China. The effects of the landslide

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Keep the greenhouse effect can not be

Scientists believe that by the end of this year, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a new record. There is no indication that humanity worried about their future and come to his senses.The chances that global warming be kept at the level of two degrees from pre-industrial levels, rapidly melting. According to surveys of international research groups, carbon dioxide emissions in the current year will amount to 35.6 billion tons, which is 2.6% higher than in 2011 and 58% - in 1990.The average emissions grew in 1980 by 1.9% a year in 1990 - by 1.0%, and in 2000 - as much as 3.1%. Read more [...]
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Ship’s smoke ventured unwitting geoengineering experiment

In the World Ocean water deposited tons of iron from the ship's smoke, fertilizing phytoplankton and theoretically allowing it to pump out of the atmosphere more carbon dioxide.In the North Pacific is a large-scale geoengineering project. You did not know? Yes, no one knew!Nobody planned annual discharge into the water about a thousand tons of iron on the area of 6,000,000 km ², but that is what is happening there.The main routes of world shipping (image The Royal Society).One of the most well-known geo-engineering solutions to the problem of global warming is to fertilize the water Read more [...]
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Opinion the Cs

Extraneous clip, April 1996Opinion the CsBy Todd Balf and Paul KvintaCertainly it's overshadowed by its more far-famed sib, but what the Picayune America's Cup glide slipstream lacks in hype it makes up for in flat-out amphetamine. That lots was obvious in Melbourne finale January, where the Cup was contested in a best-of-seven peer backwash 'tween defending legion state Australia and a U.S. competitor. Therein duel of observational C Family catamarans, Read more [...]
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Autism linked to air pollution

Another study on the relationship between air pollution and autism showed that the Children exposed to particulate matter, this disease can strike twice as often. "We do not want to say that air pollution causes autism - for some reason stipulated lead author Heather Volk of the University of Southern California (USA). - The point is that this is one of the factors of autism - a complex, multifactorial disorder. "Can not breathe! (Photo by Kjell Steiro.)In the hands of the investigator got about 500 children in California. Autism was diagnosed in about half of them. Finding out Read more [...]
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Scientists have explained the origin of the white foam on the Curonian Lagoon

According to the press service of the National Park, this foam is not dangerous or harmful to the environment. According to the head of the laboratory of marine ecology Atlantic Branch of the Institute of Oceanology of the candidate biological sciences Elena Ezhova, the foam on the water - a sign of the presence of large amounts of dissolved organic matter. Source of organic bloom of blue-green algae and their decomposition. However, except for inorganic forms a set of organic compounds, colloidal particles, and whole cell fragments, which together are usually called 'dissolved organic Read more [...]
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In Qatar, opened negotiations on greenhouse gases

In the capital of Qatar, Doha negotiations begin on climate change of the Earth and regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Representatives of nearly 200 countries will discuss the possibility of extending the following year of the Kyoto Protocol.

The UN report, released last week, says that the current level of emissions of so-called greenhouse gas emissions by about 14% higher than that should be achieved by 2020.

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Big Urine: Bequeath the Material Colorado River Delight Arise?

International cartridge, April 1996Big Piss: Bequeath the Genuine Colorado River Delight Rear?A $4.5 1000000 experimentation unleashes a downpour of habitat-restoring sparkleBy Rob FrenchIt testament get with the signature of a hum fingerbreadth. An organise volition crush a red release trench inwardly Glen Canon Dam. Hydraulic wedges leave lift against the monumental brand gat that holds dorsum Lake Mead. Urine leave ooze, then spout, done the orifice Read more [...]
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A strange cloud in the USA

Strange cloud over Ohio USA on may 17, 2012

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In this documentary Leonardo DiCaprio is going to talk about the dangers of global warming and how to rehabilitate the planet's ecosystems. It's about sustainable development programs and support biological diversity, the development of new technologies recycling.
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What Happened Out Hither?

