could accelerate climate change

Oil companies, earning on shale revolution, burn as many unwanted gas that it would be sufficient to provide energy for all the homes in Chicago and Washington. Over the last year the amount of unwanted gas, which is burned in North Dakota, the state that has become home to shale revolution, grew by 50%, writes the Financial Times. On this path, and other states, as in Texas in 2012 was granted permission in 1963 to burn against 306 in 2010. This rapid growth has made the United States one of the leaders of the world's gas flaring. According to the World Bank, the volume has tripled in five Read more [...]
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In Nizhny Tagil tank raced on the track across the path of stunned motorists

On the outskirts of Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region at high speed without any warning signs way before riding on the highway cars unexpectedly crossed the tank. According Tagil City, caterpillar machine of flying is not equipped with a traffic light intersection, and took the "just out of nowhere." Plowing the snow banks on the side of the tank sped down the road just a few meters from the car. Video filmed the incident, installed in this machine. Fortunately, the driver, apparently, just a minute to check out the combat vehicle on the road side and noticed the tank pulled. At Read more [...]
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The plane with two people aboard crashed into the Hudson River in the U.S.

Doctors reported that the victims were not injured, but were taken from hypothermia. Now their condition is stable satisfactory. On the causes of the crash are not reported.Lightweight single-engine aircraft Piper PA-32, which was carrying two people crashed into the Hudson River near the city of Yonkers (Yonkers) in the north-eastern United States on Sunday, the victims in the hospital, reported Monday by the Associated Press, citing local police. According to police, the crash occurred around 17:30 local time (02.30 MSK on Monday), six kilometers from the George Washington Bridge. A man and Read more [...]
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Satellite Kosmos-1484 could fall in eastern Canada

According to calculations by the U.S. military, the satellite entered the atmosphere on Monday, January 28, at 02.27 GMT (06.27 MSK, plus or minus 17 minutes).Soviet satellite "Kosmos-1484" could fall on Monday night in eastern Canada, according to the U.S. Strategic Command. According to calculations by the U.S. military, the satellite entered the atmosphere on Monday, January 28, at 02.27 GMT (06.27 MSK, plus or minus 17 minutes). The entry point was the coordinates 55 degrees north latitude and 283.1 degrees east longitude. This place is located in the eastern part of Canada in the Read more [...]
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American blew the trunk of his Honda, opening it with the remote

A resident of Massachusetts felt like an actress who starred in the Hollywood blockbuster, although plans for the day were just shopping at a nearby store. Plastic pipe and lock the trunk Honda were explosive combination.Last Sunday, a resident of Stoneham, Massachusetts did not do anything dangerous and risky - just tried the remote to open the trunk of his Honda, parked among the other cars at the local supermarket. Fortunately, the girl in this moment are at a distance from his car, as the trunk after you click does not open, and exploded. Force of the explosion was such that the lid came Read more [...]
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In the Okhotsk Sea intruder stopped just shooting to kill

In the Sea of Okhotsk, Russian border guards had opened fire from the air to failure to detain intruder. Trawler flying the flag of Sierra Leone has been found in Russian waters patrol boat. Not responding to requests, the offender at high speed started to go towards the Russian border. In the area of the chase plane flew the Russian FSB. Three times he fired warning fire, then was given permission to open fire. The bullets hit the screw trawler. Only then he stopped. No injuries were reported. As it turned out, the ship was equipped for the transportation of crab and other seafood. While Read more [...]
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The aircraft with the players Odessa Chernomorets was struck by lightning.

In the Yak-42, carrying the team football club "Chernomorets" (Odessa), on a flight to Turkey was struck by lightning.According to the press service of the FC, because of snowfall, which struck on Saturday at Odessa, a charter flight to Antalya was delayed for five hours."There were no surprises during the flight. Already near Antalya plane hit the storm front, and one of the lightning got into the right wing of an airliner. Fortunately, nothing happened. Planting took place in a normal mode, "- said in a statement.In Turkey these days is the second collection of "Chernomorets". Read more [...]
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A giant pillar of fire struck and frightened Chinese

Residents of one of the areas in the north of China have witnessed a rise in the sky a giant pillar of fire more than thirty feet in height. The flames broke out after an explosion at a local pipeline. In fact, to put out the fire took about five hours, so much time burnable gas. Causes of the incident are not yet known.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Business on the blood: Secrets M4 highway Don

Highway M-4 "Don". One of the most expensive and dangerous to the lives of motorists routes. Around M-4 feed corrupt officials and their business-friendly road builders, skolachivaya state due to the quality of the road itself. Due to the low quality of many areas of "Don" here, as in war, kill hundreds of thousands of people.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Injured dolphin dies in poisoned waters of the New York Canal

