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First large-scale epidemic of the XXI century: the U.S. and China shall flu

In the U.S. — the epidemic of influenza. Cases, there are already hundreds of thousands. Hospitals — the queue. In New York and Boston declared a state of emergency. Such in the XXI century has ever had. Which countries are sick and worried whether the Russians?

U.S. flu. Overseas news again come to the sound of coughing and sneezing. The strongest in the last 10 years of the epidemic grows.

Reports of the spread of infection in the last days updated almost every hour: 20 states, 27, 34, 47 of 50. And a virus — very aggressive. Not always save even vaccinations.

Resist to the sunny California and Hawaii. But here they fell under the onslaught of the virus. The hardest thing on the East Coast of emergency in Boston. Number of cases is several times higher than the previous year.

"We have doubled the number of staff. But we are already at full capacity, and yet the number of cases continues to grow," — says the doctor Terry Helly.

"We have a large influx of people. People who stood in the corridors for half an hour before the opening of the clinic," — said Dr. Barbara Ferrer.

But the most urgent situation — in the state of New York. It has confirmed the diagnosis in more than 20 thousand people. For comparison, last season there were epidemiological only 4.5 thousand infections. In the state as a state of emergency that above all provides funding from the center. And it is more than just will not.

The costs of fighting infection is estimated at 10 billion dollars — and vaccination and therapy. But the numbers of the overall damage to the economy many times more — 80 billion. Analysts predict a slowdown in GDP growth.

Apparently, not knowing Russian sayings about "too late to drink" Borjomi ", U.S. authorities have launched a massive campaign to vaccinate the population. They even suspended the federal law that could only get vaccinated adult citizens. During the epidemic threshold is reduced. Vaccinated even small half-year-old children .

By the beginning of the epidemic in the United States was harvested 135 million doses of vaccine. Of these, the soft tissues of Americans already out of print 128 million. The local media began to appear even panic messages: all drugs are not enough. However, this information proved to be greatly exaggerated. According to doctors, vaccination in the country are just over a third of the population.

Anxious mood faster than the virus itself, entered the network. In the "Twitter" Americans share their feelings on the subject.

"Madness. I got the flu shot, which proved to be ineffective" — complains Joe Seanoa.

"I saw a group of people who make each other flu shots near the pharmacy," — shares his observation in the "Twitter" Ryan.

"The news that Meryl Streep has the flu, gives me a strange sense of comfort" — finds himself feeling malevolent Barron Hilton.

However, not all Americans are perceived threat is really serious.

His race fiddle while Rome was held in the New York subway. Activists held a traditional action "without pants." The whole day, the flash mob riding the subway in their underwear. Neither surprised looks casual companions, nor the threat of influenza lovers bare loins did not stop.

Exotic therapies influenza H3N2. Although underestimate the threat flu is not necessary. According to the most average estimated number infected in the United States is measured for hundreds of thousands.

It seems that every year there are ill with influenza from 5 to 20 percent of the population. With about 200,000 people are hospitalized, and from 3 to 49 thousand die.

However, mortality data rather crude, as is often the cause of the virus itself is not fixed, and it caused complications.

Discrepancy in the figures could be very significant. Especially when you consider how many of the varieties of this flu is. For example, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2009 from swine flu in the world only killed over 18,000 people.

More recently, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the results of its own studies that when the 12 months of the pandemic virus has killed at least 284 thousand people.

To such an epidemic numbers this year so far away. However, the information received must be at least cautious.

At the other end of the world — in China — the first time since 2009 recorded deaths. Swine flu have died, two women in Beijing. In Palestine, a different strain of the virus has killed 9 people. Of the United States, we have already spoken. Accurate data on deaths from there yet. Aware of at least 20 cases of death in children. In the Old World is not so easy. In the Czech Republic, 10 people were killed. In Poland — 5. Even when you look at a map of the approximate becomes clear — the virus is selected closer.

"In the United States dominates the flu virus H3N2. And influenza type B. It is in Russia, and in China, and the USA. Quarantine will take some action? If from China will go, it is likely that if there really serious epidemic, it is possible that there will measure temperature passengers. But perhaps in the United States will be. man can fly out of the country, it still looks to be healthy, and in fact, the virus has already got into his body, "- the head Laboratory protection against viral infection of Influenza Marianne Erofeev.

What about Russia? The first news came from Kaliningrad. It was reported this year's first case of swine flu. Control efforts on the border with China. Rospotrebnadzor specialists conduct daily monitoring of the health of all entering the Primorsky Territory of the Middle Kingdom.

However, while there is no reason to panic. Yes, the virus around. But for Russians it is not undertaken. By the way, experts have called the merit of long New Year holidays and school holidays. Now, with the beginning of the learning process, it will be difficult.

Students — most at risk of infection. For the removal of the entire class of contracting SARS have at least 30 percent. In the case of 25 students will be sufficient to seven.

Throughout the country, the situation is normal. Small voltage is observed only in the Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir, Kazan and Tyumen regions. All across the state was nearly 40 million doses. 13 million of them — children.

"At least all of February and first week of March, we will register a fall. Since we are a unique largest country, we do not have, so that in all the subjects at once begins the rise in incidence. This may be local, but, fortunately, this situation we expect, "- said the chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko, Russia.

According to forecasts of the chief sanitary doctor, the growth of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections in Russia will happen in the coming days. Increase the number of patients waiting for the end of the week.

Now, according to Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow alone flu recorded in almost 50 thousand people.

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