Mysterious Raudive voices

In 1969 he published a book in Germany Latvian émigré psychologist Konstantin Raudive "Making inaudible signal to audible." It outlines the public learned his method of communication with the other world with electronic devices.In his work of K. Raudive citing numerous facts mysterious radio messages and justify the theory that, as a means of radio receive messages "from the world", though before it worked only mediums. However, the Latvian psychologist was not the first to discover the phenomenon of mysterious radio signals. In the decade prior to the publication of the Read more [...]
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Farmers a Serbian villages for fear of vampires carry garlic and crosses

Always, keep the garlic, the cross and be on the lookout - vampires can be next. That, at least, consider a remote Serbian village peasants nucleation, lost between the slopes of the mountains and forest jungle. The local council has warned residents to carry in their pockets and put garlic in rooms wooden crosses that protect from evil spirits. All of these "precautions", of course, are intended to attract visitors to one of the poorest regions on the border with Bosnia.Many local farmers are aware that Sava Savanovic, the most famous vampire in the country, is a fictional character. Read more [...]
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Most ghosts are tied to the place where they accepted death

It is believed that most ghosts are tied to the place where they are (ie - the people they once were) was premature, often painful death. And if it killed several hundred or even thousands of people, then it is possible the emergence of entire hordes of ghosts.This occurs typically in the areas of bloody battles. And then, in dozens, if not hundreds of years, the witnesses with amazement and horror watching the battle ghostly soldiers again and again come together in mortal combat ... The phenomenon of phantom battles known since ancient times. Ancient authors reported the appearance on the Read more [...]
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Jumping through time: eyewitness

In early autumn 1971 white Ford pickup pulled up to the pasture near Ponca City, Oklahoma, and stopped at the gate. Carl, Mark and Gordon, three employees of a local company selling fodder, came to this remote place to pick up the trough. And then in '41, they did not tell anyone about what happened. "We opened the gates of the barbed wire, the castle they were not, and we stopped," - begins the story Carl. - "Circle - private land, grass - above the hood of the truck." Through the tall grass they reached the trough, which stood next to the red barn, and then got out. Read more [...]
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Journalists looking for 34 channels in the devastated ghost Dnepropetrovsk hospital

Dilapidated buildings - and their in Dnepropetrovsk - dozens - attract and fascinate. Almost every city of ruin, you can write a book or script for horror films. And even if there is nothing terrible happened - the historical truth still few will install ... - and the city will continue to go Xia legends and mystical traditions. The journalists of the "On The Road" reveals the secrets of ancient ruins. Hospital "Red Cross" in the street Korolenko looks ominous even in broad daylight ... Homeless, strange sounds and ghosts - the most innocent of what attribute this building. Read more [...]
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Mystery of life and death Yevgeny Petrov

One of the literary fathers of Ostap Bender - Evgeni Petrov (Kataev) was his original hobby - he collected stamps from his own letters. He did this very intricate way: send a letter to some non-existent address in different cities and countries. And the envelope back to him, decorated with exotic stamps and postmarks with the "wrong address." In April 1939, he sent a letter, which led to a series of strange events. Cathay Petrov decided to disturb his persona far New Zealand. He invented a town called Haydberdvill, street Ratbich, 7, and destination - Merrill Odzhina Ueyzli. The Read more [...]
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Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. One-way ticket

Curious Ghost Train, which does not adhere to the schedule, does not stop at the station, do not take passengers. He appears out of nowhere and be straight to hell …
Category: Supernatural
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Fatal paintings by Russian artists

Fine art has always felt ties to the mystical realm. After all, any image is an energetic imprint of the original, especially when it comes to portraits. It is believed that they are able to influence not only those to whom written, but also to other people. The examples are not far to seek: turn to the Russian art XIX - early XX century.We take away the soul In the portrait of Vladimir Borovikovsky - early deaths from tuberculosis Maria LopukhinOn the portrait of Mary Lopukhina Vladimir Borovikovsky told horror stories in the days of Pushkin. He wrote was from early deaths from tuberculosis Read more [...]
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Ghosts, demons, goblins, poltergeists

A small collection of the most acclaimed video

Category: Supernatural

Secrets of the world — Resurrected from the dead

Lethargy and death — where the line between the two? Whether the death is reversible? Whether the resurrection of the dead?
Category: Supernatural
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Loan against the soul

