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Belarusian village burned to visit Lukashenko

Before the visit of President Alexander Lukashenko in Vitebsk was destroyed village, situated on the route of the presidential motorcade. According to Belarusian media, people are being evicted from their homes, which burn with gardens. However, officials claim that the demolition of houses in no way connected with the visit Lukashenko.The villagers were told that last Saturday night to them were declared unidentified police escort.Visitors are introduced Pervomaisky executive committee members and said that all nine people remaining in the village homes urgently need to leave, because their Read more [...]
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Reviving a dead man in the Brazilian lift

Brazilian TV channel STB, shocked his audience videoprikoly about the elevator with the girl ghost, I decided to repeat the joke, which brought its authors worldwide fame. The plot of the new drawing from the preceding is not very different: all the same elevator or on unsuspecting passengers and something terrible, ended up together with them in the cockpit jammed. The authors draw from the transfer of Silvio Santos, unfortunately, does not tell us about the current mental state of the characters and the movie does not tell you how they reacted to the following explanation of "Dead Man" Read more [...]
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Idaho Waterfall, Idaho

Remote cartridge, July 1995Idaho Waterfall, IdahoA township where you can suffer a actual job, a genuine animation, and calm irritate motility in with the scene. Respective reasons to tear the metropolis and caput for the Big Alfresco.By Microphone SteereUniverse: 48,900; Bonneville County, 85,000Gestalt: Veil bourgeon with glam locatingTownspeople and milieu are deplorably matte, aggie, and stuck in the Fifties, but you're not in the Clavus Bash. Any finisher Read more [...]
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The theory of the origin of cosmic rays failed

on April 27. Cosmic rays, «obstrelivaya» The earth on all sides, contrary to the conventional theory are born not during gamma-ray bursts. This was stated by the US researchers working on neutrino detector IceCube, located deep in the ice at the station Amundsen-Scott near the South pole. Cosmic rays, discovered a century ago, actually still remain a mystery. They may generate only a very powerful sources of energy - such as a gamma-ray burst or supermassive black holes found in the centers of some galaxies.Now, however, a gamma-ray burst from the list of suspects should be deleted. Read more [...]
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In New York for the first time in the history of recorded day without murder and rape

November 26, 2012 will be a historic date for New York. According to police the U.S. largest metropolis, the city that day was not committed any violent crimes. "On this day, our staff did not record a murder, rape, robbery, and a single case of stabbing. This was the first time in the modern history of the NYPD," - said Deputy Commissioner of the New York Police Paul Brown. Brown added that the current level of homicides in the city reached its lowest point since 1960. "The murder rate compared to last year decreased by 23% and currently stands at 366 cases against 472 by the Read more [...]
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Childfree movement, why Muscovites choose a life without children

Representatives told the portal philosophy childfree "In Moscow," as they came to the decision to become the latest members of his family. Children - flowers of life, but it's better if they grow on other people's beds. Today, this view is shared by more and more Muscovites. Successfully held, creative, intellectually gifted, they are sure to be happy with no diapers, sleepless nights, children's cries and scandals about unlearned lessons. What is so unattractive role of parents, and what is the role of the metropolis? What is the Read more [...]
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The Lightning Sneak Strikes Again

International cartridge, July 1996The Lightning Prowler Strikes AgainAs an amp-anxious humanity cowers, David Stillings goes to studyBy Ruttish Wayne Whiteness Because we're standing in an afford battlefield close Orlando, Florida, because thunderheads are simmering toward us, because the beginning inhuman hint of the rage has alerted my bushman's selection instincts, I flavour it's significant to reassessment for the Lightning Prowler certainincidents Read more [...]
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In the fight against HIV Estonian schoolchildren invited to portray as Mouse wants sex, and mosquito-gay

"Sexual mouse and a strange hedgehog encountered in the club on the dance floor. Mouse invites hedgehog dance. During the dance, they are starting to show their best movement. Mice lacking the hedgehog the paw and quickly drags him to the bathroom. Mouse explains that she very much wants to have sex. "This is a quote from one of the three tasks, issued to children and young people 12-20 years old, who attend schools in the capital and Mustamäe Haabersti and tomorrow will take part in a dancing competition Slide 2012. As stated on its website, it "offers fun and at the same Read more [...]
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During the day, with the Earth barely missed two major asteroid

Two asteroid with an interval of 11 hours flew at a relatively close distance from the Earth. As reported by the jet propulsion Laboratory National of the United States Aeronautics and space administration (NASA) in Pasadena (California), «both celestial bodies could be observed in the sky with medium size Amateur telescopes closest to our planet to the point of passing. They could not face the Earth». First to land was approaching asteroid 2010 RF12, which was closer to our planet at a distance of about 80 thousand kilometers, of which only two times greater than the height of Read more [...]
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Spokane, Washington

Out-of-door cartridge, July 1995Spokane, WashingtonA township where you can let a material job, a existent sprightliness, and calm nark actuate in with the scene. Various reasons to schism the metropolis and caput for the Big Open.By Microphone SteereUniverse: 185,600; Spokane County, 392,000Gestalt: Northwestern CinderellaSpokane is a pastiche of house townsfolk architecture, from Twist of the C to Farewell It to Topper, with one nipper fictive banknote. Read more [...]
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Terrible joke of the modern world

