So after all the end of the world or the beginning?

Today - the winter solstice, which means that in the Northern Hemisphere - the shortest day of the year. As for the Southern Hemisphere, the day the sun in its annual motion along the ecliptic reaches the southernmost point on the celestial sphere, then there is over the Tropic of Capricorn (23,5 ° w. W.). On the day of the winter solstice our main celestial body passes through the zenith over the Southern Tropic. In other words, the sun's rays fall perpendicular surface. This momentous event is celebrated on the breadth of only once a year. By the way, in the middle latitudes of the Sun Read more [...]
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On the Sun there was a powerful flash

A powerful flare occurred on the sun today. Where outbreaks were even two. One smaller and the other is very strong. LPI again no outbreaks have been noticed and wrote: "Today the Sun there were no confirmed outbreaks of class C and above." Active regions (spots) on 20.12.2012g The flash is very powerful and we were once again lucky that this release is directed to the opposite side of the Earth. But besides flash occurred in the right part of the picture, there is an outbreak ejected from the left side, and this is the area just below the release and on the planet. Accordingly, Read more [...]
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A Genuine Sentence (Support!) Nutrient Judge

Many masses contract nutrient passing dates with a caryopsis of saltiness. Afterwards all, market stores comparable to gambling it rattling prophylactic, normally locution nutrient should be tossed earlier it has really kaput bad—and that's uneconomical. Now, an enterprising figure bookman from London has invented a surefire way to display when it very is too belated to eat that steak.It's called Gibbousness Crisscross, and the conception is unproblematic: The judge itself is a life, decaying affair that goes bad on with your nutrient. When the modest, trilateral pronounce is commencement Read more [...]
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Ambitious hikes in the Smokies

Hebdomad of May 29-June 5, 1996Biking routes in New T-shirtThe large Westerly hatful misstep, outlinedCatskills tenting tipsDistillery the outdo: Baja for sea kayakingCalifornia's snow-clad Bishop PassingThought-provoking hikes in the SmokiesIntriguing hikes in the SmokiesDoubt: I'm passing to Expectant Smoky Mountains Internal Ballpark and am looking train maps and approximately tips on how to discovery about intriguing trails. Any ideas?JoeDetroit, Read more [...]
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On the Sun there was another outbreak of severe

On the Sun there was another strong flash. This is evidenced by photographs of a satellite tracking of the sun, but for some reason the LPI in the graph of solar activity this outbreak does not indicate he writes: "Today, the Sun there were no confirmed outbreaks of class C and above." Just look at these photos, to see that the class does not release following the notorious "minimum" C, and possibly higher. In this regard, the persistent data graphs podtasovyvanie solar activity towards its understatement, is puzzling.The flash is not directed toward Earth, but it actually Read more [...]
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How are coronal mass ejections on the Sun

NASA. Heliophysics. Sun — the study of coronal mass ejections.
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Land is a strong flow of the solar wind

Source wind, coronal hole on the Sun, it is shown in this image obtained by NASA on December 17.

At this time, NOAA forecasters estimate chance of geomagnetic storms 20%.

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Japan has been a powerful punch tornado

on 7 may. A powerful tornado struck Japan on Sunday, may 6. Hundreds of homes were damaged, dozens of people were injured. Most were destroyed in the Central and Northern part of the main Japanese island of Honshu. The main impact of tornadoes occurred in the city of Tsukuba, located about 60 km North-East from Tokyo. According to eyewitnesses, squally gusts of wind were knocked out of homes glass Windows and shop Windows, tore billboards, tearing off the power lines.As reported in the rescue service, in the area of disaster damage suffered from 30 to 50 houses. In total tornado damaged Read more [...]
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NASA expands global network to study the effects of the solar maximum

Scientists are preparing for severe solar storms in the next year and establish a global chain of monitoring stations for the study of so-called "solar maximum." A significant increase in the number of sunspots is expected to cause changes in the Earth's ionosphere, plasma membrane at the top of the atmosphere. There are concerns, because the current generation of satellite navigation has never experienced a "solar maximum", as well as changes in the ionosphere can cause problems with the GPS and other signals from space.Sunspots have been observed when the moon moved Read more [...]
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Speedy theodolite on the Kern River