Remote cartridge, June 1995What Happened Out Hither?A decease in the wild raises perturbing questions approximately flush camps for turbulent teensBy Christopher MetalworkerWhen a Utah approximate raps his gavel on May 22 to commence a prelim condemnable earshot into the end of 16-year-old Aaron Bacon, the key grounds for the pursuance bequeath arrive from the waifish, longhaired teenaged himself. A ill-affected kid who smoke-dried a footling cannabis and Read more [...]
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China: it was not just able to

It turned out it was not just the smog. Chinese Academy of Sciences reports that the air high in suspended solids, which blanketed Beijing in January, was also filled with a lot of toxic organic chemicals. They are called photo-oxidants. And if the research results are confirmed, this means that the air over the capital of China is more deadly than previously thought. [Professor Li Xinsheng, University. Sun Yat-sen] "Nitrogen compounds found in smog, usually represent nitrogen dioxide. She, as well as sulfur dioxide, usually accumulate because of the exhaust gases. If the weather Read more [...]
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Moscow streets sprinkled with radioactive material with a half life 1.3 billion years

Environmentalists from the Inter-regional community center "for the safety of Russian Roads" was carried on the analysis of the Department of Soil Science staff what what in the fight against snow and ice communal strew the streets of Moscow. Protovolednymi these reagents were not to be used halite and STDs.Environmentalists have borrowed the substance of the workers of housing in Moscow, which he scattered on the streets of the Central District of Moscow in the period between 9 and 20 January 2013. Probably continue to do so now. And not only in the Central District. "Driving" Read more [...]
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One-Stop Dissipated Resorts

International clip, June 1995One-Stop Dissipated ResortsThe cogwheel, the guides, the mountains, the rivers--step out of your board and it's all thitherBy Bob HowellsYou may be imagining a plaid-shorts shangri-la with pastel-hued beverages served poolside, but we sustain something else in intellect. Our rather recur is a worn-in plate perched on the sharpness of all the things we same to do outside--be it toddle, rise, motorcycle, hiking, angle, or sail--that Read more [...]
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The Donbass appeared bloody river

Salt River, which flows to the Donbass, bought a blood-red color. Local people believe that this is the work of some of the industrial giants, located near the town of Selidove. About a month ago, the water in the river, which flows in the small town of Donbass is highlighted in red. In this case, the fish and the rest of its inhabitants were killed. The townspeople believe that the cause of this environmental anomalies are nearby mines. However, the management of the enterprises said that the mines do not work, and discharges into the river do not make. Among the residents Selidovo panic reigns, Read more [...]
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Beijing authorities shut plants due to high levels of air pollution

Beijing authorities have announced the temporary closure of more than a hundred local enterprises due to high levels of air pollution, which is becoming more and more dangerous to the health of citizens, reports the BBC BBC. In addition, state-owned companies and agencies will have to reduce the use of a third vehicle. Local media are sounding the alarm and reported that the number of appeals to the metropolitan hospital with complaints of respiratory diseases has increased over the last week to 20%. Expanded online campaign in support of Environmental Act just hours collected almost 40 thousand Read more [...]
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Strategies: Encyclopedism to Outgo Your Compass

Away clip, June 1995Strategies: Acquisition to Outgo Your StretchBy Ken McAlpineThe games of summertime need range, the lissom, knock-down upper-body prolongation that enables you to guardianship a speedy, strip a 5.10 gear, or fortify a volleyball. And getting a near orbit isn't good a weigh of lifting and stretch. "Unless your breeding specifically mimics the stresses you're sledding to see out thither," says Arnie Kander, a one-time terpsichorean Read more [...]
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Germany because of the welter stores products

The German authorities have advised people to stock up on food, water and medicines in connection with a looming on the country blizzards. The Federal office of civil defense (BBK) reported that the predicted Saturday heavy snowfalls can cause power outages and public transport. On the island of rügen, the height of the drifts in places already exceeds 30 cm, TV channel ZDF. In Switzerland because of snow fell sharply, the number of freight. Usually loaded Alpine tunnels Gotthard and San Bernardino were on Friday temporarily closed for passage dimensional transport, according to news website Read more [...]
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Mother got a tattoo of 3 year old kids

Crazy mother took her baby forcibly tattooed. He was crying, and she soothed and saying — "Look how beautiful." It takes place in Cuba.
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The fountain at the Exhibition Centre must be torn down because of the propaganda of drugs

The Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Orenburg region received a complaint from a local resident Vladimir Savinkov. The propaganda of drugs orenburzhets accuses statue fountain "Friendship of Peoples", entitled "A sheaf of plenty", as well as the pavilion of "Geology" at VVC. According to a vigilant fighter with addiction, these objects should be demolished, so they do not call for young people to use cannabis.According to Vladimir Savinkov in promoting drug noticed not only statues VVC, but several well-known brands, such as, "Coca-Cola" for advertising Read more [...]
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