Alan Friedman. Unusual photos of the sun

When viewing pictures of amateur astronomers, there is always a legitimate question — why amateur using 25-centimeter telescope "Cassegrain" makes images far superior in clarity and quality, the official NASA pictures that make telescopes worth millions of dollars.

Eddington once said that there is nothing simpler than the stars. But our sun, as well as any other star — not just a giant ball of hot plasma. Sun — Miscellaneous. This fully demonstrates his work an amateur astronomer and part-time photographer Alan Friedman (Alan Friedman) from the U.S..

Beautiful and unusual images of the sun it receives with a special filter that blocks all light except for a narrow strip of dark red, which emits intense hot hydrogen. More recently, such filters have been available only to professionals. And he treated Alan expensive — $ 5,000. The filter is mounted on a small telescope with a lens diameter of 90 mm, which is rigidly fixed to the front yard photographer. Friedman lives in a suburb of a fairly large city (Buffalo, NY), where urban light pollution makes it inaccessible to observations of distant galaxies and nebulae. Therefore, he focused his research on the objects in the Solar System — the moon, the planets, and of course the sun. I must say that quite often it is very good at the beautiful photographs of the sun in a new light.

Before placing them on your site, this solution often turns Alan, making their negatives (except for the outer regions of the disk). This old trick commonly used by astronomers to increase the contrast of details.

Some would say that our sun — an ordinary star. But it is not — see 10 pictures that made Alan Friedman.

1. Our Sun. This wonderful picture of our day-star got to the page Bad Astronomy, magazines Discover, Wired, was published on the websites of many newspapers around the world. Photo: Alan Friedman

2. Together with the sun dragon. One of the last pictures of the Sun, Alan received. In this image, captured a remarkable prominence dragon, which is visible on the left. Photo: Alan Friedman

3. Quiet Sun August 14, 2009. Photo: Alan Friedman

4. A time of great spots. October 30, 2003 at the Sun was so much stain that some groups could be observed with the naked eye before entering luminaries. Photo: Alan Friedman

5. The International Space Station with the docked space shuttle "Discovery" flies over the disk of the sun. Photo taken June 16, 2011. Photo: Alan Friedman

6. To take pictures of the ISS, Alan had to go for 50 miles from his home in Buffalo Lindonvillya area that is on the shores of Lake Ontario. Photo: Alan Friedman

7. March 3, 2011 on the sun's surface has come off a massive formation, which was visible in the light of the alpha hydrogen for several hours before it dissipated into space. These few hours sufficed to Alan, to capture the spectacle in all its glory. Photo: Alan Friedman

8. Quiet Sun in H-Alpha rays of April 29, 2006. Photo: Alan Friedman

9. "Little Big Man" — so the 90-mm telescope Alan Friedman. With this as a confident writer, the smallest telescope on Earth, working in the range H-alpha, and he gets his phenomenal shots. Photo: Alan Friedman

10. Alan Friedman and his 10-dyumovy (25-inch) telescope "Cassegrain". Photo: Alan Friedman

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