The murder took place at night. Arriving police found the victim's head in the bathroom, and the body — in the bedroom.

The night before, a man told the three children break up into different rooms, and then shut his wife in the bedroom and stabbed her to death with a knife.

Then he took out of the barn and saw the ax with which dismembered the body.

Meanwhile, his 15-year-old son managed to get out of the house. The young man ran up to the police, patrol area, and told them what happened.

Upon arrival, the guards found a hole dug in the yard, where the killer was going to bury the body of his wife, is packed in a plastic bag.

According to his confession, he planned to take his wife's head into the city of KwaZulu-Natal and make it a magical rite. He believed that after the ritual will acquire great wealth.

Local authorities urged residents not commit lynch the perpetrator and wait for a verdict.