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Life after death

And what is beyond this universe? Perhaps this question though ever wondered each. Even atheists, unbelievers Thomas exclaims that after death is only death and darkness, deep down convinced there beyond the borders of consciousness and biological life that, yes there is. I have met people who have experienced clinical death and returned from the dead. Here are a few such stories.

Death in childbirth

My husband was born in pain. Births in-law were severe and nearly fatal. "I saw myself floating near the ceiling maternity unit, looked at the sisters, who were holding my legs, I was so easy and good. Then came his brother's face,. Died of meningitis in childhood, he pulled me pen and called his own way, as a child to her. Swept hundreds of events of life. Then ease passed, I felt pain. My son was born. As it turned out, I went through a short-death. "

Death during surgery

Father shoved in the stomach inadequate neighbor. Torn bladder. Another day my father suffered a pain. At night he was taken to the hospital just rescued. "You know, dying is not so bad!" — He said afterwards. "I saw death and I am not afraid, and happily die … First down staring at her body. Felt himself in a vacuum, as-whether sailed on a cloud. Then he saw running around the yard a little boy, I study at the institute, getting married, you're born. In general, everything, all of his life. Then flying down the hallway and saw a bright, bright light and something red in front. Became dark. I woke up in intensive care. "

Dad died two years after surgery. Heart gave out. He lay in a coffin, with a smile on his lips. Apparently, he really was glad to die.

Death in drowning

We resolve in spite of relatives arrived with his girlfriend Svetka the park. We have been about 10. I wanted to teach her how to swim, "grabs his shoulders" — I called her, and we went on the "depth". Sveta felt as though I descend into the water, she began to frantically push on my shoulders, slid down and went to the bottom. After a minute of abnormal situations noticed the boy. He pulled Svetku hair. A couple of minutes girlfriend was unconscious, then opened them. And became hysterical, "I saw … I saw .. I saw my grandmother, she's dead … she mnya alienated. " This case is not like she asks remember to this day.

Shadow of Death

Death comes to a man, leaving your breath. If a person dies in a house, do not unlock the door bell. Before his death, his great-grandfather's house, his daughters someone phoned, they discovered, nobody. The minute-grandfather died. When my grandmother died, the house rang. Call heard only my mother. Opened, the grandmother went to another world for two hours.

I was told that the dead relatives take for a most vulnerable from life's storms relatives. I went all the pairs. Grandmother took six months grandfather, another grandmother two years of his son, my father.

Shadow of Death, and I felt. I once angrily recalled one person who made me much evil. And suddenly thought of his short age. Then it turned out that on that day he died. On the day of his father's death, I knew he would go to the other world is today. Three half-asleep watching translucent woman in white. Every time in our apartment block someone who is dying. Probably such cases happened in many.

A similar happened to you?

Maria Yakushina, "The Earth Chronicles", Thursday, 10/01/2013.

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