Plasmoids – a special form of life. Part-4

Expert in the field of geophysics and one of the most respected scientists on the study of plasma Bocconi Leo says that such plasma formations can take many forms, and can travel at speeds of up to 1500 km / h

Notable attraction of these "creatures" to places where there are large fires or large industrial complexes, they often follow the aircraft. Meetings of plasmoids in the anomalous zones and "places of power" is not so rare, and they were seen on the dolmens and in areas of high radioactivity.

Ilya Ivanov, researcher of anomalous phenomena suggests that escapes from the Earth to the Earth's surface energy, which flows through geological faults and can be a source of plasmoids. In the early stages of the origin of life on our planet, solar and terrestrial plasmoids could act as "nucleation", by sealing its own structure in order to create a more stable and solid matter.

This "arhimateriya" in the evolution of complex molecular complexes supplemented, which resulted in the end – all in the appearance of the first organisms, and then more highly organized creatures. Expert considers this hypothesis more convincing than the story of the origin of life from the "protein soup" from the teachings of Charles Darwin.

In addition to the versions of the space and the extraterrestrial origin of plasmoids there is one under which these objects can be the souls of dead people. Plasmoids often observed in cemeteries, they can pass through walls and to reserve the bright streaks, similar to what they see patients in a state of clinical death.

Based on this, we can assume that after the death of people fall into the "fourth"-plasma state.

Eyewitnesses claim that these structures are often very curious, and trying to close "consider" are interested in their object or phenomenon. Plasmoids credited appearance of mysterious crop circles cereal. Moreover, in order to leave such "circular" footprints ray plasmoid should have a length and the ability to bend.

What plasmoids actually exist, confirm reading sensitive geophysical instruments, which made it possible to establish the presence of these translucent structures of a wide variety of forms, from vague – to amebopodobnyh shapeless.

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"The Earth Chronicles," Sunday, 02/03/2013

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