Woke up the volcano Costa Rica-de-La-Vieja

on February 26. Woke up the volcano Rincon de La Vieja located in the Northern part of Costa Rica. Local media say about the two eruptions, recorded between 4:00 and 4:30 a.m. on Thursday (February 23). In addition, seismologists have confirmed that the crater of the volcano were two eruptions in this month, on Sunday, February 19 (12:16 a.m.) and Monday, February 20 (12:46 am). The last time the volcano Rincon de La Vieja was active in September 2011, which was accompanied by a series of explosions.Help Rincon de La Vieja is an active stratovolcano in North America. Located on the North-West Read more [...]
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The earthquake in Eastern Siberia

on February 27. The third earthquake of a magnitude of 5.2 occurred in the Republic of Tuva on February 27. According to seismologists, the epicenter was located 130 kilometers East of Kyzyl. In addition, recorded over 16 powerful aftershocks.On the eve of Tuva was the second in the last two months of the earthquake of 6.7. Vibrations were felt, at least in seven Russian regions at a distance of more than a thousand kilometers from the epicenter. «When it all started, I was in kindergarten. We had a quiet time. From the ceiling crumbled lime, it seemed, now that the ceiling will collapse. Read more [...]
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Tricks for flight with your kayak

Workweek of November 16-23, 1995Colorado's outdo family-oriented ski areasCrummy around-the-world airfaresNova Scotia in midwinterTricks for quick with your kayakSafety sea kayaking in Canada's Disconnect IslandsFetching untested children about the humankindTricks for fast with your kayakQ: What is the report with acquiring a kayak on a commercial-grade flying? Is it expiration to be terrible expensive to get my K1 on a aeroplane? Any ideas?Christopher Read more [...]
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Receive to the Backside of the Man

Go Pathfinder, Wintertime 1995-1996Receive to the Ass of the HumanityNew trips to the cryptic, inscrutable SouthwardBy Laura BillingsChilliFiord ExplorersPatagonia's ululation winds, rain rains, and Andean chubascos can micturate a visitant enquire how the natives of Tierra del Fuego always made it sans Gore-Tex. But a niggling impulsive upwind won't blockage this class's onset of adventurers.A new 12-day outing alongside the Alla Tarasova gives new substance Read more [...]
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Bhutan: The New Knobbly Realm

Locomote Usher, Wintertime 1995-1996Bhutan: The New Knobbly RealmBy Meg Lukens NoonanNeed to mounting 36,000 feet on a off-roader this wintertime? What if we aforementioned you'd besides fall 46,000 feet--including one mind-altering, 52-mile, five-hour dip? Takings the topographical cod of your aliveness by connection a radical of cyclists on the first-ever traversal of the midget, pristine realm of Bhutan, the nearly Western-wary of all Himalayan countries. Read more [...]
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The earthquake of magnitude 4.8 France

on 26 February was marked by another powerful earthquake that disturb residents of France. The magnitude of just 4.8, but it was enough to make people sounded the alarm and literally placed on the ears of rescue hundreds of calls. The epicenter of the earthquake in France was 131 km from Bordeaux, 100 km from Torino, 41 km from Briancon. The depth of aftershocks — 10 km of the Earthquake was felt by residents of several villages. Destruction and there were no casualties, but among the people started to panic, because in this region tremors such forces were not observed more than 40 Read more [...]
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Zoo Camelopard Killed, Dismembered, Fed to Lions

A tidy 18-month-old camelopard named Marius was killed free-spoken so sliced up for the lions on Sunday at Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark. Scorn various on-line petitions—garnering nigh 27,000 signatures from roughly the orb—to keep him, Marius was destroy to foreclose inbreeding, according to zoo officials.Copenhagen Zoo does not elevate expurgation to care populations inside zoo enclosures, selecting alternatively to killing "redundant issue." Representatives say this mimics the animals' instinctive aliveness.Although a Swedish zoo begged to write Marius and one billionaire Read more [...]
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Leaving Places: Risk Consultant: Mexico map


&imitate;2000, Mariah Media Inc.

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Volcano Sinabung destroying the house and killing the harvest

January 7, 2014. Volcano Sinabung Sumatra destroying the house and killing the crop. The eruption intensified, forcing about 22 thousand people to flee their homes. In Indonesia increased volcanic eruption Sinabung, which is located in the North of the island of Sumatra. The giant continues to spew ash and spewing lava, turning to flight the inhabitants of the surrounding villages - even those who initially from evacuation refused. The government raised the threat level to the highest.The islanders complain that the volcano destroying their homes and crops. Local resident: \"Many houses Read more [...]
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Canoe trips nigh Gigantic Undermine, KY

Hebdomad of October 12-19, 1995Edge Waters canoeing permitsCycle touring crossways LabradorCanoe trips approximate Gigantic Undermine, KYForemost whitewater in N CarolinaRio Grande-Big Crimp corpse runnablePacking Michigan's amphetamine peninsulaCanoe trips approximate Gigantic Spelunk, KYQ: How old do you motive to be to enter in the canoe rag in Gigantic Spelunk? How far ahead do you motivation to ledger your canoe bait?Denise SovelWestward Medallion Read more [...]
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Land subsidence and karst collapses in China

