Megaliths Karelia. Mount Vottovaara

Vottovaara (Death Mountain) is the highest point in the West Karelian Hills (417.3 meters above sea level) and is located approximately 30 kilometers from the village Gimoly and about 20 kilometers from the village Sukkozero, east of connecting them with each other roads.

That's for sure no one will say that here nature tried.

But the tourist sites and the official guides together as a blueprint report one and too. Copy and I have for you the standard "zavlekuhu" for tourists: —
"The top Vottovaara, an area of about six square miles, there are huge rectangular stones, amazing buildings of stone in the form of a perfect circle, called by archaeologists cromlechs and about 1,600 stones seids laid in some mysterious manner. Seid — cult boulder or a fragment of rock, artificial isolation from the environment is obvious, that is, has obvious signs of human impact. densest concentration of stone-seids — the highest point of the ridge and on the slopes of the amphitheater. Stones are located mainly in groups of two to six pieces. Several large stones, some weighing up to three tons, put on the "legs" that is stacked on several smaller stones. Most stones lying on the banks of the ancient water and cliffs. "

Yes, this is all very picturesque, pleasing to the eye and a warm heart. Performed divine enthusiasm, and gives a sense of touch to the mystery.

And tens of thousands of tourists post on their pages penechki, Christmas trees, flowers, buttercups, panorama landscape with rocks and swamps, warped unknown silo tree trunks and endless Sadie, Sadie, seids …

Deliberately not please you pictures Sadie, their already by thousands on the Internet. Why all admire it cobbles resting on pebbles smaller. Well, what delight? But in this photo — a real delight! Agree? Where else do we have such excellent examples can be found?

Agree, it is impossible not to recall Baalbek or lower rows of the temple in Jerusalem?

There generally is not put into words. If I opened it — learning process certainly would have begun with a deep and prolonged unconsciousness.

The scale of amazing!

And it does not crack!

Well it is … For the overall development, to once again laugh at the herd custom tie colored ribbons on the trees in "places of power", and each other to walk barefoot through the maze, with an idiotic expression. That is supposedly attained enlightenment …

Familiar to you that? So I cry, watching the mass psychosis of fellow citizens who occupy the first ski resorts to learn that their God, the director of JSC "Russia" likes to go with the slides, and then forcibly dragged abutting against children in the section of judo and dzyuposle because Director country and there had inherited. It's good fighters at all lacking.

And I cry when things here are here to overlook. And if they do not pass, you simply can not break away from the stereotypes of tombs of the giants and the mysterious sarcophagus, etc.

The cameras then it will be small … saogo need a set of modern equipment, aerial photography, mathematical modeling and 3D — model rkonstruktsii object. Very expensive pleasure.

Here's how to remove these things. Just because they are "evidence" in the case …

How do you want to find out what's down there!

As in most cases observed megalithic sites, we are again confronted with the presence of quartz. They knew something about quartz is they do not know our scientists.

Like in Taimyr destruction will be devastating. Miracle that anything at all survived. Traces of our civilization would be erased forever. And these rocks and survive another catastrophe.

Here's something not cause me joy is "place of power". And the trees feel the trouble, or that they also double up as? Place-names in places usually associated with death. I can not believe that Death Mountain can be a source of positive energy. Such places are just radiate energy disaster and pain. Here energy cemetery.

And the gods say this place!

And such a simple gift seid! It's gorgeous! To which plant we are released?

It is near our ancestors noted. And it looks like the label is black ….

I do not know, in order, if it is made to go up and down, or is it a technological element.

Does not fit into the general Artin megalithic one fact: the lack of nearby deposits of precious metals. But none menie residents of this city. or the owners of this plant also mercilessly wiped out. And the destruction of such a nature that the natural "cleansing" was clearly secondary. Initially, they were destroyed the most powerful weapon in comparison with which — just baby nuclear firecracker.

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