Australian Prime Minister warned that the end of the world is near, commemorated the demons and zombies

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has joined the debate about the impending end of the world, recorded a video message to the nation. In it, she confirmed fears that the coming apocalypse, but assured the Australians that will protect them from any, even the most unlikely threat. "My dear surviving Australians - beginning his speech Gillard. - Regardless of whether the end comes from bloodthirsty zombies, demons - the devil incarnate or total triumph of K-Pop (Korean pop music.. - Ed.), You need to know one thing - I will fight for you until the end. " Standing on a background Read more [...]
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Reassessment: Purchasing Right

Extraneous clip, February 1998Reexamination: Purchasing CompensateSkivvies to Strong Your Mettle and LimbsBy Stuart CraigAqualung ESSENTIALS | Purchasing Redress | THE Early Material | BOOKS When it comes to choosing your out-of-door acrobatic habiliment card, longsighted underclothing is something similar that odd-looking kid who gets picked conclusion for the hint football. But the kid is lastly earning approximately deference, as athletes recognise Read more [...]
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The territory of errors. Predictions
Category: Predictions and Prophecies
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The Away Soothsayer: Garrulous: Tattle It Wish It Is

International clip, January 1996The International Soothsayer: Chatty: Impressive It Alike It IsPrognostications '96"I was natural with my endowment," says Gabrielle, an unlimited 49-year-old second-sighted manakin Jacksonville, Florida, and a top deal at the La Toya Jackson Psychical Web, a 1-900 functioning. Of her breathless calls on sports, germs, and mishaps, Gabrielle modestly say, "I fair distinguish it care it is.""Miguel Read more [...]
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Oracle Shambhala

The famous "Oracle Shambhala" - Lama of the monastery under Gyandrek Kailas reported a possible short passage through the Earth's galactic "zero band". 1. Autumn and winter 2012/2013 in Tibet and the whole northern hemisphere will be warm. On 21/12/2012 Earth, along with the solar system, perhaps, will pass through the galactic "zero band". This state space where the blanked and not be subject to any energy, where there are no electromagnetic fields in all objects. 2. Almost the whole earth, for a few minutes around 10 am Moscow time on 12/21/2012 comes complete Read more [...]
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While in Russia by the end of the world are buying candles, Maya is preparing to celebrate the beginning of a new era

Attracted the attention of the Western press about the case of panic end of the world among the Russian population, which they call "prone to mystical type of thinking." In November, these cases have occurred in different parts of Russia, including a women's correctional facilities Primorye. There, women had a mass hysteria about the end of the world."It all started with a case of epileptic women in the building, after which the prisoners was captured by fear, they ran in all directions. Here she sits in prison for manslaughter, for example, and in fact all the same woman, Read more [...]
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New pope will be the last before the end of the world

According to the prophecy of the popes made a saint Malachy, the successor Benedict XVI is the last pope, and then come to an end. According to the prophecy of the popes made a saint Malachy, after the abdication of the 111th account of the Pope, Benedict XVI, from the throne, the world is headed for disaster. Malachi saint in the 12th century after his death, left the manuscript, which was found only 450 years later. In "Prediction of the Roman popes" he described all the pontiffs who were to take the throne of the Vatican, from Celestine II (1143). In particular, it predicted Read more [...]
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In one hazard wash, manners get kickoff and butt-kicking a remote indorsement

Dispatches, February 1998MutantCare, Boy ScoutsIn one risk wash, manners ejaculate beginning and butt-kicking a removed secBy Paul Scott'A couplet age ago, one of our racers had a grand bicycle clank and stony-broke the ramify off his underframe," says Redbreast Judkins. "Another match offered him his pedal because he'd already run the backwash ahead. That's reasonably distinctive for us." Who knew escapade racing could be so civic? Merely, Read more [...]
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Putin, Obama and Jinping will last ruler before the coming end of the world

According to the predictions of Nostradamus, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama and Xi will be the last major rulers in the history of mankind. Once they recover from the authorities, the people will gather for the final battle - Armageddon. This was told on November 29 at a press conference in Chelyabinsk, author of "Vivat, Nostradamus" Tamar Dubrovsky. She argues that the world's first mathematically found the key to all 966 Nostradamus, decode them and gave explanations to anyone commenting on their past and future events in Europe, America and Asia. Author worked on it for nine Read more [...]
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Powerful landslide occurred in the South of Switzerland

on may 16. Dramatic scenes that managed to shoot a local television company, can be seen as flows of mud and stones rapidly down the slope, destroying everything in its patio to experts, has fallen more than 300 thousand cubic meters of rock. Old trees cannot withstand the pressure and break like a match. Completely destroyed several buildings in the village at the foot of the mountain. The victims managed to escape — residents were able to evacuate from a hazardous area. Several highways and mountain passes are still closed. On the scale of the disaster can be judged by shooting Read more [...]
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Prophetic novel by Jules Verne — Upside down

