Landmarks in Adygea — peers Pyramids

Worldwide remains unexplained phenomenon of ancient stone structures. This Hendzh Stone and the Egyptian pyramids, and the mysterious sculptures on Easter Island.

Who built them and why

Of course there are many opinions, but which one is right? Such interesting architectural monuments is in Russia. In the Western Caucasus, is about 2,400 dolmens — stone structures very ancient culture. Scientists suggest that they are about 5000 years old.

— Dolmen is a megalithic structures of antiquity, which served as burial crypts. They perform various rituals. As a rule, they were built by hundreds in one area. These monuments are largely mysterious. It is difficult to imagine how, in ancient times it was possible to move and assemble these multi-ton blocks. Throughout the world, preserve and protect the dolmens. The monuments of world importance. And in modern Adygea they — objects for tourism — said Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Adygea, Aslan archaeologist Tov.

Dolmens themselves like stone houses — are tiled, solid, composite and trough-shaped. In form, they can be as rectangles and trapezoids, and polyhedra. The front plate — round hole, sometimes enclosed stone "stopper."

Dolmens are found around the world — in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Geographically, they encircle the planet, and are located primarily in the coastal regions of the earth. In the Caucasus dolmens most architecturally finished and very massive. Boulders so tightly fit together, that between them can not stick a knife blade.


Researchers are often found in human bone remains of dolmens and household items, tools, jewelry, weapons. In southern Russia dolmens are located in groups of 12 plants. There are also entire dolmen fields with more than 300 — for example, near the village is 564 Bagovskoy dolmen.

These stone structures scattered around the world, and every nation has a name for them. For example, Circassians call them "un-Spanish" or "house of the dwarf." In Adyghe mythology and legend is relatively dolmens. On it they built a race of giant people for undersized tribe — dwarfs. They were so small that they have used for riding hares, and they could not build their own house.

The interesting thing is that this assumption did four centuries ago a priest from Europe, who claimed that the dolmens were built by giants.

Pandora's box

A lot of tourists visit the dolmens today. They say these stone monuments strong energy, and many believe that it can heal and the desires. Perhaps it is a kind of portal land, and through them you can achieve enlightenment. Who knows? But what is next to them, you feel a strong energy field, confirm at least once visited the dolmen near tourist. Many people notice a change of mental state. These ancient buildings hide a lot of mystical knowledge.

Sabahat Lugon — our compatriot, who had come from Switzerland, all the while engaged in spiritual practices — yoga and various ancient teachings, visit all the ancient civilizations of China and India to Latin America. Every time I come to Adygea, she wanted to visit a dolmen. She especially loved the huge dolmen in the mountain village Guzeripl. She was alone at the stone building, always meditated and prayed beside him. And today there are many people who want to develop themselves through meditation and thus find themselves other knowledge.

Many ancient teachings say that dolmens are directly related to the cosmos. They have always been considered a source of psychological energy — a special area, which gives humanity a new knowledge of life.

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