Secret book atharvanov

Why this book, one of the four holy books — the Vedas of ancient India, so restrained perceive themselves Hindus? That are looking for in the text of other religions — Buddhists and Jains? Why these ancient writings translated into modern languages, and why to use the knowledge enclosed in a book called Atharva Veda ("Veda spells"), can only people with a pure heart? For three thousand years of dedicated use magical spells Atharvaveda …

Wisdom of the Rishis

"Let me go, evil force, please, let me go, the unfortunate victim of your anger! Get rid of this trouble, so I was happy again! If you do not deliver me, I'll throw you at the nearest intersection, and you go away and grabbed someone else. Go away, clinging to someone else, abide in my enemy, smite him! "

This is one of the magical spells Atharvaveda. But if you think that can already use them for good or, unfortunately, to the detriment, then you are mistaken. Along with the magical words to make a certain ritual.
What? Here is his description. The action you need to make the night, saying the spell while sifting dry grain, which then must be thrown into the river. The next morning, you must re-cast into the river water three pieces of bread in a certain sacrifice tysyacheokomu spirit. Then, coming to a crossroad, you still scattered on the four sides of three handfuls of boiled rice. A bait for the evil spirit, which is to settle in to the correct place … By the way, these rituals were also found in the magic of the Slavs.

True, your sorcery can not work because you are not imbued with the very spirit of Atharvaveda. What kind of book is this? Atharvaveda — the oldest collection of Indian spells, witchcraft spells. Written about in the I millennium BC. e., it belongs to the earliest, Vedic period of ancient Indian literature. Atharvaveda differs from other Vedic scriptures, and in content, and described the rituals. Others turned to the gods of the Vedas and talk about them, and Atharvaveda speaks of man, his health, disease, the dark and light forces with him. Its basic content — related to the practice of medicine spells, sorcery, witchcraft, magic poetry, as well as rules of treatment plants for various diseases.

Atharvaveda, or secret book atharvanov, experts secrets, directly related to magic. However, this is not just a "textbook" on magic. It contains the texts of curses and spells. In Atharva Veda introduces the basics of magical knowledge. In the amazing book are two types of occult arts — in their relation to evil. Ancient Indian treatise affects one of the key problems of magic: if the spell can be useful or harmful, depending on the purpose for which it is used, whether it should be classified as black or white magic?

Atharvany say that magic is quite acceptable, but it can only deal with people with a pure heart. That is why for centuries the fourth Veda had the right to read only selected and ordained.

Three thousand years ago, someone (people or gods, some intelligence or otherworldly forces) opened and dictated the seven Rishis of India — sages, seers — text Atharvaveda. So for those who are able to understand the hidden meaning of Atharvaveda, there were powerful forces for human exposure and spirits. Buddhists and Jains said Atharvaveda is priests, bringing casualties. However, in reality the book opened up atharvanami, or, if you prefer, the Brahmins (priests), imagine the possibilities.

Sound intensity and other

Pages of ancient Indian book of conspiracies

Many Indians, for example, are still behind their teachers atharvanami believe that sound vibrations are the basis of the universe and that the singing of an appropriate mantra (sound combinations) can be solved all the problems. Not for nothing in India often repeat the magic word "om." But really there are words or sounds with the power, which, if they are repeated again and again, allows a person to control the world of spirits. These words, sounds, mantras are composed of individual syllables or short lines with a hidden meaning, which is necessary for understanding the transcript. Some mantras composed, others are the result of meditation and inspiration, others are shorter spells of Atharvaveda. They can be directed to specific parts of the body where the cause corresponding fluctuations. This is especially important in healing, which will certainly come.

Before the beginning of the ceremony a must remove your shoes. Then healers and wise atharvany folded hands, and turning to the gods, say some mantras. Each god or spirit treated differently. On his knees, touching his forehead to the ground. After that, go up and three bypass Atharvaveda left, uttering the mantra. These words or sounds intone countless times, "Rama, mara, frame, pa, Mara, Rama, Rama, pa …". There are amazing cures for various diseases in this way.

Like other magical systems Atharvaveda pays great attention to plants with healing and supernatural properties, but which can occur only under certain conditions. Atharvan needs to know which plant corresponds to each spell, but not enough. You should be able to conjure the spirit of the plant, the ritual of ritual purification and prayer. Special methods of healing from cough, paralysis, blindness, and other ailments. However, diseases caused by demons to fight with magic formulas set forth in the Atharvaveda.

If the cause of the disease is unknown, it is necessary to resort to generic medicines. People who think they are healthy, can take advantage of the elixir of life or spells that strengthen the immune system. In Atharva Veda says that any disease can be cured with the help of spells.

Treatment of physical illness with mental effects that are just beginning to practice in Europe, in the Atharva Veda is an essential part of the healing art. Also in the recommendations of the book we read that a woman experiencing labor pains must be constantly adjusted happily, causing "soft delivery." For people living with TB, we must take care of family and friends and "good suffering music, jokes and fragrances." In some diseases, even recommended alcoholic beverages, normally forbidden. A significant factor in healing magic Atharvaveda is faith, shradda. After all, even just observing atharvana prescription, the patient does not get well without a deep faith.

Akasha, or the main power


In the ancient Indian magic Atharvaveda along with an appeal to the gods, spirits and spells against demons explained how to use certain mysterious magic power. This force seemed aloof from the gods and demons, and is subject only to the initiated, the magician-atharvanu. This is an unusual teaching about Akasha — the spirit-life, spirit-power — hard to explain the concept. I remember only vis vitalis («life force") of the medieval magicians of Europe. They came close to what the Indians have known for many centuries before them.

In general, akasha — the power possessed by spirits and enjoyed by all. Moreover, it is the source of all power. If we believe the Yogis, there is only one substance, or power, of which the rest. The laws of nature, such as gravity or the life of man, animal or plant, subject to different, higher rules. These laws are not separate, mutually independent phenomena. They are just different forms of akasha.

Atharvany equate between matter and energy, and consider them merely different forms of Akasa, from which, in the end, and made the one and the other.

By the way, the physics are conversions of matter into energy and vice versa. At one stage of Akasha creates animal life on the other — determines the motion of the planets. One form of Akasa can be converted to another. For example, to neutralize the force of Earth's gravity, you need to "charge" the selected item less severe akasha. For instance, if you want to take to the air cargo weighing ten tons, you just need to change the type of Akasa, from which the shipment is made. No wonder, then, that for many sages of India, and those Europeans who have been diligent students atharvanov, levitation — the ability to lift your body off the ground, and even walk on it — a familiar and affordable deal.
In contrast to Western scholars, atharvany believe that the universal primordial, or Akasha, you can not change the mechanical methods, and the power of your own mind. Interestingly, the modern esoteric believe Akasa fifth force — elements of information.

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