This is the end of the world! The history of our apocalyptic expectations

You may have heard that the world is once again predicting death, and, as early as this Friday.This time on the stage Maya. Their "Long Count Calendar", which started in 3114 BC. e. (Yes, it is indeed very long count), ends on December 21.

It was in anticipation of this date in Russia and in America, people panic stockpiling supplies. NASA to try to calm the audience even released a video refuting conspiracy theories.

However, do not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that the end of the calendar does not necessarily imply an end. Calendar simply starts over again from the beginning of the cycle, as our late December. We're in every December, do not rush frantically shopping and manic fun, as if the world is about to collapse because our calendar is coming to an end? … Although … Actually, of course, throw … But you know what I mean?

Be that as it may, I want to say that ever thriving faith in the coming apocalypse has nothing to do with logic. Just look at the tragicomic story of apocalyptic moods, to make sure the world from the beginning is on the verge of death.

Myths about apocalyptic events such as flood, erases humanity from the face of the earth, are among the most ancient. Of the flood described in the first book of the Bible (by the way, it's funny that ends too apocalyptic Bible text — Revelation). In Jesus' time among the Jews was spread belief in the coming end of the world, which will come with the coming of the Messiah. John the Baptist faith in the imminent apocalypse, and many scholars believe that Jesus himself during his life preaching about it.

The idea of the end of the world has always been closely linked messianism. Human history has never been short of self-proclaimed messiahs, the strangest of which was probably the Moses of Crete, who preached in the 5th century BC. e. and promises, like his namesake, to make the water parted, his followers could pass from Crete to Palestine. On the appointed day he led the disciples to the sea, and they, like lemmings headed for the water, which, of course, was not going to move aside. They had only to drown or get back to shore with a very scruffy and foolishly. One can imagine that the "Messiah," they have a number of questions. Moses himself, apparently washed away after that on the first ship.

Millennium — another phenomenon that attracts apocalyptic theories, like a black hole. First millennium, in this sense is no different from that which we have experienced. Hundreds of thousands of people throughout the Christian world were preparing for the end of the world. According to the X century chronicler Raoul Glaber, in Italy and France parishes struggled to renovating and decorating the church. People spared neither labor nor money to a Judgment Day, which they apparently considered a sort of pious version of the architectural show, they had the most beautiful building.

Apocalyptic beliefs accompany the history of modern Britain. At the time, many believed the Domesday Book — a census carried out on the orders of William the Conqueror — the same "Book of Life" from Revelation, the completion of which indicates the end of the world.

If you think that the greatest scientific minds were free of this nonsense, you are greatly mistaken. Isaac Newton, who was widely regarded as the greatest physicist of all time, spent a lot of time and effort to search the Bible references to the date of the end of the world. In the end, he decided that this would happen in 2060 … Is not it, from the pursuit of such a long way from estimates or to the three laws of mechanics?

In 1806, the apocalyptic hysteria seized the inhabitants of Leeds, briefly forgotten about his Yorkshire sanity. The reason it has become … a chicken. This feathered bore eggs, on which was written: "Christ is coming." Ardor has cooled somewhat citizens when it was revealed that the owner of the chicken he wrote these words on the eggs, which are then stuffed back into the poor bird. History is silent about what citizens do with joker, but I admit that he had to go through the same thing, which he subjected his hen.

So it was in the past. However, before you scorn the ancestors, we should have a better look to our own supposedly enlightened time, which gave rise, probably even more apocalyptic expectations than any other. Let's start with the Millennium and "Problems of 2000," which was to deprive us of our favorite computer and leave the world in a post-apocalyptic desert — no porn, and online shopping. Then remember the past year and Motor Home Harold (Harold Camping), who predicted that May 21 will be "Ascension." When the appointed date has passed, but nothing happened, he said that it was spiritual, "preliminary" Ascension, followed by — October 21 — to be held now, physically. When the day is over and he wisely shut up and showed again just this year to apologize for this story.

Now back to our days, and to the Mayan calendar. The situation is exacerbated diligently "psychic" Leader Nancy (Nancy Lieder), which states that contact with aliens. Her alien friends warned her that the 21 of this month, the Earth will face a wandering planet called Nibiru. Nancy most followers prefer to forget that in 2003, she has already made a similar prediction. When the disaster happened, she announced her words "White Lie." Well, at least she has invented a unique defense. In this sense, it can be proud.

I'm superstitious and do not like to tempt fate, but it will do two important predictions. First, the end of the world will not take place on Friday, and, second, soon someone will propose a new date for Armageddon. I do not know why we have taken this obsession with universal destruction, but, in my opinion, it is associated with unmet need in the sense of life and the collective suppression of thoughts about death.

However, death is inevitable, and that feeling can not always be kept under lock and key. Periodically, it must find a way, and at some point it breaks out like a blood-red magma bursts of mass hysteria around the impending end of the world.

Author: Lee Williams

It's the end of the world! Our history of the imminent apocalypse

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