"Sold his soul" - so say the people without honor and conscience, which, despite their dirty work, for some reason all luck. Is it possible to actually dispose of his soul, receiving any real benefit?Strangers in black Friedrich Gustav Schlick. "Faust and Wagner for a walk." 1847-1850 years.In its original meaning of the phrase connotes a contract between man and the supernatural. This agreement (which, according to mythology, was supposed to bind blood) took into account the interests of both parties. "Client" offers certain benefits (wealth, eternal youth, love, Read more [...]
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After the restoration of the church a man cured of cancer

A man from Minnesota, who suffers from a malignant brain tumor, and saw a dilapidated church and decided to rebuild the temple.Upon completion of the reconstruction of an abandoned building, a cancer patient to see a doctor, who reported the disappearance of all signs of the deadly disease. Three years ago, Greg Thomas of Montgomery, Minnesota, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor grade 4. The doctors told the family 57-year-old man, unable to help it, and advised to prepare for the upcoming funeral. At work, Greg said that free him from his post, to terminally ill man could spend the remaining Read more [...]
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Supernatural. Reckoning

Superpowers — a gift or a curse? Why each of the people who have these skills, paid for his gift terrible price?
Category: Supernatural
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Scientists investigated the deadly virus of unknown origin

European scientists have published the first study of coronavirus, which killed 12 people and was first seen in 2012 in the Middle East. Reviewed the records of dozens of patients, biologists suspect that in front of them is just the tip of the iceberg. The study, published in the journal of the American Association of Microbiologists mBio, shed light on the possible ways to treat patients.New coronavirus NCoV belongs to the same family as the common cold or SARS. In the human body it can penetrate through the respiratory tract, and then attacks the immune system in the lungs.Developed symptoms Read more [...]
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Good evil

Many people believe that ghosts cause only harm us: provoke bad things and bring down the right path. But is it really?In 2002, the family Adams began a new period. They moved to a large house, and their youngest son, Robert, who grew introverted and reclusive, has finally found a friend. Robert made friends with a boy named Sean, which is often played in the street. From communicating with one another, Robert was ecstatic. When parents offered her son Sean to invite a visit, he refused, saying that Sean is not quite an ordinary boy, and is unlikely to agree to come. Later it turned out that Read more [...]
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Secrets of the departed

Mysterious disappearances according to scientists in fourth place among the most misunderstood phenomena our planet. People disappear all ages, often without a trace, sometimes in front of many witnesses. Much less a person opens a gift spatial teleportation, which he could control at will. For example, Zhang Baoshen, Chinese descent, often demonstrated a unique ability to teleport, and could dematerialize small objects, which then appear in another place. Experiments to study this phenomenon were conducted in 1982-1983, in the most severe conditions. Specialists stocked all kinds of modern Read more [...]
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Secret power tattoos

Birthmark on the human body has long been attached special importance. It was believed that the location of moles and their combination affect the fate of a man in any way, determine its future. They say that a mole in any case can not be removed - it is violating its own energetic background of the person. But it also happens that people are deliberately trying to change his fate by artificial application of magic symbols and marks on the skin with tattoos.The engineers working in this field say that tattoos are really able to change the destiny of man, and, moreover, sometimes not for the Read more [...]
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This terrible darkness

In 1957, the French newspaper article appeared. It told of one case, which occurred with a 54 - year-old woman, whose name was Mireille Genet. This woman was a professional nurse, so she was invited as a carer for young children and how patronage nurse. The townspeople of Arles, where she was a woman, thought her calm and balanced lady. Therefore, surprisingly reacted to her story about what happened to her event.July 16, at about noon near the wife came to the house of the family Cotillion, who invited her as a carer for a newborn baby. This day was a beautiful sunny weather, so she decided Read more [...]
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The park is inhabited by the ghosts of Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhegorodka Natalia Bukleeva share stories that happened to her in the park "Switzerland."I love to walk. "I often spend time in the parks, - says Natalya. - I love to walk in nature, even in winter. Abstract from sedentary work, enjoying nature. And since I live on Gagarin Avenue, it is often in the park "Switzerland. I like the park, nice and clean, lots of trees. Sometimes I ride it on skis. "Curiosity. "Not long ago I went in the evening walk in the park. As I passed down the staircase that leads to the river, near the bus stop, "manor", I saw Read more [...]
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Anomalous, unexplained and frightening — Poltergeist

Poltergeist find some harmful effect, sometimes evil, under the influence of such forces are beginning to move objects and heard strange noises. The word "poltergeist" comes from the German language from words - rolter, which means noise, rumbling and pounding and geist, which means spirit. For the first time this phenomenon has been seen in ancient times. And since 1890 the phenomenon of "poltergeist" began to explore different methods of parapsychologists and researchers of psychic phenomena.Talked earlier about poltergeists as a force in people hurled mud, stones, can Read more [...]
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