The members of the Gun Club, once flew to the Moon (novel "From the Earth to the Moon" and "Around the Moon") now become unexplored territory in the Arctic, where, as they assume, there are deposits of coal. To get to them, the members of the club are going to turn the earth's axis, and thus melt the polar ice caps, not thinking about what the disaster is in store for mankind ...The members of the Gun Club, trying to melt the polar ice caps, arrange a shot of a giant gun, but due to an error in the mathematical calculations of the sea flood the continents and mountain falls Read more [...]
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Mystical dream Edward Samson

Here is an example of a unique, and has become a textbook case of sleep dalnovidcheskogo similar clairvoyance, which saw in 1883, the editor of the Boston newspaper "Globe" Edward Samson. His job was to prepare for printing messages coming from all over. That night, on duty in the wording, he fell asleep and woke up at three, sweating from the experience in a dream horrific nightmare. And then, in order not to forget the dream, the editor described the deaths of thousands of natives Pralome island located in the strait between Sumatra and Java. They fled from the lava flows, the giant Read more [...]
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A shaky new gismo lets us get our fighter-pilot ya-yas out

Dispatches, February 1998THRILLSOutcry Me "Flyboy"A unstable new contrivance lets us get our fighter-pilot ya-yas outBy Paul Kvinta'Normally, if you were quick 80 mph at six feet off the priming, you wouldn't be longsighted for this mankind," figures thrill-broker Lavatory ten Birth. "What you see on this trajectory is what near jet pilots see rectify earlier they die." A ghoulish pitch, to be indisputable, but one that doesn't Read more [...]
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December 21, 2012 — the parade of planets, end of the world, the beginning of a new era or a normal day

According to Spokesman Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory Sergei Smirnov about what exactly will be 21 December 2012 in terms of astronomical events, we learn only when the date comes, and now it's safe to say that there will be a small parade of planets. Let's try to summarize the available evidence on this issue."We are the closest to the edge of the galaxy. When looking at its center, we can see the constellation of Sagittarius and Scorpio. Dec. 21, the day of solstice, the sun passes through these constellations. We do not know how to line up the planets of other systems. This is Read more [...]
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Kuban: the First in this year’s tornado

on may 15. In the village of Seversk and count the losses that the streets, fields, and houses struck first in this year's tornado. Huge air funnel walked around the area touched is located next to the village pond, absorbed tons of water along with the fish. And after you brought it all on the heads of the Cossacks of Cossack village. Eventually stopped the traffic on the road, the gardens were buried under a layer of silt. And people fished hands right in the mud. Now traffic on the Federal highway restored. As for the other effects of the storm, they are not eliminated completely: work on Read more [...]
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Before the end of the world was a month

According to some forecasts, enjoy the pleasures of this world Earthlings there are very long - up to date, "scheduled" Maya has only one month.There is growing demand for underground bunkers, as every day we are ever closer to the ominous date - December 21, 2012. It is these numbers scare humanity for several years running. People are actively preparing for the "important" date: some buy and build underground bunkers in hopes of escape from certain death there, others had given up all up and refuse to pay the fines and loans, as "no longer see the point." Version Read more [...]
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Ternary skydivers die in Antarctica, going the humankind to ask, «Why?»

Dispatches, February 1998DisasterA Perch Too Far3 skydivers die in Antarctica, going the reality to ask, "Why?"By Susan Enfield 'Thither's no verse or ground for doing something wish this," Ray Miller, a 43-year-old Ohio selling enterpriser, aforementioned finis October of his approaching endeavor to skydive ended the S Terminal. "You either realize it or you don't." Thisgap in inclusion is oscitant wider these years, in the backwash Read more [...]
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Prediction and anticipation of disasters

The unusual incident happened in the county of Lincolnshire in the UK 1 June 1974. Housewife watched telecast on Sunday. Suddenly, on the screen instead of the sports program there was something else, show up in the Flixborough disaster - an explosion at a chemical plant! This city is just 20 miles from Grimsby, where the Dursleys Brennan, gazing TV, live. To it was soon visited by guests, the couple Eastham. Told them about the morning program, those sad, the news release they have not seen. Discussed the trouble spared the victims of chemical plant workers. Evening came, and Leslie again Read more [...]
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Unknown about the prophecy of St. Malachy

"In 1094 the Irish Ulster born Malachi someone - a man who was destined to become a famous Catholic saint. As a child, he fervently believed in God and neglecting games and socializing with their peers, spent his days in prayer.Some time later, he was ordained a priest and gained fame as a missionary. People recognized him a saint in life. Do not stay on the sidelines and the Vatican: the Pope Innocent II had guest unprecedented honor - in the presence of the Cardinals put on his miter and Malachi said: "Let each fall down before him: for this man is revealed to us by God!"Ancient Read more [...]
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