Hurricane on the Kuril Islands

Deep cyclone hurricane unleashed on Kurils wind. The village Malokurilskoye recorded gusts up to 34 m / s! Inherited from Cyclone Primorye and Sakhalin, where wind amplified up to 28 m / s.Cyclone refuses to go to the north, will not allow anticyclone. Rainy whirlwind turned west. On Thursday, the large pressure gradient between it and the northern anticyclone would enhance wind in the north of Khabarovsk Krai in places up to 20-25 m / s. Here - the epicenter of bad weather: apart wind expected heavy snow and blizzard with a significant deterioration of sight. On Sakhalin wind weaken slightly, Read more [...]
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80 people were victims of the typhoon in the Philippines

At least 80 people were killed in a powerful typhoon "Bofa" that hit today on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines. Rescuers fear the death toll will rise, according to national television. Strong wind gusts that reached 210 km per hour, tore roofs and felled many trees. In the area of disaster marked power outages. There were no floods: typhoon accompanied by intense rainfall. By the authorities, were evacuated from dangerous areas, more than 53 thousand inhabitants. The country has canceled 145 flights, paralyzed sea ferry service between the numerous islands of the Read more [...]
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Waterspout off the coast of Italy

2 December 2012

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History of a Yr Foretold

Extraneous clip, January 1996History of a Yr ForetoldBy Larry BurkeAfterwards you've uncorked the Dom Perignon and yowled a few obligatory bars of "Auld Lang Syne," probe this month's covering history for a telling and emphatically sparkly sneaker trailer of the twelvemonth onward. For our s one-year "Exterior Predictor," we asked a whirl squad of our near prescientcorrespondents to payoff a version of the modish trends in sports, locomotion, Read more [...]
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Entree & Resources: The Schlepp to Sipadan

Out-of-door cartridge, January 1994Approach & Resources: The Schlepp to SipadanBy Amy GoldwasserMayhap it'll befall on the yearn stumble to Kota Kinabalu, when you realise you've missed two years to meter zones. Or perhaps it'll occur as you twist into your animation cap spell hybridizing the Mabul Enactment. But at about head en itinerary to Sipadan Island, you leave marvel, as Steamy Wayne Ovalbumin did, whether acquiring thither is any fun at all. Read more [...]
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San Francisco suffered shtorma

Came from the Pacific storm of the next series of "Pineapple Express," added the problems people in the Bay of San Francisco, has not yet had time to recover from the previous two servings of rain and high winds, floods, and had organized around power outages.
Category: Hurricanes
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Tens of thousands of Filipinos evacuated to shelters due to typhoon

Not less than 40 thousand inhabitants of southern Philippine archipelago hid in specially prepared shelters, when the strongest typhoon this year, "Pablo» (Pablo; International Classification "Bofa» - Bopha) reached early Tuesday the country's largest island of Mindanao, according to internet news GMA News Portal According to the administration of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services (PAGASA), the first of December and the 16th for the entire current year's typhoon brings heavy rains and winds speed of 175 kilometers per hour and gusts of up to Read more [...]
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A strong explosion at the volcano Sakurajima

Video uploaded 12.05.2012 user cubhf137 Reference Wikipedia: Sakurajimaand (jap. ???) is an active stratovolcano located on the island near Kyushu in the Japanese Prefecture of Kagoshima. Before 1914 Sakurajima was a separate island, but the eruption she was joined by lava flows from the Peninsula of Osumi. The height of the volcano - 1117 meters, and the area is about 77 km?. Sakurajima three peaks: North peak Kitadake (jap. ???, 1117 m), Central Nakadake (jap. ???, 1060 m) and South Minamizaki Read more [...]
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Americans Aspect Russians Negatively

No, you're not imagining it: Anti-Russian opinion by Americans has soared in late eld. In fact, a Gallup crown confirms that Americans harbor't matte this negatively some Russia or its chair for two decades—since the organisation kickoff started request Americans how they matt-up astir the area.Threescore pct of Americans panorama Russia unfavourably, and 63 pct let standardised feelings almost the nation's prexy, Vladimir Putin. These numbers survey Gallup's findings from conclusion tumble that Americans purview Russia as an opposition, not an friend, first in 14 days. Disconfirming views Read more [...]
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Heavy rains in China killed more than 40 people

on April 14. Forty-two people were killed and 17 were missing in the result of heavy rains in Gansu province in Northwest China. ITAR-TASS. Hardest hit mountainous district in the County Minsan. Here heavy rains with hail broke the normal life of 358 thousand people. While the population of the County is about 450 thousand people. During the last days of dangerous areas evacuated nearly thirty thousand inhabitants. About 6.4 thousand people are currently awaiting evacuation. In four dozens of villages of the County Minsan withdrawn from the system power supply systems. Search and rescue operations Read more [...]
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Megashtorm flood California

