In the Mariana Trench found bizarre organisms, keeping the secret origin of life

At a depth of almost 11,000 feet literally lined the bottom "carpet" of microorganisms. Clue to the origin of life on Earth, and probably beyond can be hidden in the deepest spot on the planet – the Mariana Trench.

Explore a unique video footage and samples obtained during the March mission deep Hollywood director James Cameron, the scientists discovered bizarre forms of life. For example, at a depth of nearly 11,000 feet literally lined the bottom of "carpet" of microorganisms.

On closer inspection, you can see that "litter" is, as it were of the strange whisker "bush" on underwater rocks, which seem to provide these microorganisms "chemical" food. Researchers believe that there should look for the roots of metabolism – something like that could cause a chemical process that led to the birth of the earth, and possibly alien life, and in the solar system. It comes to such celestial bodies as Europe – icy moon of Jupiter – said citing portal

Surprising results of the mission were presented to Cameron in San Francisco, this week is the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union. The director said that of the device Deep Sea Challenger saw "lifeless" landscape similar to the moon. But scientists who have examined his collection of samples, soon discovered that the marine life is in very cold and dark places.

For example, in such an incredible depth were caught giant (17-centimeter) krevetkpodobnye beings – amphipods. Tests have shown that in their body there are components that make fabrics and fibers are successfully operating in conditions of high pressure. Among these components – scyllo-inositol, identical drug used in clinical trials related to the search for Alzheimer's disease.

Of the Mariana Trench have been raised to the surface approximately 20,000 micro-organisms – they subjected to genetic analysis – as well as countless giant amoebas – the simplest organisms, which are one of the largest single-celled.

Before traveling to the deepest place on Earth Cameron down under water for eight thousand meters in the area of Papua New Guinea. During this expedition were also seen unusual creatures. The largest of these were sea cucumbers – sea cucumbers. One of the extracted species, possibly new.

In addition, at a depth of about four miles, inhabited Enteropneusta – worm-like marine invertebrates. It is possible that even a girl-mermaid may encounter at such a depth.

Mission Cameron threw a lot of new information to biologists, geologists and chemists, who are hoping that this dive – not the last. Near the Cameron, and other researchers have no plans to undertake a new journey, but the director says that he himself bathyscaphe, and other equipment are intact and stored in the barn of his home in Santa Barbara, California. So the whole issue – funding.

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