Another heavenly warning — we were powerless over strikes from space

Pulled over Chelyabinsk Region in the air an iron meteorite, whose mass is estimated to be about one ton. Unexpectedly. Just as happened with the Tunguska comet in 1908 and with the explosion of the 70-ton iron meteorite over deserted Sikhote-Alin (Primorye) February 12, 1947. Or the same as it did in the Irkutsk region (Vitim bolide) September 25, 2002, where an object exploded in the air about 10 times smaller than the Tunguska.

If, for example, the Sikhote-Alin meteorite would have pulled over the mountains and forests, and over Vladivostok, few would have thought. He left 106 craters with diameters from 1 to 28 meters, and the depth of the largest craters up to 6 meters. The effect would be akin to carpet bombing. The explosion of the Tunguska event, come to the big city it is, would be analogous to a thermonuclear strike. Without radiation — but with millions of victims.

But the most terrible is that we are just as helpless in the face of heaven, as in 1908.

Say, Rogozin, say …

The military-industrial Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that soon make proposals on countering the threat of meteorite. Well, you say, Rogozin, has said. Words hardly change anything. All missile defense / defense and space control systems are not designed to reflect and flogged meteor / comet threat. They all look either on the ground or in the air, or in the very near space. And if something happens to bring down a large meteorite nothing. Or take him away from the Earth.

Instead of going into space and subdue the energy of great power, humanity in 1980 fell into the capitalist cretinism. Neoliberal-monetary. It occupies no delay property games with finance and trade, experiments with the mass consciousness. Mankind now can not even fly to the moon, and the achievements of the year 1968-1972 are perceived as a dream. Could such a thing happen? No to this, no ships, no rockets. Nothing to catch in which case not even the biggest comet and set on her "outlet" thermonuclear charge or special motor. Not based on the Moon special squadron of interceptors.

Rather than become a space power, mankind in the last 35 years plunged into the virtual-information "narkosny." And remained the same helpless against threats from space, as in the time a locomotive and telegraph in 1908.

Yet another "guest" can fly and hit. Only in the USSR there are few traces of the terrible impact of celestial bodies. Starting from Popigai crater in the Krasnoyarsk region (it is comparable to the Yucatan crater) — to the mysterious, though relatively small Patomskiy crater and the crater in the Sayan Mountains. And if you take other "star wounds"? About Meteor Crater, I hope everyone remembers.

Global Crisis — Time confluence of improbable events

We live in an era of global smutokrizisa that will last the entire The onset age. Be in it, and the blood, and the big war, and the terrible downfall of entire countries. And during such crises Compound as history teaches us, a chain of improbable and does incredible events.

Well, that somewhere above the modern megalopolis, or over an old nuclear power plant explode analogue Tunguska "guest" — the plot is quite jaded. As well as falling somewhere in the ocean a small asteroid.

But there may be more "mundane" scenario. For example, in the midst of a bitter confrontation between the two nuclear states, as between India and Pakistan in the summer of 2002, over Delhi exploding car flew in from outer space. Nerves all tense situation and so poised on the brink of war. Large fireball explosion instantly interpreted as air nuclear explosion, attack the enemy. In response, India has a Islamabad. He answers three nuclear strikes. And — started …

The same thing can be imagined on the Korean peninsula. And then — only bigger. In the world in this age are already dozens of small missile-nuclear countries with little strategic arsenals, which, however, will not be able to have their own space-terrestrial missile warning. They will not have any tracking system space. No wonder that in the chaos fireball explosion could be interpreted by some as a blow neighbor. With the appropriate response.

Analogue cosmic-kinetic weapons

Perhaps even more, I note that meteorites can be considered as an analogue of space weapons.

Fired from a high orbit purpose on Earth several refractory metal rods weighing a ton, and the size of a telephone pole can mess things up a terrible destruction. Without incurring a single gram of explosives, not bringing with them the threat of nuclear contamination. They, crashing somewhere with hypersonic speed, instantly destroy several city districts or giant aircraft carrier sunk at once. It is only by a giant kinetic energy, which turns into an explosion on impact or with soil.

One can imagine a rain of arrows refractory smaller size, but covering a much larger area (American project "shell prompt Global Strike"). Indeed, some say that the next (with the nuclear missile) "king of weapons" would become the cosmic.

History knows of cases where the shock of small meteorites killed ships. This — "Uranga Honey" in 1947, the cause of death of the crew whose cloud cyanogen some believe caused the ship to hit a meteorite. (I remember this case, as described in the book for the curious Soviet pioneers 'I want to know everything "in 1972.) Oh, now deceased writer seascape Skryagin Leo, whom I was reading in the same 70 years in" starvation and totalitarian' USSR, wrote:

"October 8, 1896 a meteorite broke form royal mast English sailing-screw steamer" Dawn ", which sail from the island of Barbados in Europe. Meteorite exploded, falling into the water in front stem of the ship.

