Mystery vilui boilers

For many years, local hunters bypass the remote area of the Yakut tundra. This place is quickly left the military, who built a number of bases and depots. However, the local open spaces attract professional researchers of mysterious. The name of this place "Elyuyu Cherkecheh. "A translation from the Yakut language means"Death Valley. "This name, as you can imagine, do not come …

So where do I start a story? Of course, from the beginning of history, namely, the ancient legend.

In ancient times, this area was inhabited by nomadic Tungus. Once distant neighbors noticed how their territory impenetrable darkness enveloped in the vicinity heard a deafening sound. Got great strength hurricane, lightning ripped the sky. When everything settled, and haze dissipated in front of them opened an unusual picture. Of scorched earth stood tall vertical structures, which could be seen from great distances. For a long time, this mysterious construction produces an unpleasant deafening sounds and gradually decreased, until he was gone.

Some curious hunters penetrate slept in these rooms, but then began to ache. Worth it to spend the night a few times, and people can easily die. As it turned out, they were waiting for the perfect lodging, high domed "Iron House", which was on the side supports. But to enter it never failed — the house was high and smooth. He had no windows and no doors.

Tall structure in place was huge "mouth." According to legend, it included three tiers of "laughing abyss."

In the depths of a mysterious building was supposedly underground country with its sun. Out of the mouths of suffocating odor, and so near is not settled. From far away to be seen, though over time there is a crater at home "rotating island" that was it "shuts the lid." According to the testimony of ancient legends of this land, there is a lot of amazing things. For example, speaking out of the ground is flat arch, under which is a lot of unusual metal buildings. Inside, even in severe frosts heat as well as in summer.

About this place in the 19th century wrote researcher Viljui Maack, "On the river bank there is indeed a giant pot of copper. Size is not known, because the ground can only see the edge of it, but there are growing many trees … ".

The researcher of ancient culture Arkhipov also wrote this: "Among the people of old basin Velu goes giving the existence in the upper reaches of the river giant bronze boilers olguev."

What is mysterious is the Yakut valley? Soviet military base? Hardly … This option is one of the most impossible — remember when the first stories about the valley … Or maybe it's a secret alien base, which broke down due to certain disaster, which prevented the evacuation? ..

They say more about a strange hypothesis — namely, the rumors that exist among the people and tell about this strange place, located near the river Vilyuy. They say that in the valley there is a hidden entrance to the terrible dungeons, where lived, and can, and still inhabit the unknown creature …

Known for eyewitness Koretsky believes that "pot" — is the work of man, because if they were extraterrestrial, then there would be more durable.

In the entire history have been several attempts to discover the valley of death. In the 60s of the 20th century geologist Poroshin tried to find it near the river Berende, which flows into the Neutral Tuobuya west, but found only a strange settlement for people fleeing from civilization.

In the summer of '97 has left a group of two people (Uvarov Gutenev), thanks to the sponsors who pay for the work to specialists in Aerofotograficheskom archive where notice in the pictures of the valley, "something strange." Went to the place, however, the helicopter was late, as any other technical difficulties. Thus, we had to go back so did not find …

In 2000 Gutenev again went to one of the planned locations of the Valley, but the devices are not given a clear proof of the existence in the land of metal structures …

Then what is this mysterious "boilers" that lurk in the Yakut ground? I think that many would like to satisfy your interest, but unfortunately, the pleasure it will cost very expensive to get to this place is only possible by helicopter to scour large areas swampy taiga, and those who were in the forest, so do not tell, what is the price of this search …

I think that a lot of research cruises will be sent to the Yakut "valley of death" … Will they be able to solve this mystery? Question …

Anna Musatenko, "Land of The Chronicles of Life" Monday, 1/21/2013

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