Ocean trenches: The Blind Side of the Earth

The average depth of the oceans is 3,800 meters. They occupy our planet 99% of the space, where life could exist. 85% of this volume is to dive into the eternal darkness of the depths of ocean basins.

Deep-sea diving with enough equipment became effective only recently implemented, and today we have detailed maps of only 5% of the ocean floor.

For the past twenty-five years on average every two weeks published description of a new and hitherto unknown species of the deep sea dweller. An estimated ten to thirty million species yet to be discovered. About those that live at the bottom of the ocean, we know almost nothing, but I guess they must have exceptional adaptation skills and incredible physical attributes, relevant such extreme conditions of existence under a giant pressure. Means of communication between them is often a light, as most of them glow in the dark.

"Every night and every morning all the oceans, seas, lakes, and even the world become the scene of amazing view: billions of inhabitants rise from the depths to the surface of the water, – Tells Claire Nuvyan, journalist and documentary filmmaker, author "Ocean basin" (Claire Nouvian, «Abysses». Fayard, 2006). – During these mass migrations of animals are often combined in flocks so thick that sixty years ago, when I started to use the sonar, the captains of fishing vessels was an impression that rises very bottom! This natural phenomenon is called "vertical migration", is a unique example in the world of synchronous movement of large masses of animals. "

Pollution and virtually uncontrolled exploitation of the oceans led to massive loss of its inhabitants. Claire Nuvyan which happen repeatedly engage in deep expeditions, warns:

"If we had applied to coral reefs in the tropics, the same injury which plot the reefs in the ocean depths, it would long ago have led to mass protests … As for the ocean basins, only a handful of experts has the necessary information to assess the true extent of the disaster. Public opinion can not take shape in a lack of awareness of the extraordinary natural treasures lurking in the bottom of the ocean. Therefore, we must first get acquainted with the world of the deep, to admire the true beauty of our planet, not the purely external, bathing in the sun for all to see, not the beauty of the "blue planet", and the one that is hidden from the eyes of a multi-ton water column, in the impenetrable darkness, the beauty of the "black world", the "invisible hand of the Earth" …

Those who happened to be in this kingdom of shadows, to one degree or another have experienced a shock from a meeting with a common home for all of us. You can take these words with a grain of salt, to doubt their sincerity, but if you dive to a depth of several hundred meters, to be face to face with the stark, absolutely free and free from the conventions of life, the emotions themselves are set to an archaic way.

Yes, we are nothing more than a wet bag, drying in the sun in a hostile environment for us, yes, the ocean – our cradle, where it was nursed all life on this planet. In greater depths, know it's more than just the mind. The opportunity to experience this feeling must be given to each person as a rite of initiation into the mystery of the indivisibility of life.

Isolate themselves, to oppose the rest can be destroyed themselves. Turning a blind eye to the past, we deprive ourselves of the ability to see the future. Still not too late to make this century did not age in the history of the planet fateful turn to self-destruction of man. "

Source: French edition of the magazine NEXUS. Translation: Paul Bondarovski.

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