End of the world according to the prophecy the oracle of Shambhala will come from 3-5 January 2013

When I bought the cheapest new Chinese phone — then immediately thought of this picture, the default, as a screen saver! This movie was the only one on this phone and I was struck by the fact that it is not to everyone else's! Neither the clock nor the barometer or the pressure gauge — no to everyone else's! I thought — this is what the message of common sense people! I thought long and that is why there is so marked and now came up with this idea!

We not long ago my wife and I started talking about the old new year and then I strongly got the idea! I picked up the phone in his hands and looked at her again! Then I typed in Yandex — when the old new year and there I knew that he would be on the night of January 13-14! We live according to the Gregorian calendar, and who only came up with this idea? )))

Why live on the new calendar? And Maya lived on what do you think?

For the first time the Gregorian calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in Catholic countries, October 4, 1582 to replace the old Julian calendar: the next day after Thursday October 4 was Friday 15 October. In Russia the Gregorian calendar introduced in 1918 by decree of the CPC, according to which, after January 31, 1918 followed February 14, 1918

Of this number I counted in reverse order from 31 and up to 21 December, and I stopped on January 3! That is — December 21-23, it will be the old — with 3 — 5 January! Hence the picture Roman 3 and 5 and in the middle a black circle — Nibiru, Planet — X (eclipse) on top in '13!

Now tell us what the Oracle of Shambhala — that will eclipse for 3 days now to think about! On the screen saver on my phone can be clearly seen by the Roman number III to V and the top Year 13 (2013) Big black circle in the middle — that is produced by the eclipse of Nibiru! Such similar message was sent and on television in the cartoon The Simpsons — September 11, when America and fell two hundred-etazhki! Remember this?

And then yesterday I decided to watch this cartoon, The Simpsons, and it showed again — as in little green men knocked on the door and said — We will spend Christmas!

Friends prepare spiritually! Do not drink at all in the new year to wean themselves of bad habits!
The ideal course of rulers — After December 23, not what people will see and breathe easily and say — again, another lie! Fuck you all on three gay! And go — all naotmechayutsya blissfully — will remove the stress, as they say! And then all of a sudden will it! And people just wrought, and someone altogether abandon the heart of the phenomenon because of a sudden will be! It is always the actual course (surprise)!

It's not what you do not vortex!

You can easily check it out yourself!

Here is the site where you type seen in this video! — Here you can see most all — helioviewer.org top in the left corner, enter this date — 2012/04/21 — Time — 7:27:00

I was just amazed! Everything came together — the mystery unravel! And I — in shock!

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