Universe named Oceans

Since ancient times, people interested in the life of the World Ocean and tried to penetrate its secrets. The underwater world has always struck his imagination vastness.

Secrets Hydrospace

First Sumerian legend of divers states that Gilgamesh (king of Uruk) went to the bottom of the sea in search of algae, which was to give him immortality, but it never found. However, interest in the mysteries of the ocean does not dry out at mankind for millennia.
Long before human exploration of the mysteries of the Galaxy begin penetrating the mysteries of the underwater world, or Hydrospace. Built submersibles, autonomous underwater vehicles, underwater observation chamber with special manipulators developed underwater acoustics.
After the flight of Yuri Gagarin's April 12, 1961 all the attention has shifted to human ocean of air, his secrets come to seem more accessible underwater. Knowledge of the deep sea stalled, yet the prospects remain: glass ceramics can withstand pressures at depths of up to 10 670 meters. In addition to nuclear installations autonomous vehicles will be equipped with engines running on hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals or fuel cells.
There has been progress in the control systems of such equipment.
Perhaps that will be used blue-green lasers rays are able to penetrate into the water over long distances. To probe the sediments may use special devices that are sent every 10 seconds, the sound pulses through a dramatic opening two circular metal plates of large diameter.

Who makes a noise in the water?

From the depths of the oceans come strange signals

Acoustic method is still the most effective in the study of the ocean depths. The sounds of the sea depths trapped systems that have come to the science of war.
In the 1960s, the U.S. Navy established experts in the ocean a global network of underwater hydrophones (devices for receiving sound under water), which was aimed at tracking Soviet submarines. Using such a system able to detect the place of death of American nuclear submarine (APL) "Scorpion" in May 1968.
Arguing about the accuracy with which the sound can discover a place of tragedy, usually result in case of finding the death of our area of the submarine K-129 in the Pacific in March 1968. But this accuracy, in our opinion, can be more attributed to the participant on a collision unofficial version, the U.S. nuclear submarine "Suordfish" ("Swordfish"), recorded coordinates incident …
Be that as it may, when in 1991 for use of the sound system prevented civilian scientists, special discoveries followed. Hydrophones placed at a depth of several hundred meters, can recognize most of the spectrograms of sounds – a kind of voice prints. As it can recognize the "songs" of whales, rumble screw submarine icebergs rubbing against each other and the bottom, underwater earthquakes rumble …
Modulated in frequency and if a meaningful signal, which the researchers called "bottom-up", constantly sounded in the depths of the ocean in the period from 1991 to 1994. Then suddenly disappeared.
But ten years later reappeared, significantly increased and become more diverse.
Analysts at the U.S. Navy, who are trying to understand the nature of this phenomenon, conducting research in parallel with civilian scientists as a loss. Whose signals – is unclear. Whence come – is unknown.
Detect the source of the mysterious sounds impossible. They seem to purposely "nest" far from hydrophones and move from place to place. Unidentified sound objects – LEO (similar to a UFO) – unknown to this day.
Who makes a noise in the water? Unknown to science monsters or aliens, to master the world's oceans?

A good-bye – "Kva-Kva"

The name given to the officially registered phenomenon, which tried to understand the nature and our Navy, and attracted to research civilian scientists.
Suggests that the Quakers are nothing like underwater UFO. But this version does not find favor with special groups of officers involved in the issue.
And it appeared in the 1970s. It was so. At greater depths of our nuclear submarines began to pick some strange sounds emanating from moving objects clearly. Sonar heard some strange signals, something resembling the croaking of frogs. Unknown objects, publish them, and got a navy wit the name "Quakers", which was later used in official documents.
What is unusual about these Quakers? Judging by the continuously changing bearing (measurement, allowing to determine the location of the object), they circled around submarines, changing the frequency and tone, as it were, causing the submarine to the conversation. Most vividly did they react to the speakers 'parcel' with submarines, but aggressive action on their part was not. Invisible objects accompanied by our submarines before leaving a certain area, then croaked – as if saying goodbye – disappeared.

Research halted

Abyss has not been studied to the end

Although over the years of observation no collision with objects croaks not, submarine crews in these "support" is not alone.
At the end of the 1970s (the height of the Cold War), of course, such a thing could not fail to interest the Navy. Special groups have been created to study it. The main task set before them was to find out: what kind of underwater objects emit the sounds, which are the origin, it is not a new American secret invention, designed to monitor our submarines? In the late 1970s, a scientific conference on this topic, which has not come to certain conclusions.
In the early 1980s, the program "Quaker" suddenly closed, the group engaged in the study of the mysterious phenomenon, have been dissolved, and the officers who worked in them, have other appointments. All developments in the plump folders marked "Top Secret" disappeared in the archives.
Why it all happened so suddenly, is known only to God and to higher authorities. But clearly something else: why were the outcome of a strictly confidential.
Each State for the time being to keep secret their priorities, especially in such sensitive areas.
After holding a still secret American mystery UFO that crashed in July 1947 in the state of New Mexico.
Still, it was possible to learn about the Quakers? Alas, we know about them, and there are very few, and the views on this subject are very different, even among former employees of special groups. Currently the topic officially no one does, though it is "fans". Americans, too, is at a crossroads. Meanwhile, the Quakers continued to make sounds, while not causing any harm to the submarines.

Vadim Kulinchenko,

Captain 1st Rank, a veteran submariner

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