Yuan continues relentlessly to replace the U.S. dollar

It's no secret that China in bilateral trade is increasingly replacing the U.S. dollar its currency. Obvious to everyone that the yuan will soon be at least equal to the dollar on the status of the "global reserve currency."
In many ways, the economy reflects one of the basic principles of physics: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If farmers produce additional grain and demand grows, prices fall. Also, if the demand for corn drops, crumble and price for it, so the jump in output, falling demand and turn one and the same: the excess supply. A consequence of excess supply is always falling prices.

This economic "physics" in the same manner as applicable to the world currencies. Many countries openly declared that they manipulate their currencies, as indicated evfimistichnym term "competitive devaluation."

The irony is that when all countries are destroying the value of their currencies (and salary workers) at the same time, none of the countries did not win, and the salaries of workers are destroyed for no reason.

It is in this context that we see going on shift when the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency has been steadily replaced by the yuan. In a recent China Daily notes that for most of Asia Yuan has become a reserve currency.

According to the international payment system SWIFT, from July 1 to August 31, the global payments in yuan rose by 15.6 percent, while payments in other currencies, fell by 0.9 percent on average.

From this passage we learn three things:

1) Maintenance of the dollar in the yuan is now happening fast.

2) The demand for the dollar as a result of this shift decreases.

3) Even the Chinese media are trying to hide the collapse of the dollar.

The reader should be fully aware of three trends that are all the more increasing speed while destroying the U.S. dollar:

a) Exponentially growing U.S. deficits require exponential increase printing money. Just that in itself can cause hyperinflation dollar, there is only the question — when.

b) switch from the dollar to the yuan will have to sooner or later lead to a stampede out of the dollar, and then hyperinflation in the U.S..

c) Indiscriminate Fed printing money crime syndicate on Wall Street is now more than one trillion dollars a year and is distributed to the right and to the left at zero interest.

American, and almost all Western economies are dying. Perpetual zero rate and suicidal madness "competitive devaluation" proclaimed it to the world. Huge and unsustainable deficits now make defaulted on debts for all western countries, only a formality.

This, in turn, should lead to one of the major forms of human behavior in the market: the desire to throw off the assets losing value (Western paper currencies), and begin to gravitate to the fact that increases in price: the renminbi. As soon as the growing conditions for the inclusion of herd behavior, panic escape from Western paper in the near future will be assured.


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