This year, the U.S. deficit hit list of more than 100 drugs. This led to numerous hearings in Congress, leaving President Barack Obama ordered the drug companies to publicly declare their difficulties.

Health care workers have no choice but to give some medications only needy patients. Paul Davies, head of emergency in Ohio, told The New York Times, that one could not give morphine woman with a broken leg, because the bank last pill for patients who need it more.

In some hospitals, desperate doctors are forced to treat patients overdue and less effective drugs.

The hardest hit have cancer patients. About 80% of the medicines included in the course of chemotherapy, are in short supply. Injection of sodium bicarbonate, which are used to stabilize the serious condition in patients suffering from sepsis, heart attack and other heart problems, are not enough.

Demand for drugs increased further after the country was hit by Hurricane "Sandy." However, the deficit this year has not reached last year's bracket. In 2011, the list of 250 drugs were scarce.

Overall in 2005, the deficit increased by almost 300%. To combat this problem the Office of the Food and Drug Administration even eased its restrictions on imports of medicines and manufacturers to facilitate the procedure for obtaining a license. But this is only exacerbated the problem, as the market began to fall substandard drugs. Once injections of chemotherapy discovered particles of glass.