Hebdomad of May 16-22, 1996Adventure-of-a-lifetime tripsSpeedy passage on the Kern RiverTrekking in IndiaDinosaur Home RepositoryPuerto Rico's El Yunque rainforestRed Rock-and-roll west--of Vegas, that isSpeedy theodolite on the Kern RiverDubiousness: I would similar to cognise how the piss levels are on the Kern River in California. Likewise, leave thither be Category V deserving doing in mid-July?Microphone C.Las Vegas, NVkbushling@gnn.comThe Depress Read more [...]
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NASA issued a flash video which occurred on December 10

NASA issued a flash video which occurred on December 10, which lasted for 6 hours. On the way a new group of active spots. The second consecutive week, solar activity is still very low, but a new group of spots can break that silence. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory observed a group of spots appeared on the southeast limb of the Sun December 15:Category: Sun Read more [...]
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Lodges. Dear Seattle. Way poise.

Hebdomad of May 22-29, 1996No leis, scarce old-style HawaiiSchools for father backpackersLodges. Approach Seattle. Way assuredness.Province Section move advisoriesKayak clubs approach ManhattanUpwind in the Yukon's Kluane commonLodges. Cheeseparing Seattle. Way chill.Enquiry: Seattle: interesting lodges? MD concerned in discovering region roughly Seattle. Bequeath accompany wife at end of May. Sustain five-spot years aft merging.Micheline FritzWarrenville, Read more [...]
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Official science on the impact of the sun and planets through the Sun

Are the official science influence of the planets and luminaries (Sun and Moon) on earth processes and living organisms? Can be a simple answer: "Yes!" Different areas of science has had vast influence on the results of the research have gravitational fields of the moon and planets, and the electromagnetic field of the Sun. But these effects are very difficult to investigate, because sometimes difficult to establish their relationship to terrestrial phenomena, and separated from other influences - other celestial bodies and independent processes that occur on Earth. Is there such global Read more [...]
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Before the new year we will have six magnetic storms

The bad news for meteodependent - on the eve of holidays they frequently have to feel the strong bursts of solar activity. According to the newspaper "Arguments and Facts", the last of which will take place on December 31. The newspaper reports that the first magnetic storm will begin at one o'clock on December 19 and will last for up to seven nights. Following strong solar flares are expected on December 27, when most Russians will sleep (from two to six in the morning), and the second half of the day (14:00 to 16:00). The longest magnetic storm weather forecasters promise on the Read more [...]
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On the Sun, an outbreak of class C5.7

On the Sun, an outbreak of class C5.7. Emission is not directed toward Earth.

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Sledding Places: Stake Advisor: No leis, barely old-style Hawaii

No leis, equitable old-style Hawaii

Research the archives | Ask the Hazard Advisor

&re-create;2000, Mariah Media Inc.

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Inconsistency official charts of solar activity, with its actual state

NASA's website says that all active zones in the Sun show no activity and it echoes Lab site X-ray astronomy of the Sun, LPI, showing us a picture of complete calm pacified activity. But the satellites of the same NASA - SOHO and STEREO, transfer photos, where the situation is quite the opposite. The sun is not enough that the plasma emits persistent languages, so also thrown at least two outbreaks and the activity in the direction of the Earth well as present. All good great Marquis?Category: Sun Read more [...]
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Flooding in Brazil: evacuated thousands of families 74

on 7 may. More than 74 thousand families were evacuated in the largest state in Brazil Amazonas in the North of the country due to the exit from the banks of several rivers, including the Amazon is the largest river in the world, according to Segunda. In some places the water level in the Amazon rose to 9 meters. The cause of the disaster became heavy rains non-stop since March. In 32 cities of the state of emergency has been declared, the local authorities have requested assistance from the governments of Brazil, reports The most affected was the town of Benjamin Constant. With a Read more [...]
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On the Sun, an outbreak of class C3.9 points

On the Sun, an outbreak of class C3.9 points. The flash is directed toward Earth.

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Tone-beginning of the grampus inkiness flies

Workweek of May 9-16, 1996The Bahamas' low-keyed Out IslandsViridity Tortoise for substitute locomotionWestward Virginia is for hatful bikingApproach of the grampus melanize fliesWildlife and nature resortsPeaceable Tip Tag conditionsBlast of the orca blackness fliesDubiousness: We would same to consent a canoe slip in Algonquin Green from May 28 done June 7. How bad are the lightlessness flies at that season and how do they liken to the midges in the Scottish Read more [...]
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