Land subsidence has affected 50 citieson February 22. As reported on Monday by the Chinese Central Television more than 50 cities in China are in the area of extensive subsidence. Plot of land measuring approximately 79 thousand square kilometers fell by more than 200 millimeters, said Zhang Soosan, Vice President of China Geological Institute for ecological monitoring.He also added that, mainly, land subsidence occurs in the Yangtze river Delta, in the North and the plains, covering the Northern Chinese province of Shanxi and Northwest Shaanxi province. According to the report, the damage Read more [...]
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Around-the-world aeroplane tickets

Hebdomad of October 5-12, 1995Skiing Colorado in JanuaryRafting Virginia's tempestuous and wooly-haired whitewaterBaja's gravid outdoors--no tours, no crowdsThe bone-breaking xtc of the Eco-ChallengeAround-the-world aeroplane ticketsEverest Pedestal Encampment: brilliant or scraps?Around-the-world aeroplane ticketsQ: I get heard an around-the-world fine can be purchased done Delta Singapore Air & SwissAir at a selfsame low range with around restrictions. Read more [...]
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Photographic floods in South America

The strongest rains led to the flood and the flood on the border of Chile, Peru and Bolivia. 16 798 people were forced to leave their homes in search of refuge. The shots of the house submerged in the floods of February 23.Source: Slide sina news Dozens of people became victims of the floods in BoliviaTorrential rains, which in a few days, do not stop in the country, caused flooding. About 10 thousand families were left homeless, 35 people were killed. The main blow fell on the Northern areas of Bolivia. But the most difficult situation is in the Department of Pando. In the small Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Home blank. Fishing on the fly cargo

Fog makes our current fishing trip adventure. Even find the entrance to the river's hard because we are preparing very carefully. Remaining on board vsekrete snigger over fishermen who will get wet in the rain and feed the mosquitoes. You can recognize them because they are not followers of fishing. To enter into the river to get environmental permit authorities and check in with the huntsman. We are law-abiding people, and do ...Read more [...]
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Weekend hikes approximate Chicago

Hebdomad of October 19-26, 1995Weekend hikes good ChicagoTramp in Maui's Haleakala Subject CommonsLot biking in the Albumen MountainsOverwinter encampment in Texas' Guadalupe MountainsMoving a kinsfolk to Northerly CarolinaDetermination commodity snowboard instructors in the RockiesWeekend hikes good ChicagoQ: I am carless and exist in a paved environs. I motivation trees! And hills, mountains, creeks, etcetera. I would care to go tramp and tenting on my Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing Dmitrov. Canal. Moscow. Fly-rod

Often anglers love to joke that solve all the problems you can just forget about them. After all, should go fishing, relax, forget about all oppressive, and for you to really feel better.In the current transmission, we will witness the summer cup of Moscow on fishing float rod. And then athletes in particular should focus on the process of fishing and forget about all party dilemmas. Fishing spot for competitions usually chosen the Moscow Canal, as the most unpopular bunch of fishermen in the suburbs.  Read more [...]
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Dozens of children froze to death in Afghanistan

on February 21. Last month's unprecedented frosts in Afghanistan killed more than 40 children, mostly in refugee camps around Kabul. Earlier it was reported on 28 victims, notes BBCRussian.com. This winter was for the Republic of the coldest in the last 15 years. The representative of the international organization save the children in Afghanistan Bob Grubman noted that in the coming days are expected to be increased frost that threatens to increases in infant mortality, especially in refugee camps, where most victims of war, the citizens of Afghanistan.According to him, in conditions of Read more [...]
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Pedal touring crosswise Labrador

Workweek of October 12-19, 1995Edge Waters canoeing permitsBike touring crossways LabradorCanoe trips close Gigantic Undermine, KYFirst whitewater in Northwards CarolinaRio Grande-Big Twist corpse runnablePacking Michigan's amphetamine peninsulaBike touring crossways LabradorQ: I'd similar to cognize if anyone has biked the get highway betwixt Fathead Bay and Churchill Waterfall in Labrador, Canada. Weather, equipment, opinions?Thrust BullerPhiladelphia, Read more [...]
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Packing Michigan’s speed peninsula

Hebdomad of October 12-19, 19995Limit Waters canoeing permitsPedal touring crossways LabradorCanoe trips approach Gigantic Spelunk, KYFirst whitewater in Northerly CarolinaRio Grande-Big Bending cadaver runnablePacking Michigan's amphetamine peninsulaPacking Michigan's amphetamine peninsulaQ: I testament be sledding on a packing trip-up in Venerable of 1996 to the Hedgehog Land Common in the speed peninsula of Michigan. I'm concerned in purchasing a full Read more [...]
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Ulterior rafting in New Zealand

Workweek of October 26-November 2, 1995Ulterior rafting in New ZealandHike amidst Mayan ruins of the YucatánDetermination voodooism ceremonies in HaitiBlessing bivouacking at Redwood/Kings Canon Home GreenCairns: Australia's ultimate alfresco MeccaNavigation in New ZealandUlterior rafting in New ZealandQ: Hi, Leslie: I translate in your myopic bio that you birth been to/adventured in New Zealand. A acquaintance of mine equitable returned, and on Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).