According to Reuters, the heavy rains and winds of up to 80 miles per hour will determine the weather in the mountains of California and in coastal areas, the storm moved onto the west coast of the U.S. this weekend, causing a descent of mudflows and floods.Reported strong winds have been issued for the Northern and Central California, and transportation officials warned that cars and trailers skemperami not cross bridges, including the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. "Meteorologists tell us that the storm" is developing rapidly and it will be very wet in the next few days, "said Read more [...]
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Strong wind rips roofs off houses Petersburg, knocks down the antenna and road signs

Strong wind and snow storm in the last two days in St. Petersburg have caused a number of accidents, the press service of EMERCOM in town on Friday.The situation is complicated by the Petrograd embankment, 32. The 4-story office building creates a threat to the roof. To place went rescue unit, but because of the strong wind while it was not possible to establish the mechanical stairs. Currently working at the scene Emergency Situations Ministry, roofers and industrial climbers. About an hour of the day, it was reported torn sheet of corrugated iron in the building, where the Museum of Zoology Read more [...]
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In Italy, a tornado struck the port city of Taranto

The Italian port city of Taranto strongest tornado blew into the sea crane, which at that time there were several builders. Three of them were rescued, the body of the fourth alleged victim, looking for divers. Storm that accompanied the tornado also contributed to the destruction of Taranto - lightning struck one of Europe's largest pipe steel plant "Ilva". Its fragments fall on power lines, stopping long-distance communication. At the plant caught fire. Curiously, the brunt of the disaster, has played into the hands of the local authorities, which have long been arguing Read more [...]
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Tornado destroyed the Italian plant

About 40 people were injured and bruises as a result of the tornado, which struck on Wednesday yuzhnoitalyansky city of Taranto. Tornado blew from the sea, he suffered greatly from Europe's largest steel plant Ilva, which is scheduled to close because of the loss ratio. Several employees were hospitalized.Lightning hit the factory chimneys, out of which a few dozen meters flame rose. Fragments of pipe fell on power lines, which suspended the movement of local trains. Strong winds toppled into the sea with a crane working the same plant. On his quest sent rescuers and divers.The situation Read more [...]
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Dispatches: For the Book

January 1995

Dispatches: For the Disc
Triathlon: The Man Fair Won’t Vanish

Impudent Traveller: Wild By Send

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Geologists have found in the Pacific ocean pulsed underwater volcano

on may 13. European and new Zealand geologists discovered near the Pacific island of Tonga underwater volcano with a very restless nature — its height is changed to tens of centimeters for a few weeks, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience. Submarine volcanoes on Earth much more than «land» 32 thousand against 1.5 thousand — however, they studied a lot worse because of their inaccessibility.The underwater world of fire A group of scientists under the leadership of Anthony watts (Anthony Watts) from Oxford University (UK) found Read more [...]
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In the region of the islands of Micronesia came typhoon Bofa

In the tropical Pacific Life goes on. Despite the 40-degree frosts in Siberia and the quiet end of the hurricane season in the Atlantic, near the islands of Micronesia came 24th tropical storm, named "Bofa". Start storm put depression, screw on November 26. A day later a tropical cyclone storm gathered strength. According to the Regional Centre tracking typhoon in Tokyo, at 06:40 GMT on 28 November wind speed was 72 km / hMap of Micronesia.Shifting to the west at a speed of 15 km / h, "Bofa" a danger to the islands of Yap and Chuuk. Japanese experts believe that the Read more [...]
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The big pasty: Louisiana in the summertime

Workweek of July 11-18, 1996 Trekking in Idaho's Sawtooths Paddling coastal New England A short-circuit grade in lot unwellness Inns and trails on Vancouver Island The big glutinous: Louisiana in the summertime The big gummy: Louisiana in the summertimeDoubt: I volition be in New Orleans on occupation during the offset workweek of Grand. Astern organism in township for a workweek I'd care to drop a few years exploring Louisiana's wilder, er, I bastardly Read more [...]
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America attacked a series of tornadoes

Following the snow storm "Nemo" that claimed the lives of at least ten people in America hit a series of tornadoes. According to "CNN en", on Monday in Mississippi from the action of tornadoes hit twelve. In addition, destroyed more than a hundred buildings, many mangled cars. According metesluzhb, in Mississippi raged three different vortex. The greatest damage was done Hattiesburg, in particular, there is located the University of Southern Mississippi. Many homes were without electricity due to power failure. Later, according to the authorities, a series of seven Read more [...]
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Tornado. Queensland. Australia

Tornado hunters managed to shoot beautiful video thunderstorm

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