In the eyes of the people of New York real drama unfolded. Injured dolphin can not get out of the polluted city canal. Wounded animal spotted in Govanus channel, which is considered the most polluted waterway of the Big Apple, another on Friday morning. According to witnesses, injured dolphin from its dorsal fin is bleeding. Amber Marlowe, eyewitness: "He is struggling because of all the effort and does not look healthy. I saw his mangled dorsal fin. " The situation with the unfortunate dolphin put the city government to a standstill, says USA Today. As long as the animal can Read more [...]
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U.S. nyutaunsky shooter died the day before the shooting, which he allegedly committed

This week surfaced another creepy discrepancy with the official version of shooting at the school "Sandy Hook" - the appearance of a conflict with it the official death records of the alleged shooter on the day before the incident occurred.Major media or exercise maximum time in its existence incompetence and mistakenly overlooked almost every detail of the mass killings that swept the U.S. in the last six months, or deliberately disregarded the details that could change the picture of the events and the way they present themselves to the public. But thanks to significantly improve the Read more [...]
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Seismic fault found at another Japanese nuclear power plant

Nuclear power "Higasidori" is the potentially active geological faults. Initial findings are based on visual inspection of the rock in the vicinity of nuclear power plants in the northern prefecture of Aomori.Conclusion about the safety of nuclear power plants "Higasidori" shall be made after the meeting of the expert group of the state regulator. According to RBC, if the negative assumptions are confirmed, the operating company of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) will be required at the station a set of measures to protect against the effects of a possible Read more [...]
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The donation will now be free

Quote: "We can only get sick less, and try to believe the official version …". No comment.
Category: Factors and accident

U.S. warned of the threat of recurrence of 9/11 in cyberspace

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano warned of impending danger in cyberspace, reports Reuters. According to her, the consequences of a hacker attack can be compared with the devastating hurricane, "Sandy", which in October last year, hit the eastern United States and has left thousands of people without electricity.She stressed that the "cyber 9/11" is inevitably coming, and the most vulnerable places to strike called critical infrastructure: water, power, gas and others.Department of Homeland Security was created November 25, 2002. Is developing a structure Read more [...]
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MiG-31 sat in the airport of Perm engine failure

Emergency landing made MiG-31 air base on the strip "Falcon" in Perm. Supersonic all-weather fighter-interceptor emergency villages because of the failure of one engine. No emergency landing was not injured. MiG-31 performed a flight to scout weather conditions, "Interfax". MiG-31 - the first Soviet combat aircraft of the fourth generation. The fighter is designed to intercept and destroy airborne targets at extremely low, low, medium and high altitudes. Work on the creation of the fighter-interceptor MiG-31 began in OKB AI Mikoyan in 1968. The production of this type Read more [...]
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Huge dead whale washed up on a beach in France

18-meter long whale found on a beach in France.
Category: Factors and accident
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50 children paralyzed in Africa after vaccination against meningitis drugs in the campaign of billionaire Bill Gates.

Bill and Melinda Gates do their "crusade" for at least the last ten years, wanting to get vaccinate every child on the planet, writes Natural News. One of their main geographic targets - the African continent, with poor sanitation and lack of clean water have created the conditions in which such diseases as meningitis and malaria, are flourishing. But instead of trying to meet these basic needs, multi-billionaires and their numerous allies undertook vaccination of indigenous people. And the implementation of this decision has caused a wave of paralysis among the young people of Africa. Read more [...]
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Chelyabinsk incident: How it looked from Tyumen

Entries with video recorders and video evidence from Tyumen. Tyumen saw and Chelyabinsk also heard, so much so that all the glass povyletali. Here are all the videos from Tyumen, which could be found. Meteorite, Tyumen, February 15, 2013, 09:21 Melnikaite ring - October 50, from ul.Harkovskoy. Fireball with a diameter of about 5 meters raced for Tyumen, leaving a fiery trail length of about 100 meters. The flight lasted about five seconds. Record could only remaining trace of the burnt air. On materials tyumentimes.ruCategory: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Airliner touched localizer in Kazan

A special commission is studying Russian aviation causes of the accident at the airport in Kazan. When landing the plane Airbus A321 touched the localizer and received several bullet holes in the tail. On board were 200 passengers and 7 crew members. None of them was hurt. At the airport, Kazan the special commission, which will clarify the circumstances morning damaged A-321. Technical services of the airport found the holes in the rear part and now to establish the nature of their occurrence. At the time of landing, the Airbus was too low clouds and visibility - just 800 meters away. Read more [...]
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The world expects a global crop failure coffee Arabica plantations suffered from a dangerous parasite

Due to infection, attacking the leaves of coffee trees, Arabica producers in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Mexico, will miss about a third of the crop. This region contains 14% of world coffee production. 2012-2013 season of the year, which began Oct. 1, will bring great losses in Central America due to a dangerous parasite called "swarm." Lack of rainfall and high temperatures fueled the spread of the "leaf rust," and last year's drop in prices has made the necessary fertilizers luxury for small farms. Alarm sounding not only farmers but even the official state organization. Read more [...]
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