Secrets of the Imago

Artist Mosconcert Valeriy Avdeev once told about his feelings during walking barefoot on hot coals, lying on broken glass and other experiments on himself. He said he does not feel pain when holding his breath. But is it worth it at the critical moment to make a few deep breaths as the pain returned immediately and sharply deteriorating health.

But why is this happening? Perhaps, the solution of this phenomenon — in research Novosibirsk scientist, PhD K. Buteyko? And artists and scientists met in Novosibirsk.

…Posters are intriguing: "Psychological experiments. Know thyself … "On the table is an ordinary compass, his black hands, as expected, point north. It is visible to all viewers: PRODUCT arrows projected on the big screen.

From the depth of the scene appears Valeriy Avdeev. His face is focused, hands spread wide. Slight movements of fingers as if he touches something in the air, invisible to the public, but it is felt by him. Minute, two minutes — the arrow does not move, even though hands are close to her. But when Valery made a sharp breath, she suddenly leaned obeying a wave of his hand.

Assistant glass dome covers the compass, and the arrow is still staggering. Repeating hand movement artist, she sways from side to side, and finally begins to spin. Was present at one of these experiments, Academician Yu Kobzarev said: "Valeriy Avdeev can really affect the magnetic needle compass, being away from him more than a meter. Of course, this phenomenon must be studied. "

Experience complicated. Avdeev stiffened and stood above the compass. His face was covered with sweat, swollen veins in her arms, breathing is not heard. And then a minute later revived compass: some times twitching, he began to gradually move away from the actor. Peredvinuvshis fifteen centimeters, stopped and began to rotate slowly. So he made a few turns, stood at the edge of the table.

Hall applauded. And Valery unexpectedly offers:

— Do you want to, you are now discover a unknown ability? Remember the smell of your favorite perfume or cologne — and you feel the smell on any subject.

Incredulous spectator stretches Avdeev handkerchief, which does not smell, and timidly said: "Riga lilac."

— Please! — Loudly says the artist. And she cried in astonishment:

— Oh, now really smells!

Neighbor taking her handkerchief, bent over him — and authoritatively confirm that indeed "Riga lilac." Maybe it discreetly sprayed perfume? Yes No — minute odor disappears as suddenly as it had appeared.

— Now you can demonstrate extraordinary physical abilities — says the artist to the audience and calls from the audience for three volunteers. But first, he asks them to enter into a special state, you need to experience.

— Close your eyes and mentally focus on the sensations. Listening to the breath, try to

reduce its depth. Now imagine that you can see your body … from the side. Here it is filled with the weight of tenses, it is a direct and strong as a steel bridge …

At this point, the three assistants pick up the volunteers in his arms and put each of them on the backs of chairs. Relying only necks and heels, they seem to hang in the air parallel to the floor. No wonder it? And Valery calmly explains that in this state, a person can withstand not only the weight of his body, but three more people who would get up at him — this number once showed circus fakir.

— What is this wonderful state? — Often ask the artist. — I do not whether hypnosis — because it can be used to induce catalepsy and inspire smells?

— Not at all — going into the desired state, the people themselves cause the illusion favorite scents.

Easily seen in the fact that the volunteers are on the backside not hypnotized. You can talk to them — they clearly answer any questions and humorous talk about his unusual sensations. But hypnosis is not possible.

Present in the room doctors agreed that it really is not hypnosis. But what then?

— A skill that we all have, often without realizing it — explains Avdeev — holding

breath and focus on the image, cause a variety of changes in their body. Call this state

"Adults" — from the Latin word "image." Going into it, a person can discover a surprising abilities. All rooms are on the stage, I show only in that state.

— You can, — said one psychologist — remember the first time hundreds of words, unrelated to

meaning, and then repeat them in the same order in which the audience said, and even — in reverse. But

is it possible to do it in a state of "adult" — thinking about your body?

— I do not think, just feel it every moment and perceive the world through the prism of these sensations. It is able to do our ancestors, but most modern people have forgotten how to "listen" to their

body. Just learn to call at this state, I was able to get rid of a severe illness, and not develop a

normal capacity.

Interest in what the artist, some spectators sitting in their seats, tried to do the exercises imagotreninga — closing his eyes and held his breath, listening to the beating of the heart, feel the blood flowing in the fingers, to identify the warmest part of the body and very cold, find a sick body — the word , to feel themselves.

— Did you know — there was a hall of surprised female voice — I was a headache!

— And my heart stopped tingling, — said the old man.

What is it — instant healing from disease or temporary relief due to auto-suggestion? Here is what was present at the concert, Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko:

— I am not surprised that, in a state of "adult" sold back of the body. No

that original genre artists who make similar experience, assessed in

our laboratory in a Novosibirsk Institute of NZ. It was found that by focusing on their

feelings, listening to the work of the organs, even a person unfamiliar with imagotreningom involuntarily harbors breath. And Valerie Avdeev, apparently deliberately reduces its depth. But this, as shown by our studies, increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood, causing a reflex vasodilatation, and the hemoglobin begins to better oxygenate. As a result of the body's cells are / it in several times higher than in the normal state. Probably why sick people in a state of "adults" stop spasms of cerebral vessels, heart and other organs. A healthy feel extraordinary burst of energy, they have sharply increased mental and physical performance. For example, statistics show that the pupils and students to cure shallow breathing, significantly improve its performance.

There is nothing mysterious in the fact that in a state of "adult" Valeriy Avdeev feels no pain, lying on broken glass or walking pas hot coals. After all, he does it at breath-hold. But our research has shown that high doses of carbon dioxide affect the body like the laughing gas, which is used for pain relief. And the people who train in the shallow breathing, sometimes surgery can tolerate without anesthesia — that saw some of my students.

In fact, many exercises of Indian yogis, elements of autogenic training also reduces the depth of breathing, increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood — this, in my opinion, the main reason for their healing effect. Remember how, in obedience to the orders of mind, hand and foot begins with warm, they poured a nice weight — it reflexively extended and full of blood vessels. But the state of bliss quickly disappear if you take a few deep breaths. And in a state of "adult" beneficial effect of shallow breathing, apparently, increased auto-suggestion: focus on the affected organ, one is able to call it a dramatic vasodilation and activation of hemoglobin.

Probably, in the experiments with compass Valeriy Avdeev deliberately causes a rush of blood to the hands — this increases the number of charged particles that can accumulate on the fingers of electric potentials, which are affected by the arrow.

However, it should be emphasized that the specific Valeria Avdeeva we did not explore, and all that has been said about him can be taken only as suggestions. In my opinion, it would be useful to study comprehensively method developed by him.

The same opinion is shared by a member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Lenin Prize winner Nikolai Zheltukhin:

— Employees of a number of units of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences and the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Medical Sciences consider it appropriate to organize an in-depth study demonstrated Valeriy Avdeev phenomena. He came to us at the invitation of the House of Scientists and besides live performances met with members of institutes of Akademgorodok, answered numerous questions. By all accounts, a great interest to study the subjective experimenter recorded the state of "altered consciousness" ("adult"), substantially altering the physiological and psychological capabilities of the body and personality.

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