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Swine Flu (H1N1)

Swine Flu (H1N1)— A special form of the virus, which through long mutations took forms that can infect humans. The disease has claimed many lives throughout the world, because at the time of its occurrence and distribution it has not been studied. Until the first human cases of swine flu in Mexico, swine flu is not dangerous for humans and therefore not investigated in detail.

Constant mutation of swine flu do not allow scientists and doctors to even predict the time and location of the next epidemic. Throughout the world, not so long ago adopted strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus, which has come to us this time from China. In their symptoms of swine flu does not differ from other types of flu, in particular, from the most ordinary and familiar to us. However, remember that the development and course of this kind of flu is much more dangerous to human life. The virus is spread, usually by airborne droplets. Vaccine, which is able to completely cure the infected by the virus H1N1, currently does not exist.

Uses a comprehensive treatment, which acts depending on how much a person is infected and how proceeds of swine flu. Disappointing statistics show that 1,000 people are infected with this type of virus in 70 cases was reported death. Influenza is a critical exponent. In order to protect itself as it is worth to take measures to prevent swine flu, not only the people's means, but the medical abortion regimen. Hotbed of swine flu could be any city in any country, so do not forget about the danger of being a victim of ill swine flu.

Treatment for Swine Flu

Treatment of swine flu in hospital based on the method of treating regular "seasonal" flu. These methods are fairly well known to all of us, as have had a disease like flu in varying degrees of severity, ever everyone. Risk of swine flu has been proved by hundreds of scientists and doctors around the world, however, the treatment of H1N1 is still not one hundred percent effective.

First of all, sick or suspected of infection should be as isolated from society by putting in a separate room. All personal care products, bedding and utensils should also be provided for each patient. To lower the temperature of the body, which in the early hours of the disease can already reach critical marks used drugs containing acetaminophen. If the critical temperature is reached, the mark is used intramuscular injection of dipyrone with diphenhydramine. This injection will have 15 minutes after the injection to reduce the temperature, if not to the optimal, up to an acceptable point. As an antiviral drug used drugs such as Tamiflu (this drug has proved its effectiveness to other drugs containing interferon), Arbidol, Laferobion, Laferon and others. If Tamiflu is not represented in the region, then it is recommended to use Zanamivir (Relenza). These drugs do not guarantee
t instant recovery, but today they are most effective in treating the virus H1N1.

Be sure to ask your doctor, do not practice self-treatment, it can lead to negative consequences and even death. Remember, the treatment of influenza virus required, as it may cause problems to other vital organs.

Prevention of swine flu

Prevention of H1N1 to date can not be one hundred percent effective, however, take steps to prevent the disease is necessary. First of all, you need to carefully monitor their own health care, especially during the risk of influenza and its varieties. From autumn to spring, try to take drugs that boost the immune system and increase the natural strength of the body, giving him the opportunity to fight against various infections and diseases.

But popular methods are insufficient. Prevention of swine flu should consist of a comprehensive approach. Certainly, healthy sleep, compliance with all hygiene and healthy lifestyle always bear fruit, however, we should not forget that during the epidemic just need to take stimulants. These drugs include all drugs that contain interferon, but first and foremost, Tamiflu (a drug used for the direct treatment of the disease), Laferon Laferobion, Arbidol (a drug often prescribed, and has a positive effect on the application, although its efficacy as a preventive drugs against H1N1 is not proven WHO). The dosage of the drug is given in a few times smaller than the direct treatment, but their reception is considered obligatory in combination prevention.

Also, the main advice for the prevention of H1N1 — Avoid contact with people who you think are healthy. If you have noticed that at work or anywhere else there is a risk of contracting the flu virus H1N1, should immediately take leave for health improvement and dropped from crowded places for as long as the virus does not come to naught.

The symptoms of swine flu

The symptoms of swine flu does not differ from the symptoms of seasonal flu, and many initially confused the two types of the virus. However, the swine flu is more dangerous, it can cause problems for the entire body, and result in death if the patient will not have the time to quality treatment. When the first symptoms should immediately seek the help of doctors. Already studied some distinctive symptoms of swine flu.

First, as in other cases, it is a sharp increase in body temperature of the patient. In the first hours after infection, the temperature may rise to critical mark of 40 degrees. Also, this adds a standard symptom cough, runny nose, diarrhea, pain in joints and muscles, fatigue, sleep and activity. At first glance, the <regular flu. But as soon as you observe these symptoms in yourself. Remember that it may be a virus H1N1, which is difficult to treat in its advanced stages.

An important symptom of swine flu is a lung and bronchus significantly. Because of the enhanced expression of a number of factors are multiple lesions of the alveoli. By mutation of the virus, the virus isH1N1 exhibits the ability to kill cells of interferon, which comes as a drug, so the assigned dose of the antiviral drug should be increased at least to the early days of the disease. It should be remembered that this swine flu can cause severe complications and death, monitor their health and to listen to the advice of doctors. At the first sign of illness — just go to the doctor.

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