Portraits. Life on Canvas

Despite the fact that today the main way to get an image of human remains photo, though most people would like to have his portrait painted by a professional artist, as the pictures made with a brush of this master have amazing strength and energy, which is often felt by other people.

Since then, as TALO develop the art of painting, portrait painters around the world have honed their skills in order to with a brush and paints the most vivid and expressive nature of the image transfer rights. Many brilliant artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens, Rembrandt managed to achieve the highest degree of excellence. When you look at their work, it seems that these paintings are alive, and they want to stay around longer. However, there is a price that is paid for these great works of art, and if, in some cases, the pictures shown in bringing them happiness to people, others had to pay for a portrait of their health and even their lives.

One of the commandments of the Bible says that a man should not create the image of all that is on earth or in heaven. (This is usually interpreted as a prohibition of idolatry). But here in the Koran it says quite clearly, and the Muslims strictly adhere to this guidance. No sculptor or painter of practicing Islam is not, and the walls of the mosque are decorated only ornament.

Perhaps our ancestors knew about the invisible energy due painter with his model, and by prohibiting tried to minimize risks from such close contact on a subtle level.

The famous portrait of Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" was written by a 24-year-old wife of a rich man. It is known that the master was working on a portrait of four years, but to complete it during the life of the girls do not have time – she died under mysterious circumstances.

Great Rembrandt painting portraits of their wives and children, survived them all. His first wife, posing for pictures "Danae" and "Flora", has died aged 30, and three children, Rembrandt, who painted portraits of their famous father, died while still infants.

Ilya Repin, Russian painter painted "Ivan the Terrible kills his son," as the son of King posed Garshin Vsevolod, who, after writing, painting committed suicide by jumping from a window.

However, not only ended tragically fate models artists such as Raffaello Santi for his famous painting "Sistine Madonna" and some other poor girl posing a baker's daughter Margherita Luti, who later successfully married a rich man and live happily ever after. A luxury Madonna Rubens were "sketched" with his wife, Helen Fourmen. And this woman was going to benefit: her beauty bloomed every year, Helen was happily married, and lived a long life.

Elena Dyakonov, wife of Salvador Dali, was ill with tuberculosis. Dali painted portraits of her every day, where she portrayed a young and beautiful. Later, his wife recovered, and lived for more than 80 years.

With what is responsible for such turn of events in the lives of the sitters? Specialists studying this phenomenon, consider that great artists drawing their masterpieces, are in a state of altered consciousness that allows them to "eat" the energy of other people, and in this case the energy is taken from the sitters.

Studies conducted using EEG brain, showed that indeed the masters, with enthusiasm to do their work, the observed changes of the amplitude of brain waves characteristic of the trance state. And noticed that the more intimate relationship with the master model (this could be loved ones, family members), then the greater is the return of energy from the people for which the portrait.

In this case, the artist seems to "take the life" of people, creating a phantom person, and puts this energy of life in his creation. However, sometimes vice versa (as in the case of Rubens and Dali), when the artist gives the image received from the picture energy sitters, and this raises their vitality.

Expressed by experts and this hypothesis is that when the portrait is a change in the space of definite proportions (as portraits are often smaller than the original), which adversely affect the physical body. Maybe that's why before the nobles preferred to create portraits of "full-length".

Image of a person, including photos, bear a certain effect, which can experience psychics and magicians, and this allows them to influence the personality and capture its aura, even at a distance. This practice, but with the "animation" of dolls used in black magic voodoo priests.
Be that as it may, it is worth remembering that the photographs and portraits of people still have certain mysterious properties, and if people still pictures and images, they do not need, you should not fret and throw them, it is better to burn, because the fire has cleaning effect.

"The Earth Chronicles," Wednesday, 1/30/2013

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