In the Arctic seas thawed new cool place

But start there fishing only after serious research, which Russia does not have the money. The warming of the Arctic Ocean in the central part of the ice-water area of vacant area of 2.8 million square meters. km. Scientists believe that there may be a lot of valuable fish species. But to begin fishing in those areas can not, without serious research. With funding for marine research expeditions in Russia decreased by 40%.

Flounder and capelin are moving north

— Halibut, capelin and cod in recent years was as up to 82 degrees north latitude, — says Evgeny Shamrai deputy. Director of Science PINRO. — It's a long way — before hunting was available only to the 78th degree. The melting of other countries have access to the living aquatic resources that were previously caught in the exclusive economic zones of Russia and Norway. After thawing areas have an open international status.

For example, in the north-western part of the Kara Sea and to the east of Franz Josef Land had always been ice. 6 years ago this water thawed, and in 2007 went there Murmansk scientists. They found a lot of young halibut, which, growing up, back in the Barents Sea. In 2009, it became clear that between Spitsbergen and Franz Josef Land migrate very large cod, to the same in recent years has shifted a large capelin, then going to the Barents Sea to spawn.

Oceanographers emphasize that many other countries are in need of fish and could theoretically free to catch it thawed in the Arctic. But the exact number of fish stocks there is unknown. If you start an uncontrolled fishing, the over-exploitation of biological resources is almost inevitable.

— As a result, stocks will undermine not only at high latitudes, but also in areas of Russia and Norway, — says Evgeny Shamray.

The answer to the question, how many fish can "bail out" without harm to the reserves, can only give purposeful expedition, which terminated in 2009 due to lack of funding.

Research fleet is practically no

As reported at the Federal Agency for Fisheries, on field studies highlighted in the whole country 3.45 billion rubles, and this volume does not change for 4 years. So, new expeditions can not afford oceanography. Since the repair, fuel and electricity every year fly scientists in growing a lot of money, the amount of research has declined by about 40%, and the end of the recession is not visible. Rosrybolovstvo repeatedly appealed to the government on this issue, but without success. Moreover, in Russia today, research fleet is almost gone. PINRO has only two vessels — "Vilnius" and "Fridtjof Nansen". Both are long out of date, day of operation at sea are of the order of 300 — 500 thousand — two times more expensive than a modern vessel. But to build the new "nauchnikov" in Russia or buy them abroad no hurry.

By the way, the "raw" laws deliver scientist problems as much as lack of money. For example, the legislation effectively deprived of their right to investigate thawed sea areas for fish stocks. You need to have a scientific quota. Quota can give, if the study area is set obschedopustimy Sea Catch (TAC). But TAC can appear only after the investigations. Circle. According to Eugene Shamray, Rosrybolovstvo now preparing a proposal to the federal government to make the necessary amendments to the laws. Time on the job is not more than five years, noted in PINRO. If we are late, the future Russian quota thawed seas receive our competitors.

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