October 20, 1898 sailors ship "Galileo", which was at the origin of 12 degrees north latitude and 58 degrees west longitude, have witnessed the fall of a large meteorite five meters from the ship. Thus from the burst water main deck was covered with spray.

March 5, 1899 at coordinates 3 degrees south latitude and 24 degrees west longitude meteorite broke form bom-topgallant-yard sailing ship "Belfast".

An interesting report on the meteorite hit the ship we find in the magazine "Around the World» № 28 for 1908. Here's the note, published under the title "The collapse of the vessel, the damaged aerolite."

"… A sailing vessel" Eclipse "with a capacity of 1469 tons, which went from New York to San Francisco, was wrecked in the following circumstances. After a successful three-month voyage, on the 85th day of the trip, in the calm and clear weather in the air suddenly flashed lightning, over the heads of sailors thunder rumbled, was like a shot of heavy artillery. After a few seconds at the top of the mainmast hit aerolite that split it to pieces. Then he quickly rushed down, breaking the deck, forecastle, and keel, with an ominous hiss drowned in the sea. Judging by the size of holes punched in the deck, the meteor was a bit more of a human head. The fire, which began on the vessel, was soon extinguished. But the leak repaired sailors failed. Having spent four days with pumps, without sleep or rest, they boarded the boats and left the ship, which almost immediately sank.

The captain of "Eclipse" decided to get on boats to Hawaii. Shipwrecked had to overcome 900 miles. On the 17th day of sailing in the open ocean, 13 survivors of the 16 landed.

The same happened in the Atlantic Ocean British sailboat "Sagittarius." Even greater-sized meteorite punched through the ship, which sank so quickly that the crew barely had time to pull the dinghy. A few days later the crew was rescued a passing steamer.

Before World War II victims meteorite nearly became the great Dutch ship "Ocean". When the ship was at the north-eastern coast of America, a few meters away from his side of a huge meteorite fell. Occurred while the wave is almost knocked over the ship. Boil the water around the ship, and the ship was enveloped in a suffocating gas, which, fortunately, has been classified by the wind.

A case where at the beginning of this century a meteorite hit the board lightship "Seven Stones", heavily damaging it. Because of choking gas that literally enveloped lightship, the team members, who were at that time on the upper deck for a few minutes lost consciousness. "

What is likely to be …

Likely to talk about the meteorite with a week — and then safely forgotten topic. Today's world — it's hysterical idiot with a short memory, video clip thinking. TV spots will be forgotten, old newspapers with screaming headlines go in the trash. A new scandal with Hollywood star or the next "mandobuntom" take note respectable audience. And roll the same course.

And only when the impact of a meteorite or comet will undergo major urban regions (such as Mexico City, Tokyo, Moscow and New York), humanity will come to his senses and do something. (If a large asteroid will fly, it will be too late. Next will have to survive in a global catastrophe and total savagery, and in the world, where would remain largely non-white. Where comes the "reset history", coupled with the new Dark Ages.)

By the way, recently hitting the victim fell from the sky a large city. I am not a Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. I'm on Chicago October 8, 1871. Then, the town suddenly drowned in numerous fires. Fire fell from the sky. Killed more than 300 people, a fire destroyed everything in the area of 6 square kilometers. Then the city will find a melted marble, floated from the intense heat metal structures. And yet — a body of people with no visible injuries or burns. The impression that they were poisoned by gas. That was very much like the testimony of sailors, ships next to whom fell the heavenly guests. There, because the ships also clouded the suffocating pall.

There is a hypothesis that Chicago in 1871, fell victim to the comet Biel, which entered the atmosphere and crashed just over the Great Lakes region of America. For in one day Chicago-based disaster there have been three large fires on the shores of Lake Michigan.

"… It is 400 miles (600 kilometers) north of Chicago prairie fire destroyed the city Peshtigo, Wisconsin, along with dozens of neighboring villages. Moreover, the number of victims of the fire was from 1200 to 2500. Despite the fact that the fire in Peshtigo took the greatest number of lives in the history of the United States, while it has remained almost unnoticed because of the region's remoteness. On the eastern shore of Lake Michigan Holland fire destroyed city, 100 miles (160 kilometers) north of Holland huge fire burned the village of woodcutters Manistee … "

So Chelyabinsk, I must say, got off light. Well, bearing in mind the stupidity of the human race today, waiting for the next Chicago.

Or Tunguska?

For out of the man in the street in 1908 we are different only in that it can remove the car falling on a mobile phone. Well and fly to the place of tragedy in a helicopter. Essentially the same as the first production aircraft Sikorsky 1944.

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