Brazil is here is a "comic" show draws, which leads Silvia Santos. People that does not include knowing the elevator and get such a shock that it's hard to imagine their state at the time, "drawing" …
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Heat in Yakutia

on may 29. In the North the Far East remains abnormally warm weather. The cyclone brought superheated air from Mongolia and air mass has not yet fully transformed. In the North of the Khabarovsk Krai, in the continental area Magadan region average for knocking the air temperature by 3-5 degrees above normal, in the Arctic regions of Yakutia background temperature 8-10 degrees above the normal level for the end of may. The absolute value of the maximum temperature in the afternoon at the banks of the Indigirka amounted to 20-25 degrees Celsius. So, in the village of HEPA thermometer showed +25 Read more [...]
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What they want to teach children …

Today's children are reading a little, in fact. Still another plus of this is - they can not read these strange and not modern children's books. According to the number of such samples are leading the Americans, who from an early age children tend to explain everything phenomenon. But in this set, and found several works by Russian authors. Without exaggeration, the family idyll turns the pages of the book "Dad's new wife, whose name was Robert". On this marvelous edition knows that his main goal - to minimize potential trauma of children, if one of the parents came to Read more [...]
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The Big Swing

Away Mag, Lordly 1999The Big ChimneysweeperBey L.A.'s entangle of freeways, you can treadle, schnorchel, and kayak your way to a sincerely bang-up open weekend. Honorable.By Microphone SteereEverybody's leaving surfboarding:A threesome of locals heads for the reef breaks at Lunada Bay in Palos Verdes"You've been a marvellous hearing. thank you and return particular guardianship."About the Peaceable devilfish seems to Read more [...]
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In Azerbaijan, a reward to anyone who would cut off his ear writer Akram Aylisli

10,000 euro promises pro-government party "Modern Musavat". This was confirmed by its leader, Hafiz Hajiyev - reports Lenta.ru. Law enforcement agencies to the threat of crippling writer still does not react. Aylisli baiting began in late January and is associated with his novel "Stone Dreams". His heroes remember their past lives in the village, where side by side peacefully coexisted Armenians and Azerbaijanis. Author of the novel was accused of betraying its own people. Expose his work came from the National Academy of Sciences. President Ilham Aliyev has deprived Read more [...]
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ECHR ordered Latvia to pay a serial killer 5000 euro

The European Court of Human Rights condemned Latvia payable serving a life sentence for a series of rapes, robberies and murders Valery Savich 5000 euro due to deplorable conditions.The Court recognized that Latvia had violated Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits torture, cruel or degrading treatment or punishment. ECHR finds that isolation Savich and check in Daugavpils prison contrary to this article. In particular, the ban sitting and lying on the bed in the afternoon, full of forced prolonged isolation, walking only when accompanied by dogs, along with frequent Read more [...]
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Living the Effort Done

Exterior cartridge, July 1996Living the Driving DoneBy Lisa Twyman Bessone E'er bill how a longsighted route misstep brings out the James Doyen in us all? We act ill-affected, fifty-fifty a petty dangerous-driving firm, marvellous on with the tunes clamor, wolfing Big Macs and chips. A wilderness stripe is commodity in relief, but overmuch of this rather matter can exit you withspeeding tickets, reverberance ears, and the motivation for futurity angioplasty. Read more [...]
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Belgian learned after 19 years of marriage, his wife was a man

Elderly Belgian unexpectedly found that I have lived 19 years in a same-sex marriage. His wife hid from him the fact that she was born a boy and once changed her sex. Europeans could hardly put up with this idea: as soon as his wife stated this, he beat her."I felt that I was raped," - admitted the 64-year-old would-be husband in an interview Nieuwsblad.be. The collapse of the marriage ended was the third of his life - at first he was so happy that the man was sure the more he will never agree to a divorce.The newspaper gave his characters fictitious names: Belgian - Ian and his wife Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Italy: the dead more

on may 30. The number of victims of the earthquake in Northern Italy has risen to 17 people. More than 300 were injured, and thousands were left homeless. The main blow fell on the Northern region of Emilia-Romagna. In the most affected areas patrolled. They are from the rubble under the debris can still stay people. Source: LeadMore than 40 aftershocks were recorded in Italy at night More than 40 aftershocks were recorded last night in the Northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, where Tuesday's devastating earthquake a magnitude of 5.8, according to the national Institute of Geophysics Read more [...]
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President of South Africa in a leopard skin sacrificed 12 cows

South African President Jacob Zuma (Jacob Zuma) addressed to the ancestors for help in the upcoming elections of the ruling party, "the African National Congress' (ANC), writes BBC News. On Sunday, November 25, he went to his native village, where the prayers offered up ancestors 12 cows. During the ceremony, Zuma, dressed in leopard skin, gave a spear and shield, which should protect it from enemies in the elections. At the end of the president's son told the police and security guards to remove journalists, writes The Mercury.Party Conference will be held in December, and Zuma's Read more [...]
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