In the court 34-year Goydsargi Estibalis Carranza Zaban, a citizen of Spain and Mexico, has confessed to the crime, according to news agency France Presse.

In 2008, the victim was her first husband Holger Holtz. After the divorce, he refused to move out of their shared home, relationships with ex-spouses were bad: Holtz Estibalis often yelled at and mocked her bad German, reports Reuters. At a time when Holtz worked at the computer, she fired three shots into his head.

The woman was sure that someone heard shots and in her home here will appear the police. However, at this point she called her staff Schleckeria cafe and asked to come. So Estibalis and decided to hide the body of the work. She dismembered him and took a chainsaw to the basement facilities.

The next victim was her boyfriend Estibalis also iceman Manfred Hinterberger. Because of the constant betrayals Hinterbergera relationship soon went wrong. This murder Estibalis approached more professionally: shooting took lessons and even learned to knead concrete.

In November 2010, the civilian husband Estibalisya arranged another scandal and accused him of adultery. Hinterberger did not quarrel with a friend, and just went to bed and fell asleep.

"He turned to the wall and began to snore, — says the defendant. — I was very angry. And under my mattress lay a gun. I got the gun, loaded it and shot. "

Estibalis morning, tormented by remorse, dismembered the corpse and buried the remains in the cafeteria.

Offense opened in June 2011, during repairs in the building that housed the cafe. At that time, the businesswoman was two months pregnant. In January 2012 Estibalis birth in jail boy, who is brought up by her parents. At the conclusion of psychiatrists, the defendant suffers from mental illness and may be dangerous to others.

It is interesting that protects Estibalis famous lawyer in Austria, which in 2009 represented the interests of the court maniac Joseph Fritslja. For 25 years he kept in the basement and regularly raped his own daughter. During this time she gave birth to a father of several children.