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In January 1936, in the Black Sea off the Crimean coast in net fishermen got a living creature with a horse's head. Frightened to death people immediately broke tackles and release him, and themselves returned to shore.

But the story of the famous writer Vsevolod Ivanov about what happened to him in Koktebel. "Dolphins flock moved along the bay to the left. It must be moved back mullet. I turned my eyes to the right and just in the middle of the bay, in 50 meters from the shore, noticed a large, 10-12 m in circumference, stone, overgrown with brown algae.

Smoking a pipe, I started to watch a ball of algae. Current, apparently increased. Algae have begun to lose a round shape. Tangle lengthened. In the middle of it to show tears. And then …

Then I trembled to his feet and sat down, as if afraid that I can scare the "it" is, if I stand on my feet.

I looked at the clock. It was 12.15. There was almost complete silence. Just behind me, in the valley Gyaur Bach, chirping birds. Heavily smoked my pipe. "Tangle" unfolded. Unfolded. Stretched out. I still believed and did not think "it" algae as normal until "it" is not moved against the current. This creature was swimming undulation to the place, where the Dolphins, that is, the left side of the bay. Was still quiet. Naturally, I immediately came to mind: Do not hallucinating? I looked at my watch: it was 12.18.

The reality of what he had seen me hurt distance sunshine on the water, but the water was clear, and that is why I would rather seen the bodies of dolphins, which were twice as far from me than a monster.

It was great, very large, 25-30 feet, and thick with top desk, if it turned sideways. It was half a meter under water meter and I think it was flat. The lower part of it was, apparently, white as it allows us to understand the depth of the water and the top — dark brown, which allowed me to take him for algae. Our education, we are not accustomed to the appearance of miracles, immediately beginning to bother me. I started thinking, this is not a hallucination?

Felt the hot pipe, long, look at the rocks and once again pulled out his watch. All this prevented me to watch, but in the end I thought, "To hell with it, if the hallucination! I'll watch. " Monster, writhing like snakes and floating, not quick swam towards the dolphins. They immediately went into hiding.

This took place on 14 May 1952. My first thought when I came to a few, it was: we must immediately come down closer to shore. But from above, from the rocks, I could see, and if I had gone down, it is possible that some of the rock would close my monster or it could escape. I stayed in the same place. I have seen the general shape, but did not notice the details. I, for one, did not see the monster eye, and as the water I could see them? Banished dolphins, and can be, and not thinking for them to chase, the monster curled into a ball, and carried it over to the right again. Again it was like a brown stone, covered with algae.

The assignment to the middle of the bay, just to the place or about to where I saw him for the first time, the monster turned and again, turning toward dolphins, suddenly raised his head above the water. Head-to-size swing arms like a snake on. Eye of the reason I have not seen, from which one can conclude that they were small. Two minutes holding the head above water — with its large drops of water running down — a monster spun, her head in the water and quickly uplylo the rocks, closing Carnelian Bay.

I looked at the clock. It was three minutes to an hour. I watched 40 minutes of a monster with a little. Climb the rock on the right is very steep, and get into the next bay was impossible. I hurried home. " Vsevolod Ivanov seen pushed in search of information about the unknown creature. That's what he has learned.

"Maria S. Voloshin (wife of the famous Russian poet and artist Maximilian Voloshin. — Ed.), Which has been the guardian of the traditions and customs of Koktebel, told this. In 1921, a local newspaper published an Theodosia note that in the Mount Karadag appeared "a huge reptile," and sent to his capture … company of the Red Army. The magnitude of the "bastard" is not reported, further information about his fate is not printed. Maximilian Voloshin sent a clipping of "Gade" Mikhail Bulgakov, and it was the basis of the story "The Fatal Eggs". In addition, Mary Voloshin said that in the village have also seen "bastard", but recently, and knows the details … art Gabrichevskogo wife, who lives in Koktebel without a break. "

Vsevolod Ivanov sought Gabrichevskogo, and she told the writer of an unusual case. Much later, in 1986, the Crimean local historian N. Yassin clarified the story with the words of a direct participant of the events kolkhoznitsa Barbara Kuzminichna Zozulya and her granddaughter.

Kolkhoz Barbara Zozulya went for firewood on Karadag, to Cape Malchin. There and faced with unprecedented animals. Her first words spoken in the Ukrainian language were: "Skіlki rokіv live, but this is not bachila!" There was this story really, in September 1952, which coincides with the story Gabrichevskogo. So, Barbara Kuzminichna Zozulya, who in 1986 was a goal for 80 years, went down the slope to the rock. Rock this at the very trail, a few meters from the sea. There's a quiet place heated. There's the "it" eased. Varvara Kuzminichna have "bastard" for firewood pile, just step on it.

Animal awoke and looked up. "My God! Such a small head, opened her eyes at me. The head is small, thin neck, and then — back as a post, thick. Rose higher and higher head. It fell upon me, struck its tail when rising … ". The woman retreated, waving a rope. "And how was it to wave, it began to unwind like a ball. How many meters do not know. Then it went to the sea. " "It", according to the informant, had the upper and lower extremities — "hands and feet". And the voice — squeak.

Author: S.I.Minakov
Source: "The mysterious and paranormal"

Category: Mystery stories

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