Air pollution in India: worse than in China

Probably India gained bell that it is time to start seriously to treat the growing problem of pollution. In a report published this week in Tel Aviv University, says that in Indian cities pollution increases more rapidly than in the eastern cities of classical environmental villain — China.

According to the study, from 2002 to 2010 in Bangalore air pollution increased by 34% — the second largest in the world, and in other Indian cities, including Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur and Ahmedabad, pollution also showed growth, double digit (percentage ). As measured reflects a combination of industrial pollution particles and weather-related — such as dust, it is impossible to tell whether the problem is entirely the result of human activity. However, the fact that during the last decade, the population of India has grown faster than the population of China, means that the air is polluted Indian cities faster than cleaned.

It seems unfair that in China, news of the best Indian in regard to providing jobs of the industrial sector and in terms of pollution. In Chinese cities, it is also growing — just not as fast. But no one in India, following information received was not shocked. This is my first winter in New Delhi, but all tell me that this time of year is "normal", which is immersed in the Indian capital could. But how could be normal? And smog so that I get a sms spam about how ayurveda cure asthma. When does the winter, lower temperatures and annually bring calm to the city haze, but the ever-present darkness, covered shroud the city in the first week of November, has caused more trouble than usual, and not just me. According to the researchers of Indian Centre for Science and Environment, the level of respirable suspended particles in the middle of November was 47% more than last year, and nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere — by 57%.

Power rose to the position of defense, and for good reason. Chief Minister of New Delhi Sheila Dikshit (Sheila Dikshit) stating that the State has designated one of the top universities in the country to study the cause of severe smog in this year, and proposed a number of swift action to clean the air, such as limiting the use of diesel generators and entry ban city trucks, following not in New Delhi. She also blamed on burning straw in the neighboring states of Haryana and Punjab. State governments have rejected the allegations, rightly pointed out that if there was a problem, they would have been covered by smog.

Gray cocoon enveloping the city in early November, is now gone, which means that we can see the sky. This is a welcome change. But he came back. In a study at Yale and Columbia Universities, published earlier this year, India is the last in the list of 132 countries ranked on air quality and its impact on human health. Not harmless because of cars and heavy reliance on coal in the country is extremely serious level of suspended particles in the air, which leads to respiratory infections, and is a problem both in large cities such as New Delhi, and in smaller cities across the country.

"At this time of year is always increasing number of cases of respiratory infections, partly due to the deterioration of air quality, and partly due to seasonal changes," — says Dr. Chhabra (SK Chhabra), head of the Institute of cardiorespiratory physiology thoracic diseases behalf Vallabhai Patel in New Delhi. He says that in recent weeks they received a lot of patients with asthma and bronchitis, and heart patients with angina, which is complicated by the low levels of oxygen in the air due to heavy pollution. People with existing heart or lung disease, smokers, children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to disease. "When poduyut wind, cases of the disease will be less."

The government in New Delhi has taken steps in the past to limit the level of pollution, such as the expulsion of city vehicles that run on natural gas, emission control, subway construction to promote public transport and reduce the number of passes through the city of commercial vehicles. Last week, the Centre for Science and Environment called on officials to do more — to strengthen the verification of emissions for private and commercial vehicles, to prohibit bonfires in and start using the smog alert system which will allow people to know when the level of pollution is particularly dangerous. Earlier this month, the city announced that enhance monitoring, set the city electronic panel with information about the purity of the air and issued warnings about smog and health warnings. Reported by the Hindustan Times.

These measures have proved effective in other cities. I grew up in the 80s in Los Angeles, and we have always been "smoky days" when public schools canceled gym class because the city government said that the children in those days, in the street not be useful. Los Angeles has changed that with the environment through a combination of civic activism, better technology and better control. Alarms were a great measure to preserve the health of the population, but not only. They reminded that the heavy air pollution, even if it is normal, not normal. They also remind citizens that if the authorities do their best to improve the situation, they do not do their work. If we are an Indian private sector can regularly send me sms about Ayurvedic medicines for asthma, I would get a warning and notification from the Government, to whom I pay my taxes, that the current level of air pollution can trigger an asthma attack.

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