Most ghosts are tied to the place where they accepted death

It is believed that most ghosts are tied to the place where they are (ie — the people they once were) was premature, often painful death. And if it killed several hundred or even thousands of people, then it is possible the emergence of entire hordes of ghosts.

This occurs typically in the areas of bloody battles. And then, in dozens, if not hundreds of years, the witnesses with amazement and horror watching the battle ghostly soldiers again and again come together in mortal combat …

The phenomenon of phantom battles known since ancient times. Ancient authors reported the appearance on the field under Marathon, where in 490 BC Greeks defeated the Persians, many ghosts that are each a fierce battle. The vision is a burst in a few centuries, and watched it a thousand people, including even the Roman emperor Hadrian (II century BC), who specially came to that region to see for a stunner.

These battles can be called mirage (so, for example, the professor Gurvich), if ghostly warriors exactly reproduces the battle. But just as that's the much doubt it. Of course, those witnesses, present, battles long since dead, but it seems that the ghosts are quite independently.

For example, the ghost battle orders of Prince Rupert with the forces of Oliver Cromwell (the battle itself took place in 1643 near Edgehill, in England) in the same spot saw a month after the battle (and see from time to time to this day.) "Phantom" battle showed a completely different approach to the battle (but with the same end result.)

This is related by the officers who had seen a ghost battle King — participating in a real fight. They claimed in their reports, which recognized a ghost of their dead comrades, and heard the screams, the roar of guns, drums, clanging armor. It turns out that the ghostly armies converge as the most real, live the army, and the battle between them actually played again!

Both the ground and in the sky

Vision of some "phantom" battles have a history of several hundred years. For example, residents of the island of Iona (England) tell of ghostly Viking boats from which landed ashore ghostly warriors in horned helmets and engage the ghostly monks.

But particularly rich reports phenomenon modern and contemporary history. In the area of Scotland Stretchklaydskom numerous witnesses repeatedly recorded the movement of a large army, which is completely dissolved in the air. In town Sedzhemur (England), from the XVII century, are ghostly battles related to the war between the Parliament and the King. In the area of Wales Kambriyskom repeatedly seen translucent cavalry troops with health coaches. Residents of the town of Verviers (Belgium), a week after the battle of Waterloo was observed in the sky, a fierce battle between the French and the troops of the anti-Napoleonic coalition.

In 1848, at the Dauphine near Vienna dozens of witnesses noticed over the treetops something unimaginable — it was the army of many thousands, march, as the then wrote the newspaper, in the air and goes somewhere in the heavens. In 1888, near the village of Varasdin (Croatia) for almost a whole day ghostly horse forces, creating panic and move both on land and in the sky.
One of the most impressive "phantom" battles going on at times in the U.S. near the city Sheyloh (Tennessee). During the Civil War, in April 1862, here for two days, killing more than 20,000 people. After just six months, the villagers began to report ghostly battle, which was not only seen, but heard. Since then, reporters, photographers and researchers are trying to fix the "sheylohskih ghosts", but to get quality shots as yet.

Our time — is no exception

Phantasmagoric visions seen in our time, as evidenced by the numerous reports of eyewitnesses. In the early winter of 1951, early in the morning on the way to Lethem (England), Mrs. Elizabeth Smith narrowly escaped a serious accident: her car slid on an icy road straight into the ravine. After leaving the car, the woman decided to take the remaining eight miles to the house on foot. Suddenly on the road, she saw a group of people with torches. They paid no attention to her.

Mrs. Smith said that they lean over the bodies of the dead and carefully inspect them. According to the woman, the whole scene lasted no more than ten minutes, but in that time she could quite clearly see their clothes, like a garment of ancient Saxons. Interested in her case, experts have concluded that it is, apparently, has seen a ghostly scene after the battle between the Britons and Anglo-Saxons, who came to this place in the year 685 and is known as the "Battle of Nachansmira."

Something similar is observed throughout the world, and Russia, in which there were many bloody battles, is no exception. That's a message that came in 1990 to the commission for the study of anomalous phenomena "Phenomenon": "As a child, before World War I saw the" Battle in Heaven "- says a resident of the city of Kemerovo region Prokopyevsk Alexandra Ushakov. — In the evening at 10 o'clock we went with my aunt from the bath. I looked at the sky and cried out in fear.

There hacked and stabbed each other with swords riders on giant horses. A terrible battle took place in silence, as if in slow motion … Aunt, looking up, just squeezed my hand tighter and quickened her pace. I could not sleep at night, I again went outside, but the sky was clear. Never again have I seen anything like this. Read a lot, looking for the answer to his riddle. But in vain. Maybe someone else is watching that heavenly battle? '.

Warring ghosts of Stalingrad

Very often they see the ghostly soldiers in Volgograd, where the war claimed thousands of soldiers. For example, near the Volgograd State University, located near the famous Bald Mountain, where fierce fighting, always found dark-faced soldiers in shabby coats and burnt with a bandaged hand.

In the evening, he goes to the belated passers-by and asks to smoke, and then disappears.

In Dzerzhinsk district is a large burial of those killed during the Battle of Stalingrad, the Germans. In the late 80's local youth often went there to "dig" the grave, hoping to find something of value. Typically, these excavations were made late in the evening or at night, "diggers" does not even scare stories have appeared in places ghosts.

A typical case occurred in the summer of 1988. Misty moonless night, one of the "diggers" went for a walk and never returned. Found it only in the morning, but in a state that had to quickly take him to a psychiatric hospital. Only a couple of days the youth said that he had witnessed the night battle, and not just a fight, and a bayonet attack. According to the "diggers", he found himself in a winter ruined city round about him in silence exploded grenades, killed by German and Soviet soldiers …

Battle of the invisible

There are also reports about the invisible but very noisy battles. In the early morning August 4, 1951 two British women vacationing in the seaside village a few miles from Dieppe (France), were awakened sounds of rifle fire, roar of cannon fire and the explosions of bombs. It lasted about 50 minutes. The fight, of course, was seething somewhere on the coast, most likely in the port. But soon all was quiet.

After asking the locals then, women were surprised to learn that the battle is not really there, and that the inhabitants of the village heard it quite often, even stopped paying attention to it. Returning to England, sent tourists report the incident to the London Society for Psychical Research. Members of the Company, reviewing the record of the fighting in those places, and found that the onset of the phenomenon coincides with the first shots of the Canadian and British troops attacked in the early morning August 19, 1942 German-occupied port of Dieppe. Of the six thousand people who took part in the battle, which lasted for four and a half hours, four thousand were killed or wounded.

…Quite difficult to clearly answer the question of why there are such visual and auditory hallucinations, and hallucinations it? One can not exclude that this is the fruit of the imagination to the extent of susceptible individuals. But the evidence is too much, and to reject all of them does not work …

"Secrets of the twentieth century. Gold Series" № August 2011

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